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i'm working on a fun project where the world is highly inspired by my furcadia dreams.. =^..^=

check back for updates: entranceorexit.net


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testing out my new tablet..! :-O

~~~~ i have a week off from work now. whee! i just wanna draw and work on my 3d projects :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~''''~~'


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nyan nyan nyanko

i miss them

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they were so cute? my favorite san-x character as a kid. nyan nyan nyanko 4ever


my nyan nyan nyanko pixel collection



story idea

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jade goes to visit claire at the pet shoppe...

authors note...i saw a girl at an experimental noize show in brooklyn and she had a super cute outfit on.

it was kinda like this

jade's looking for a pet, and claire

has this green...pup? that she can't

take care for. jade takes the pup home.

i wanted a cute dog character like chibimaru...my model needs a redesign :-P

but green pup is actually....


✧ old neighborhood game ✧

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✧ just added the lastest demo of my game here-> ✧ https://cinni.net/dream/jade/ ✧

✧ the neighborhood got a bit of a redesign. newer models, newer textures, and updated npc interactions! ✧

✧ the love attack saga continues. now npc's will blush when hit with the love-love beam. also - their heads will follow them player! and vice versa, the player will look at the closest npc


✧ new shoppe added! the pet shoppe, of course ~ this will become an important plot line later in the game, but for now enjoy the cats with the wonkiest wander ai :-p ✧

✧that's it for now! ✧


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hello world =^,,^=




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i am ✧cinni✧

i have a website here: cinni.net

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