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Hello Multiverse

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I dunno. Uh . . .

Make weird art?

Some Facts About Me:

- Nonbinary And Hella Queer

- Game Developer, Author, Musician

- Draws Their Best Art In Kids' Paint Programs

Hello there!

I'll be going by the name Drifting Bliss on this website.

This probably won't be my main blog.

The amount of power this site is willing to give me is a little daunting . . .

I'm a person with a lot of ideas and desires, and this seems like a great place to explore the many things I love from a variety of angles.

My Multiverse posts can exist without burden of advertisements or conforming to any set theme.

They are formed into being as individual objects, floating carefree through the sea that is this vast internet.

More coming soon...

What Do You Intend To Do Here?