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no examples of writing right now, i'm not quite confident in my abilities yet!

i will post some stuff i'm proud of once i have stuff to be proud of probably but for now its for my eyes only : ) hope u understand

introductory post! i'm avery, i'm 16, i love to draw and write and i like the old web and platforms like this one; i find them super cool!

drawing --->

i've dabbled in quite a bit though! free time and net access gets you some pretty neat experiences. to name a few:

- image editing

- 3d modeling (blender and blockbench!)

- ROM hacking

- minecraft datapack programming

- animation

... which isn't much but i still consider it pretty cool ^_^

right now i really like homestuck, the dream smp, and minecraft in general. if you have homestuck OCs please dm me about them (preferably tumblr! my username is the same there) i love hearing about what other people write!!!!