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“you have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” - Mary Oliver

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Henri Matisse's The Dance (1910)

i made a funnel cake a year ago that looked like

it's funny the kind of

that life will show you

if you're looking

(and look at how beautiful it is, too)

& everywhere there is love to prove it.

there are mama rats giving birth

( Tim Knowles )

there are wooden sticks from the 12th century

"my love,

let us too yield to love."

there are joys small and fresh and gentle

life has a way of making up for itself

there are trees that draw

"Love conquers all;

Virgil once said:

i can't stop thinking about it, you know?

yield to love

it's just like


i too


inscribed with nordic runes that read:

kiss me."

talking to you

it’d be nice

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i wish there was a way of interacting with other people's posts

cradles your posts gently in my hands

you all seem pretty cool and i like the feeling of this site already

this feels like a very genuine site, and i like that

find me on instagram if you want to chat:


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a challenger approaches:


he / him or else!


transmasc non-binary malewife boyfriend whos not a boy and definitely not a girl that i knew in february of last y-


- making things with my hands (sewing, crochet, drawing, ceramics, painting, crafting, etc.)

- telling silly puns

- cooking & baking food for my friends

- my cat maisie & my 3 rat boys (gadget, grout, and mr. jessica

- mullets

- most insects :-(

- lemons

- instagram

- wearing socks on the couch / when i go to sleep

- the fact that I can't touch a hot stove. i love that color red

- the way that cis people make gender boring

usually crafting & generally a real bastard about remembering where my phone is

there i said it

(in the couch cushions, or perhaps in the fridge)

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instagram: cedargrandpa

tumblr: cedargrandpa.tumblr.com

are.na: charlie-reynolds

twitter: cedargrandpa

website: charliereynolds.net

this is my cat maisie

hoping to do this with all of you:

anyway that's all i can think of to put here

i appreciate it


rueben / char

thanks for coming by and reading this far


( or, more lately, Rueben )