my thoughts on the "that girl" image/trend/lifestyle/aesthetic

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I've been watching A LOT of "that girl", videos and vlogger lately and even some essay vids on the trend itself which were pretty interesting, ngl i was watching them when i wasnt all there because it was late but still i think i remember the important points...

But then i saw a comment that made me think if it in a different way, the comment said something along the lines of "everyone pretty much already does this already they just make it look aesthetic and perfect, like every moment of their life is clean and flawlees" And first i want to speak on the "ppl already do this" part, because its true. Specifcally when it comes to general overall health: Sleep on time and consistenly, eating well, exercising regularly. These are things that we have to do anyway to keep up our heaslth, even to a basic amount. Some other ppl in the comments said that they were stuggling with depression and other mental problems and their therapist pretty much said to just work on these basic areas. And i think that watching these videos of these girls being healthy and taking care of themselves but to an EXTREMELY ~aesthtis~ way and the way they look like they have time for evertying and are somehow always productive, makes you think that those are very hard things to do. Because if you try and it doesnt look like that then you must not be completely healthy or even doing it right. Right?

And even when i look in some of the comments of these vids or yt shorts, of these girls giving "tips" and its things like "get movement daily, eat healthy meals" etc. more wide but you get what i mean. There are ppl in the comments talking about all the reasons why that they caqnt do it or its impossible for them. And a lot of them i would say are valid, in fact all the things i see about ppl saying they cant do these things are vvalid, bc i understand being stuck in that mindset and aso automatically thinking they have to do all these things everyday when there life is already hectic or they are really mentall ill etc. So i completely understood all the ppl giving resason why they cant do this, wheter its there environment, money, circumstance, jobs etc.

But the thing about this is the way this "that girl" trend/lifestyle looks kind of also tricks your mind into thinkg that if a healthy lifestyle doesnt look like that then you cant do it in your own life. (+i would say if you are already prone to thinking negatively or complaining (double bracket lol: tdont mean this in a mean way!) then you can auto start thinking like this)

But how I think abt this lifestyle/trend is sort of a blueprint to implement into your own life. So i just want to list the staples and mindsets i see in this lifestyle/trend first:

General health and Wellness but ~Aesthetic`:

W/ exercise they always have matching workout sets and always go tot he gym. and even with that they don't look that bad. Also they ususally do some type of specfic or intricate exercise routine.

W/ diet, they always have the money and the time to buy healthy foods and make healthy meals everyday.

W/ Self care in a physical "treat yourself" sense, they always have the time and resources to do that, they are putting on face masks (mostly) and doing skincare routines wi/ different products that prob cost almost as much as their food.

Usually a Thriving Social Life and a Friend Group:

They have pics and vids w/ them traveling with friends and just hanging out often with them, they seem to have good social health and even a good support system. And conssitently keep up with it.

Self help, development, improvement 'obsessed':

I noticed the ones ive seen atleast, are listening to multiple podcasts and are occasionally reading books mostly on self development. And on a pretty consistent basis. And they have this mindset of constant self improvement, and to reach higher and higher, (almost in a softer (?) hustle mindset sort of way but w/ self improvement)

Productivity, goals and they look like they have time in the day and week to do everything:

A lot of their vids titles are "productive day/week" in my life, and on top of getting work and studying done in their day/week they are also practicing self care, exercising, eating well, and making time for friends.

Even when they are in their pjs, they look somewhat put together:

They usually having matching "cute" pjs and nice outfits, and since they are usually white or are a different ethnicity and have have type a hair they can throw on a messy bun and look "socially acceptable". And still feel fine to wear it that way in fron of others as opposed to ppl with other hair textures...

This is what I see makes up the "image" of "that girl" but as you can see "that" girl has her life together in every way, she is productive and healthy and has a lot of friends and is focusing on improving herself. Abd she is organized and on top of that she looks great and her life specfically looks "pretty" and "clean".

And obvi ev1 knows that socail media and images like this are a highlight reel and its impossible for someone to be 100% like this in their life, because there is only so many hours in the day and life happens etc. But this image makes it look like its possible and WE arent doing enough because these ppl are doing it. And obvi all these ppl have similar lifestyle bc its a life style lol, but the things i a health balanced lifestyle doesnt have to look like this only. But this image tricks are brains into thinking it is and we do the rest of the work by telling ourselves we cant be healthy or take care of ourselves like that in the circumstance we are in now.

I have seen a lot of commemnts talking abt how their situations dont let them lead this lifestyle for valid reasons like Time, Money and various responsibilites. Esp single moms w/ multiple kids and no support system, that one stuck out to me the most... :(

And they are 100% right, it doesnt let them lead this lifetsyle right now, but the thing i see about this trend its to use it as an implemntation blueprint. For exercise you dont even have to go to the gym or do a "workout", you can walk for an extended period of time. And that can be your exercise for your life circumstances now. Maybe you do jumping jacks for 5 min a day, and thats your exercise. Some type of movement on a consistent basis even if its short. It doesnt matter how long or intricate it is as long as you set a simple exercise for some time in your life.

Same goes for everything else, i think we just need to rethink this "that girl" trend into using it as implementation. This isnt the standard, and is not where you SHOULD be, and it doesnt mean you cant be productive and healthy in whatever you are at in life now. I think instead we should just look at what "that girl" is doing overall and in a very simple and small way apply it to outr lives. Because just bc we arent eating parfaits w/ fresh fruits for breakfast doesnt mean we cant start eating one healthy food more or quit one unhealthy food. It's just about applying the basic health to a very small bare minimum amount that you can manage in your own life. You can't go to the gum daily or weekly, but can you run in place for 5 min a day or 3x a week? Investing 5 min for exercise a day is sure to make a difference somewhere, mostly in your own confidence to be able to keep something healthy up. And show yourself you can start making these changes by starting very extremely small in whater situation or circumstance your life is in right now. And you can do these things where you are "at" as long as you make it very"accesible" to where you are "at".

i love clouds

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The way the sun rays spread out through the clouds like this reminds me of the gates of heaven.

I've been going out near sundown and I see a lot of cloud+sun combos like this.

It makes me think of "Victory" in a holy sense. Not tied to any particular religion but still victory through divine intervention.

I like to think that seeing stuff like this also means the Gates are open so more blessings are being released and problems will "magically" be solved. Especially in the sense of being 'victorious' over something.

I think that as concepts of places: heaven, earth and hell. Are all linked through happenings in each place, so seeing things like this happen in nature means it's a sign from one of them, in this case 'heaven'.

My Favorite Games

gonna make updates of course

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Echo Generation is about kids investigating supernatural happenings in their home town of MapleWood.

Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic 3D Open-World rpg about humans who survived by surviving in a vault for 200 years.

Anyway, I think the story and mysteries are interesting and it never got boring. The only thing about it that I can see people getting frustrated with, are the puzzles. You have to run back and forth across the world to deliver things to get to the next area. But the satisfaction of noticing that you found one piece to that puzzle, and you know exactly where to go now, is a redeeming quality in my opinion.

But the Voxel Pixel art is amazing and there is a specific level that is really beautiful for it. It's in a vast field with overcast clouds.

It's a turn-based game and you can pick between multiple main characters. I didn't know it was turn-based before downloading and I think that's good because it probably would have turned me off of it.

This game raised my standards as a kid, so I used to only look for 3D open world games, but there are only so many of them. Eventually I had to explore and learn to love other game mechanics lol. But I still look through the latest open world games first because I love the freedom.

Speaking of, that has a karma system. This is a karma system that isn't in any of the other fallout games made by bethesda other than Fallout: New Vegas, which was before this. But this karma system makes the open-world experience more enjoyable because depending on your reputation different random events will happen. Which makes sense because open-world is a life simulation because you can do whatever you want.

It's single-player but is still really fun with friends, I think even playing alone you will get really engrossed in it. And it's definitely a game you can lose track of time with while playing. The exploration and new levels are really captivating.

Wobbly Life is an open-world physics based sandbox game. You can play online and in local co-op. It's constantly being updated and in early access.

Westerado is an open-world top-down shooter indie game. You can play solo or local co-op. After your family is murdered, you set out to solve the mystery and take revenge.

Currently, this is my absolute favorite game. I play on Xbox and I just learned about it a year ago. The team is made up of 4 people and they really are working hard.

The map for this game is MASSIVE and there is a lot to do and so many different places to go. It's been updating with new content around the 9th of every month. And recently new islands. So they are expanding even more.

It's really exciting to look forward to the new things they are adding every month, and they even let players submit their own ideas on discord. So I really hope Wobbly Life gets bigger and more people check it out. Because the creators really deserve it. It's why i'm so excited to share it here to people who don't know about it yet.

This game is really fun local. There are different characters with different skills to choose from, and you can buy new weapons too. Solving the mystery is pretty fun but I bet most people would have the most fun roaming around the map. Another mechanic in here that's cool is hunting down Wanted criminals in the world and getting a reward. You can ride horses and also pretty much shoot anyone, but since it's the wild west, every one has guns... lol. This game also has multiple endings which is fun to explore, the secret ending is pretty cool too. You might be able to guess what it is...

Though, once you finish it and unlock all the endings, I don't think it has much replay-ability. But it's super fun while playing. I think overall the game is challenging enough to still be fun and get joy from the difficult parts.

If you like the y2k aesthetic then I think this is a must play. But the story is good too. You are basically an "internet enforcer" and you bust bad things happening online. The main story is solving a mystery by surfing through the web. But of course, since there is so many cool and unique sites to look through you will just spend most of your time exploring all the sites lol. It's super fun, You definitely have to set time aside to play this so you can really take in all the different people and their personalities.

Hypnospace Outlaw is a simulation video game set in an alternate-history 1999. The game is inside a parody of the early internet and its culture that users visit in their sleep called 'Hypnospace'.

Since you are on a computer, you can even customize your desktop with stuff you find and buy online in the game. Definitely recommend this game to people who were online in this era and younger people like myself who just love this theme and genre!!!

I hope something good happens for you today.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ choose a message <3

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I hope that you that you can believe things are going to turn out alright. Please believe in yourself and your abilities. Because as long as you believe in your own abilities you will accomplish what you set out to do. You still made it to wherever you are now, so really try and see where you can go. ଘʕ੭·͡ᴥ·ʔ ੭

Whatever you got done today and how ever you took care of yourself today. You did great, look at what you did well. Even if it's one thing. GOOD JOB!



My Favourite Characters

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+ I am hoping the reader has a good day and something good happens to you today! Whether it's finding cool new music or getting accepted into your dream school. This and everything in between!

Woody Pride from my favorite childhood movie franchise "Toy Story" and the first movie is still my favorite. Of course I'm biased but his personality was wildly different then the later movies and I still like that better because he was funnier. I recently found out he was supposed to be one of the main villains of the movie, so that explains his sarcastic and arrogant personality in the first movie.

Re-watching this as a young adult was still enjoyable. Woody's jealousy that inspired his actions through out the movie was just still so funny and goofy to see. But of course, in the middle he admitted his wrongs and true feelings and actually used his great leadership skills for the good of all the toys in Andy's house and in Sid's. Instead of using them to rule over the other toys and stay as Andy's #1. I've noticed that I get easily inspired by things lol.

Recently, I read an article that said analyzing your favorite childhood movie can give you big clues on your purpose in life because when you are younger you are much closer to a purer version of yourself. And after interpreting the first movie for myself and really looking back on my life and making comparisons. I can say that it's pretty interesting and I recommend giving it a try, it's fun even if you don't believe it.

Lucy Seven Sampson from "Schoolhouse Rock". When I was a kid learning the times tables, this was one of my favorites because it was really catchy. But about Sampson, he was made to have a positive attitude and outlook on life because he's very lucky, having the number 7 birth mark on his left foot. So everything in his life works out for him and he doesn't worry when thing go wrong. Kind of a nice way to live life... And I know there is a sort of "philosophy" that goes "Life live like everything is rigged in your favor".

And I think it's a more spiritual way of thinking but I believe some religious texts have said the same thing in a different way. This is actually something i'm adopting into my mindset as well "Everything is happening for me and not to me". It does seem to help with disappointments and redirection in life, to keep moving forward because there may be something better. Also to step back and look at the positive side of things, in a broader sense of what certain challenges can help you with.

First off is Maka Albarn from the anime "Soul Eater". From Maka, the thing I like about her the most is her bravery which is the biggest part of her character. And her independence, she is headstrong and holds on to her values. In the show, they emphasize the power she has in her courage because fear in that world is what drives the villains among other things. So the direct antidote to that is courage. And I know I can definitely bring out my own courage in my daily life, so I see that’s a reason why she’s one of my favorite characters.

I believe that wherever you get the inspiration to better yourself is “valid” even if it comes from something fictitious, because these still have real world consequences in the way that you change yourself based on the things you engage in. So even if I want to change a part of myself because I see a character that I like, then that’s great too. Because either way I’m still changing myself, and I believe the drive to do that will feel pretty similar even if it comes from seeing a real person I’m inspired by that I haven’t met.

P.S. Soul Eater is pretty entertaining and I recommend watching it, the dub is really good in my opinion. It has a Halloween "aesthetic" if you like that kind of feel.

Spongebob Squarepants. It's pretty obvious why anyone would like him. His positivity. Even though it spills over into him being generally naive. But I don't think that's a bad thing for the most part. Because even though he's not exactly CHOOSING to see things positively and have a positive mindset, he is actively doing it and he can even shift the the perspective from seemingly bad situations. Of course he does get insecure and scared from time to time but his disposition is optimistic and helpful. He usually always finds a way to come back to himself by then end of the episode. But when you think about it, Spongebob's worldview would be generally positive, because he thinks that mostly good things happen in the world. Because he can even see the positive in bad things (though sometimes he can miss the point entirely to the detriment of himself and others) In a fictional show it happens occasionally but he still sees his life as generally good even if bad things happen to him. And he lives a more fulfilling life based on his own perception alone. So I think that's pretty inspiring even if it comes from a goofy fictional character and show, there is some truth in these things as long as we adapt them to our means and change our way of living or thinking in a small way. And that's what I choose to do.

Do you have fictional characters that you try to learn from, and adapt those helpful traits or ideas in to your life within your means? I feel like as long as you make it reasonable to you and your life, it's more than good enough. Because you are starting within your current ability/situation and slowly building off it.

Here are some of my favorite characters at the moment. Hopefully I can hear about yours when that function becomes available.

enjoying myself

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I found i'm becoming more myself the more that I genuinely follow what actually brings me joy and appreciating those things as they are. Free of what other's may think and just because it fulfills me.

I think it's easier to be yourself when you are enjoying yourself. When people say "be yourself" when you are anxious about talking to new people, it's pretty hard to understand how to do that. Especially if you don't think you know who you are yet. But if someone says "enjoy yourself', everyone knows how to do that! And I think when you are enjoying yourself genuinely, no matter the situation, you are being yourself. Because, when you are comfortable with yourself you are relaxed and you aren't really worried about what others think. So I like to say to myself "enjoy yourself" instead because that's a lot easier to understand how to do. Naturally you will be yourself the more you genuinely enjoy yourself and the right people for you will be attracted to that.

I have space in my life for new things now and I relish the idea of new relationships. Feeling very enthusiastic about it all. The new action i'm taking that I haven't attempted before is getting out to socialize. LOL.

Dolphins hold symbols of teamwork and joy. They are social creatures that travel often with each other in "pods". They send the message to enjoy the moment and have good relationships. They are pretty widely known as a symbol of good luck.

Walking with a relaxed attitude and not having any sort of unhealthy expectations for myself and others. Trying new things, going to new places and talking to strangers all with the frame of mind to enjoy myself. Eventually that joy will spread to others and radiate off me, the right people will find me. And even if they don't right away, I will have still enjoyed my self and spread some as well. Spreading it can naturally make people do the same and relax. It's a win-win for everyone. I believe.

To anyone reading, I hope that you find great and healthy relationships this year and deepen the relationships with your current loved ones as well!

~going with the flow~

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Woke up to pretty low energy today. So I decided to go with the flow instead of anxiously trying to build up the energy/motivation to do my actual personal work.

I think it's better to go with the flow some days like this but don't let it consume you in a way. Finding a balance is key, it's making sure that I keep a low momentum of getting things done, but mostly matching the vibe of the day and how i'm feeling with chill activities.

So this day calls for just doing chill activities like drawing, reading and listening to some music. And for getting some things done I'm just going to complete some to-do's I haven't gotten around to doing this week... This is good to keep a sort of "productive" energy so I can build off of it little by little tomorrow. Still good to go outside in place of an exercise routine, to get some movement in. Also, making sure I don't get swept up in the "passiveness" of this day by reminding myself of my goals.

It's nice to know why exactly I'm mostly feeling like this, it's because i'm going through a period of change in my life. So this is kind of a transition, but also I'm using it to recenter and take a break. So it's OK.

I hope that anyone reading this, no matter how you are feeling gets to enjoy a fun activity today. And something good happens to you. :) <3

Moving Along...

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Still getting my vision for this year and everything worked out, I'm almost there though!

It's taking a little longer than I expected but everything looks promising. And I feel that once I have my life situated, that everything else will run smoothly and fall into place.

Rooting for everyone that is trying to change something about themselves for the better this year! I saw a couple of posts mentioning that. We can do it!!!

They can be a reminder to be at peace with your life and find value, and to feel calm and joy in your situation. Could suggest birth and rebirth, as you cycle through a new phase in your journey.

New Year, New Beginnings

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I'm getting lots of good news lately and with that there is a need to be determined as well and get things done. There is a really big transition happening now in my life that is exciting and new. So I'm really looking forward to it and making sure I remind myself I'm more than prepared and worthy of it.

Even in my dreams I've confirmed this is a great new beginning for me. So I really look forward to it. I'm seeing happy and fulfilling days ahead despite there being a lot to do, but I know I can create a healthy balance between and still get to where I want to be. I have my eyes on the prize.

Personally I can see myself changing old ways of thinking and being that are not as nice as they used to be. Other more satisfying and invigorating things are taking their place. A passion for life as formed in me and i'm feeling generally great. Everything seems more rich and delightful in daily life as well. So many wonderful opportunities.

I'm seeing myself in a more authentic light as well, everything in my life including myself is elevating. But still pretty smoothly, I feel like i'm going at a pretty good and smooth pace. I have time for everything and their is no rush, right now I just need to make space and make sure that everything is in it's right place in my life.

I'm taking some lessons from the squirrel in this time. Some spiritual symbolism of the squirrel is:

{Plan long term goals and be resourceful, have a playful attitude about life and be grateful by "Living within your means". In general strive to have a solid work-life balance}

I hope everyone reading this right now achieves their goals and has a great year! As long as we have fun in life and steadily work towards what we want I believe there is nothing we can't do. And life will be a lot better all around as well.

My Introduction

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The first thing I have to share about myself, is this picture of a Capybara. This is my favorite animal because I saw one in the sewers one time and I didn't know what it was. After learning about it I really started to like it and be more interested in it.

One important characteristic about them is their adaptability.

Hello! My name is Haniah and i'm 18.

I value improving myself, creativity, and making good contributions which are some of the reasons I'm here.

I joined this site to honestly express myself creatively and share my art, things that I've learned, general thoughts and just about anything. I'm also working on my writing skills while making sure I have fun. I'm writing and creating here with positive intention for myself and anyone who comes across my posts.

I'm really excited for this and I believe that the positivity I'm giving, I will receive as well!