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introduce yourself and say hello to fellow composers in multiverse!

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soooooo im back!!! it's been a while huh? well, i sorta forget this account ever existed heh. but im glad to be back, and i have plans to upload a couple of things here. mainly some mini essays and rants since i like doing those in my spare time :> im super addicted to rhythm heaven and rhythm heaven related topics and i love this silly lil critter from an underrated fighting game called rakuga kids

its's name is beartank!!!!

also i'm now a writer for a zine

check it out for yerselfs!!!


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Hailo !!!!! Im marcelo aand im looking for friends around my age !!!! Im 16 , add me on spacehey !

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hi hi !! this website is so cool . let socialising online be wacky and silly again as its intended

my spacehey is zaphalicious come say hi >:)

< --- this is me

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help with html DX

long story short, html is driving me nutz.

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can one of yall html whizzes plz help me with some html thingz um stuck on??? heres some thingz i need help with...

1. creating a good sidebar menu for meh website

2. creating a decent spacehey layout

3. making a good layout 4 meh webpage

datz all! thank u 4 reading. contact me thru spacehey: xXQuinn.CatastropheXx or tumblr: xxquinncatastrophexx

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about me

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Roller skating!




Hello Kitty!




Abt Me

Alt Queen

High School Junior!

Me <333

First post

I guess some introductions are in order

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Greetings I´m Ghastly

I´m the Proud Owner of a Website Called Creature Feature and a blog called The Ghastly Gamer

I often talk about monsters, cool animals, videogames and photography there


Pronouns: He/They


Studied: Environmental Sciences

Skills/Hobbies: Photography, Bird Watching, Horror movies, doodling, doing game reviews

Fave Animals: Bats, Birds and Bugs

Fave Monster: The VAMPIRE



I like the idea of a place where I can make online collages, and who knows maybe a zine of sorts for my site.

Virtual Scrapbooking what a concept


happy thursday

thursday’s a gr8 day xP

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it's a good day... i think yew deserve one :p

My silly introduction

Because we gotta start somewhere

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Hello world!

Name's noriaki gingerbrave but you can refer to me as just Noriaki or cybermare

Me trying to think of something to write right now ->

I am very bad at writting about myself but ill try

I mainly like mostly just crawl around community and not talk much, a lurker if you will

I am multi fandom, this includes stuff like

Loveweb [AKA the purple pony's media source]

Object shows [Mainly HFJone but im open for recommendations]

I am questioning [Possibly Pansexual] and I use any pronouns

I have trouble reading big chunks of text combined together and prefer images over text

As some examples, but these may change overtime due to me being very changing of my interests

Sorry for this being so short, but thank you for reading

And I also have terrible memory, this causes situations like I forgot who you are due to you changing profile picture, so please be a dear and remind me or tell me in advance if possible

My dni are just the regular dni criteria

I always have trouble writing long things


an introduction i guess?!?!?!

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hoi! i'm Quinn. i'm pan and genderfluid and go by they/he/she pronouns. mi interests are anime, cosplay, scene kids, coding, drawing, music, playing the guitar, cosmetology, spacey stuff, internetty stuff, old web stuff, 90s/2000s stuff, and lights. i'm neurodivergent which a lot of people say is "cool" but not really cool - i suffer from social anxiety, which usually keeps me from ordering food, making friends, getting help, talking to cashiers, sometimes even talking online. But i'm working to overcome these fears and be more social. my dream is to be a guitarist and singer in a band! i'm currently learning guitar quite quickly and playing my favourite songs.

i have a spacehey! xXQuinn.CatastropheXx

also i'm learning coding and tryna make a website (help and advice is appreciated XD)

plz add me on spacehey! i'd luv 2 meet u xP

i love drawing. drawing's my life hehe

And i luv cartoons. #heheiluvgir

oh, speaking of music, my fav genres of music are emo, scene, hyperpop and lofi (low fidelity). my fav artists and bands are BVB, MCR, avril lavigne, gerard way, andy sixx, PTV, kellin quinn, vic fuentes, yellowcard, fall out boy, paramore, gorillaz and we the kings. i want to be just like them!

i'm also a cosplayer n a diehard scene kid haha. expect a lot of scene sh1tposting. my fav scene queens atm are zawmbikilla, nicovamp, ambrehisdead, yoyo su1cide, clawed beauty, trashmob, i could name more...

im gonna be using this site as a journal kinda.


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i’m erie. i’m 19 years old. i use any pronouns. i’m sapphic and gender-fluid. i’m out of college for a bit for mental health purposes, but when i am a collegiate, i’m a media student.

i intend to use this as a daily-ish journal while i’m partly hospitalized. i’m autistic, and i also believe i had borderline personality disorder, if not bipolar disorder. i don’t have a lot of friends except for the ones on television.

i love animation and would love to work on a cartoon someday, even though i can’t really draw. some of my favorites are hey arnold, sam and max, amphibia, and south park. helga pataki is literally me irl. see you guys around.

I'm New

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-Journal Entries


-Project Updates


Hi! I'm new to multiverse! I think this is a super cool blogging platform. I have a couple ideas on how me (and you) can use multiverse.

If you want to know more about me check out my website:


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Hey guys, it's Welchia. You know, the weird person who used to post here ever so often?

Haha. I'm back. Again.

Well, if you don't know me, I might as well introduce myself properly.

I go by the name Welchia (except for SUPER specific situations like talking to me on my irl account, please use my real name it's awkward for you to call me Welchia)

I have quite an obsession with quantum mechanics and particle physics..

My main hobby is drawing, I like to draw a lot, even at school.

I am in the Countryhumans fandom.

I do NOT ship countries.

If you are part of the Countryhumans fandom, feel free to talk to me!! I'm kinda bored anyway and I would like to share my unrealistic, bizarre headcanons. I mostly focus on overseas territories and underrated countries, but you can talk to me about anything ch related!~

If you're not in the fandom but you wanna talk to me, that's also fine! I don't mind anyway :3


(I don't know how to do links deal with it.)

hello world

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What's going on, Multiverse?

My name is Sage. I'm a punk-ish musician, writer, maker, eclectic witch and digital fabrication nerd.

My identity revolves around being an art school drop out in tech, fitting the disaster lesbian stereotype, playing in a folk punk band and being, really, really into the occult

I love custom CSS pages and creative blogging, so I'm excited to be here!

I typically blog about intersectional feminism, abolition, mental health, music, collecting vinyl and having Lots Of Feelings

I believe in the power of community in digital spaces and I'm always excited to get to know like minded people. I'm looking forward to exploring this place and reading all of your content <3

Also I will for sure promote my music on here at some point. sorry/not sorry

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this is the first day in a while that i've felt masc and actually perceive myself as masc and it's making me so happy :DDD

i usually just put on a dress and go out looking super fem bc it's what everyone around me is used to seeing me portray myself as.

but y'know what? it's the first day of fall, and this is my celebration. screw letting others perceptions decide how i see myself. i'm non binary, and i'm exhausted from acting like i'm not.

sure, my parents might ask questions, and i'm definitely not ready for that conversation yet, but i refuse to go another day without at least trying to spend one day as myself instead of the little elegantly strange princess that i was raised to be.

anyways, have a great night/day :D

Just a little reminders<3

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You're handsome/pretty. No matter what you think when you look in a mirror, or at the filters on snap chat. It's all fake, your self worth is important.

Do some positive self affirmations, and just remember there all true <3


- I am beautiful

- I am cared for

- I am worth it

Get To Know Me !!

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I got bored and decided since I'm learning more about how to work this site and I'm going to be on it more I should make a about me post so uhh here you go !!



I have bipolar and autism

I have a daughter, she's two

I love making cases against people, It's fun to study people

I live in Tennessee

My biggest dream is to be a influencer to a small small group of people

I don't like eating meat, it's a stimulation and thinking thing

I don't like major famous people, just never have

I knew I was gay since 3rd grade, hashtag hashtag

I love cats and opossums, I have both

I'm in MMA and have been since I was 8, it's nice therapy

The population of my town is under 2k, and I'm several miles into the woods because of that

I'm a very honest person, don't care enough to lie to people

My love language is gifts and sometimes touch, idk why

I honestly love dancing poles they're cool, it's not even a sexual thing I just enjoy them and it's a good workout

I am very self conscious yes, that's why i started not showing my face and showing my body more, it's more of a me problem but it's a work in progress

I love coding and gaming, they're both a nice escape from the horrid world we're in

I got "famous" on spacehey from doing my opinions posts' and talking about my "cases" on people

I hate anything governmental or political

I don't know much about myself so this is really hard to do but I'm trying my best for y'all to understand more :)





glitter anything

cancel culture


city places


yelling or screaming


day time


people who are offended easily

backrooms, matrix

self diagnosis of serious disorders

grooming situations

anyone who uses light-mode

people who say "slay" or "girl/girly"

anyone whose personality is off tiktok and twitter

social media

social norms


how ppl treat mother nature now

people in all, ion knoe


NAME : Jinx

AGE : 14

SEXUALITY : Non-labeled

PRONOUNS : She/they


RELIGION : Christian

BRAIN : Autism n' Bipolar

FAV COLOR : Black and purple


Spacehey : @spacehey

Discord Server : @discord

Instagram : @ac1d.pr1ncess

Snapchat : @ac1d.pr1nc2ss

Amazon : @amazon

Paypal : @urpr1ncess

Website : @acids-space



being alone





mac n cheese







sexual human anatomy

trying to help people while not..?


non-boring people





hair dye


learning about different disorders




cold cases



humanly behaviour

influencer stuff??



gothic style

hippie style





going on omegle randomly



watching random shows on netflix

staying away from social media



I made the #slut4jinx cult as a joke now it's my fav people and a little community


back to school + back to posting

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glad that people are still willing to pay for my art, even though i haven't been that active there. def need to set up a way to transfer out the money one day tho.

i also reopened my commissions yesterday, and managed to get three commissions already, totaling over $50. while that number is definitely big to my past self, i realized i need to increase the prices again, since it definitely takes me more than 2 hours to do a fully shaded fullbody.

been playing around with a couple vn ideas in my head. thinking of making a pre-invasion funo-shika story which will let me show some of the world building (i have yet to do) for tenai that i might not be able to show in the actual funo-shika story.

had, like, a religious experience or something yesterday. overall it was a pretty shitty bad pain day where i couldn't work up enough motivation to cook anything and we had no good leftovers to eat, so i ended up curling up w a blanket and resigning myself to death or whatever.

i ended up scrolling through the entire twitter acc of this artist i really like but don't keep up with much right before bed, and grabbed a random sweater in the dark since it was so cold.

stopped checking in over the summer, but i'm back to school (and have three [edit: now only two] study halls thanks to a stupid amount of scheduling overlap) so hopefully more posting will b happening here on my behalf!!


that sweater was a new one i got a couple weeks ago, and managed to cure my bad mood over night, and i now suddenly have motivation to do stuff again. i played through the last free visual novel by that artist and now i'm thinking about trying to learn ren'py again...

if i did do that, it might be cool to do something w sillon's sister, since she'll show up once or twice in the actual story, though i have to take into account how long before the invasion i want it to take place, since she's supposed to be the same age as him.

finished my junior year in three days lol (my counselor told me i could just graduate this year since i'll have all the credits i need) unfortunately that does mean ceding to my mother and looking at colleges soon :/

balancing school work and art sucks, even though i had even less free time over the summer when i was working full time, at least work felt like i was doing something productive and not just mindlessly cramming my brain with information that the government said i need to know.


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BRAIN: autism, adhd, depression, anxiety, OSDD-1b, dissociation, delusional disorder

KIN: fallen angel soul fusion

SYSTEM INFO: our system has had 4 host changes('brain splits' as we call it, since this current split has stress in relation to hosts and refuses to associate with the term) since around age 12. theres more alters in this split than there ever has been(as far as we know. there couldve been more but we didnt properly journal before and experience memory problems, so we only have few evidence to go off of). theres 3 subsystem categories, each a spectrum of genders and identities, as well as the subsystems being on a spectrum. lots of line spectrums.

SOCIAL MEDIA: tumblr @fairys-dream (lots more info)

>>this is a cool looking site so far

>>i like how u can format the post however u want....

>>ig i should make a post abt myself

NAME: fairy moonlight of neptune

AGE: 20

SIGN: pisces(february)

TYPE: infp + infj

COLORS: lilac, baby pink, coral blue, pastel aqua, lemon yellow, mint green

ASSOCIATIONS: water, coral reefs, dreams, seapunk, cats/bunnys, technology, angels, kawaiicore

PRONOUNS: she + they

GENDER: transsexual transfem autigender aigender glitchgender fallenangelgender nonbinary girl

SEXUALITY: gay ace-bisexual

Introduction 5: Multiverse Dot Plus Edition


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This is the ideal graphics card. You may not like it, but this is what peak standardization looks like.

Hello every body seeing this rich format message thing. Was keyed in about this location by a good mutual over on Mastodon/The Feddy. She's a quite a wise being, so I figured I may as well check this place out. So why not?

This bird is literally me. Maybe not in the most literal definition, but they are a fabrication designed by the one writing this down, no? (Art by [email protected])

Despite the corefont inclinations, my favorite fonts are Monaco, Inconsolata, MS Gothic (Latin), Georgia, Unifont, and a cool monospace called Knif Mono. It's designed by a French studio called "A is for Fonts".

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I'm sorry that this page looks a little... boring.. at the moment,

And that I don't have a pfp yet. I just haven't found one that can match my awesomeness/hj

It's sure nice to meet you!


I'm Star :)







(and the fact i'm in school rn, but shhh)


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HIYA THERE MULTIVERSE PEEPS!!! i've known of this site for quite a while now but only just recently decided to make an account after realizing that its literally the perfect social media for a person like me!

the name is sub ;). she/her, double-a battery and minor. im a recovering maladaptive daydreamer, whos trying to find better ways to enjoy the intnernet.

this is me. im a huge stinkin nerd

consider me a "professional rambler/ranter". i love writing out my thoughts and opinions out, especially sense no one else seems interested in hearing it...

so expect sum reviews, interest dumping, rants about insignificant things and the like. i have no shame!!!!

n e ways here are some things i like feat. gifs

octopuses/squids and plushies



again, i feel no shame

stickers make the world go round

i love collecting cds!!!

okay thats all i got to say and share 4 now buyyyyyyy


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HI! I'm Leo.



☾ Drawing

Mostly digital if I post any of it

☾ Gaming

Lots of animal crossing. I also like Undertale, Deltarune, BATIM, Minecraft,FNAF, and like a million more

☾ Binging cartoons

Some of my favorites are Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Gravity Falls, and Rick and Morty




…maybe i should post stuff publicly more often…

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hello multiverse! i'll probably just talk about video games and make some dumb (probably wordplay) jokes.