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the crackers were

probably bad luck


downloaded aseprite

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learning how to make

little pixel animations

hello again

how’s it going

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been working on my website and it makes me happy

also working on a game jam, which also makes me happy

although i am not very smart, talented, or good at talking

i feel so grateful

feel afraid most of the time but no more than any other person in this world

let's go swimming

just learning how images work

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2.6m square feet

teflon covered fiberglass sails

porthole windows barrel glass vaults

meant to emulate ocean waves

i ask my mother to drive past this place several times a week

remember how it feels to be towered over the edge of something cold and grey

this weekend i went inside for the first time in years

like most people, I Like Pop Culture

but comic con has always been more a social and sensorial thing for me

but it's odd experiencing familiar imagery in a space within an unfamiliar context. went the first day and felt


i guess

it's always nice feeling secondhand excitement from participating in communal activities whether you care about the thing or not

when i went back it was empty

trying to remember how to move within the rhythm of a crowd

couldn't get the nerve up to go again until the last day. spent the intermediate time wondering if the thing that occupied my thoughts was anything

or if i was just losing my taste for Outside

wandered around

the convention center and surrounding area

by myself in silence

the city of tomorrow

is a great electric machine working for you

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everywhere i go

there's always something to remind me

of another place and time