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introduce yourself and say hello to fellow composers in multiverse!

Hello World!

I have joined the Multiverse.

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Never mind the Metaverse, here's the Multiverse! I had been meaning to start a blog for some time now, but I couldn't think of where to host it. Then I found Multiverse through the Yesterweb and immediately thought it was cool.

Expect a mixture of personal ramblings, general life stuff, and sports.

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good morning

I'm a small-time digital humanist merely drifting by, exploring some smaller internet gardens

this place seems simply beautiful, and evokes such an atmosphere of kindness and kindred mystery. I think I love it here

you figure it out

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This website sounds like a real cool concept ngl, but i still have no idea how it works so for now imma just type words and hope for the best ^^





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Hello! I'm BECC (she/they), your local neighborhood clown cat :o))

I love horror and the paranormal, and in my free time I

enjoy making just the worst things, such as these:


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hello one and all i am the one and only cherry poptart (my name is mp3) i am a tech enthusiast and im stupit and dum :) i rlly RLLY like old internet junk such as geocities etc etc i have pink hair and pronouns (she/they/rave) and i rlly like glowsticks

plus im a scene person lolololol

im that kinda person to swear lots but im on the line of 14+ and PG so

expect lots of buttons n stuff hsedheshjhd

introduction for elliot

hello. nice to Meet you.

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i forgot to introduce myself like i forget everything .......

my name is Elliot ... El, Elle, Elli, wahtever U want!

i go by any pronouns, idrc Tbh cus they all feel nice when used w me!! my bday is feb 5 and i just turned 19

idk what else to include in an intro. Lol. i like to draw sometimes and write not as much. i also really enjoy collecting stuff, it depends on whatever im obsessed with atm. like rn its crystals and tarot cards and fantasy novels. it used to be mangas and plushies and study books Lol.

Thnx for listening. hope to return.

i also have this really cool leather journal with two dragons engraved on the front and an amethyst cus its my birthstone. its blankcus idk what to write in it. someone post ideas on what to do with a really cool journal.

Common Honey

Let’s make memories together!

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The Premise:


So very long ago, during gray and overcast days past, Thunder rumbled.

From the shaken sky tumbled Thunder's noises and with them Rain.

By the fallen Rain, Flower was nourished and River was filled.

Upon its web, between Flower and Stone, Spider gathered Rain.

When Rain ceased and Thunder silenced, Bee gathered Flower's pollen.

Bee then flew away to its hive to make our Common Honey.

Upon the hive came Bear who so loved our Common Honey that it shared with all who would sample.

Witnessing all this, from atop Stone, Bird declared, "May this recur until all our tribe partakes of Common Honey."

Thunder has final say on the phonology.

Rain has final say on the morphology.

Spider has final say on the syntax.

Flower has final say on the semantics.

River has final say on the pragmatics.

Stone has final say on the orthography.

Bee is responsible for the corpus.

Bear is responsible for pedagogy.

Bird is responsible for supervision.

Any further roles will be determined by the collective.

Is a Collaborative Language Even Possible?


Join here: https://discord.gg/PcfvEYYN

first post/intro!

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(they/them, haun/haunt)

hi, i'm eris

i'm going to use this to feed my dumb little urge to run away from myself.

i might not use this often? or i might use this to vent out heavier stuff that i don't feel like i can around my current social circle.

i won't be shit talking anyone but myself though lol

extended about here: http://txti.es/lovebat/images

intro time??

(yes, its intro time)

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hi this is new afkdsfbsd

im axol i guess, but you can also call me starby, kaiju, snail, or baphomet! i go by she/they/it/star pronouns!! if you confused about star pronouns they are neopronouns, so if you wanna know how to use them let me know and i'll be happy to tell you!

i really like pink and blue (if you cant tell lol) some other stuff i like are video games, vaporwave, kidcore, plushies, weird supernatural stuff, weirdcore, undertale/deltarune, fnaf, pokemon, seafood, voidpunk, and japanese snacks (the list of stuff i like is much bigger but i dont wanna type it all out lol)

im a bisexual non-binary inclusionist <3

but yea, if you wanna find me elsewhere i got a scratch and a spacehey! here they are: https://spacehey.com/starry_paradise https://scratch.mit.edu/users/Starryaxolotl11/

have a good day/night!

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Deadlander Gamma Bug Fables look how skrunkley. Crinkley doo <3 mabye even a mip]y

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hi i'm vanilla - infp

there is both beauty and violence in this world.

my political ideology aligns with the pirates on the thousand sunny


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- rpgmakers

- vocal synths

- hatoful boyfriend

- twisted wonderland

- touhou

Mrowmrow hi I’m wolfgang amadeus mozart I make art and stuff and and my twt/insta is @amamozarte


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hi ! i'm frey. i'm 18 years old and from east Philadelphia. I like music and action games. happy 2 be here! my discord is lacuna#6818.

my topster! hmu if you like any similar bands!!

*i'm also really into coheed and cambria right now but i haven't had the time to make an updated chart.

Intro ig

I’m listening to 100 Gecs

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I suck ass at intros, but hi!!! Lol. I will be using this as a creative outlet, and I'll try to update at least daily on weekdays, I take a break on weekends and watch anime.

My Carrds:



meet evergreen

hello everyone!!

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hello i am evergreen. i do plan to have a blog on my site (itsevergreen.rip) but this is what i am using for now! expect mundane, image-laden posts about random life events!


please do check out my site. it has an "about me" page where you can learn all sorts of things. also, i just think it's neat.

website: itsevergreen.rip

email: me(at)itsevergreen.rip

discord: evergreen#7208

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Hi i'm new to here! (duh)

i'm not the greatest guy at introductions, but this website seems real neat so i thought i'd try it out 😊

here's a funny stuffed animal picture i have saved:

well howdy

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hi i'm georgia

this is cool. I found it through marginialia search engine, where i found a handful of other neat stuff.

i love the idea of creative expression on the internet. so much of the internet to me now is intake of others' work.

Somewhat of an Introduction

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Hello, You can call me Morissette, or Mori.

I like to do artworks most of the time.

Social medias are WIP...

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hi guys!!

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Hello Multiverse!! I’ve just entered this space.



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meoowww meow meow meow

Welcome me to here :)

This place is where I am now.

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Okay so this looks like it might catch and hold my interest better than building a website from scratch.

I'm kind of a slave of whim.

I've actually been wanting to start a journal, to offload my poor little stretched-thin working memory.

I've never really successfully kept a journal, planner, blog, diary, log...

But I think the scrapbook-like interface and community engagement will make my ADHD machine go brrrrrrrr.

But I have been getting better at having a routine and doing things habitually.

I don't have any recent art to share but I downloaded some gifs of dragons, so I'm just gonna pepper them around.

The Future Is Now

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▻ ℂy83r

The Future I have dreamed of since

my wee youth

is finally tangible

I love this editor so much

I may cry

Despite this highly

digital aesthetic

I'll probably blog about bread making

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omg this website is so cool, i LOOVE the concept!!!


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Hello, world.