Hello…hello.. this thing on?🎤

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Testing 1...2...3

Wait a min, I dont

look THAT cute..hold

on a sec

Nah, that's not it...a little warmer but still not me

Really diggin' those specs tho'

Okay, quit screwing around and START!!!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Enbies...HER...I mean


My name is....WAIT! let me get out the good paper..

My name is Ash like...

My name is Cinderpeach but you can

also, call me Ash like the pokemon

trainer. I'm an artist and I like..

oof you know what this kind of intro

is BORING ! this isn't even real

paper!Here, instead of telling you

what I'm about I'll just

Show you!

Ah! there that's better....

That pic has nothing to do with

me or this post, just making sure I have you attention..

Anyways on to the intro

I'm a

Here's some of my work

Here's my aesthetic

It ranges from....


Yeah, seems sus but I'll make another post explaining it l8r...

My fave colors are

My taste in food is....

Yes, I have the taste of a


My fave person is...

YES! I like him unironically and I would like one day to hold his hand, but since I'm not the main character THAT'S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

Finally, here's a collection of Memes that I think that perfectly describes myself....

and that's all, folks!

or at least that's all of the things I could think of to talk about myself, if you gotten this far thanks for reading...

Don't forget to check out my neocities page, I'll be posting stuff here on the multiverse too, but if you wanna see some more of my cool stuff, please check out my site: