graves moment

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i like to keep checking in here but have never introduced myself. i'm SHY!!!!

i'm graves!!! i'm 29 and agender - they/them pronouns only. i live in the woods and in my heart, i'm a long-haired, scary ghost in a white dress from a horror movie. i have a lot of nostalgia over the old internet..............

i like video games, music, fantasy, and horror..... i also really love sea critters and hamsters!!!!!

i draw, but i don't know if i'd say that i like it. sometimes, maybe? usually, it's hard and i don't have the energy for it, which sucks, because it's sort of my Thing. such is life........

i love fromsoft games (elden ring especially, which dethroned bloodborne as my favorite), final fantasy xiv, zelda, the sims (i play 4 the most now), and cookie run: kingdom. also, a lot of others!!!! but those are my big favorites.

i love to worldbuild and make a bunch of original characters that i end up being too embarrassed to talk about. you can find some of my art @ bathysophical on twitter!

speaking of old internet nostalgia, i'm hoping to make a neocities page for funsies. i'm hoping that writing down my intent somewhere will make me actually do it!

also listen to cosmo sheldrake it'll be awesome dude..........

listen to formalin by fleur................ it'll be really cool..........