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april journals

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it's friday, which means my first week back to school after spring break is almost over. thank god. school is eternally exhausting. ap exams are coming up and i am not looking forward to them :/


today was the first day of the local comic con, and i went with four of my friends!!! it's been cancelled for the last two years, so i'm glad it was finally happening again this year.

started watching serial experiments lain finally, really enjoying it so far ( ᐛ )و


i spent all 70 of the dollars i brought with me, and got a signed photo from some guy who apparently was a klingon actor in deep space nine! (haha i've only watched 2 episodes of dsn but i managed to almost hold a conversation) i got a really nice steven universe fan zine too, along with a bunch of stickers and a couple art prints.

for lunch, we ended up walking downtown to get burritos my favorite restaurant that i haven't been to in forever, definitely worth the mile walk down but the mile walk up was a pain--

two of the previously mentioned friends ended up coming home w me because my neighbor is having a late birthday party, so i ended up spending over 12 hours with both of them,, kind of exhausted (socially, physically, and mentally) now!!



not looking forward to that :/ because i've been spending more time studying this last week, i've had less time to draw/game which means my bad moods get worse

a pretty chill day. been working on going through the ap daily review videos in preparation for my upcoming ap european history exam. may 6th, babyy--

almost done with this week! joined a study group discord which has been helpful in motivating me to keep up with my assignments and studying, though i have yet to have a proper conversation there.

finally bought a new thing of boba pearls, it's been over two weeks since i've last had some which was an uncomfortable change from my nearly daily boba (i like being able to chew my tea, just drinking liquid is boring)

finished making the button for my necities, not quite sure if i love it but it's not bad. gotta actually finish up my button page though so i can post it there.

only a week left until ap exams!!! working hard ⊂(=_= ;

decided to make myself a nice lunch today instead of just packing some leftovers from the day before, and i'm really excited for lunch now. it took almost an hour to cook the rice and the soup, but i think it was worth it, actually doing stuff when i get up helps me keep my energy high throughout the day.


end of march diaries

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it's been a bit since i've posted here.

my motivation in general has been going up and down throughout the month. i had a stretch where i was posting daily, nice and motivated to get my work done. then my brain caught up to me and i got to the point where i felt like nothing i did was good enough.




i've been checking in on the site on a regular basis, but haven't been motivated enough to actually write anything for myself. (perhaps because i usually check it while at school, and all my gifs/imgs are on my home pc?)

this usually happens when i get really into a new piece of media and i start comparing myself to the professional level art and sometimes even the fanart. because my brain hates me, i got into three different things at once (started watching vtubers again, witch hat atelier, and sonny boy). but the cycle ends with me hyping myself up enough to try and study those new artists and get closer to their level, and i get motivated for a while until the whole thing happens again.

last day of march! hhhhgh my teachers all decided we needed excessive amounts of homework because break is almost here or smthn so my head is currently in the constant state of ache.

haven't got ayato yet, but i did finally get yunjin! didn't need c3 of her tho :/ the chasm has been pretty fun to explore though! i'm just really tired these days, i barely play genshin for more than an hour, and haven't finished art for the last couple days.

the asynchronous javascript class has reached the point where i don't really understand what i'm doing. ended up just giving up on the final part of the code for the assignment due yesterday so i could turn it in on time.

i just want to sleep.

2022/04/09 - finally added all the gifs/imgs, procrastinated way too long on that lol

i've been playing genshin a lot recently, though i can feel the burnout coming. at least i'll have more time to draw when it happens. ayato's banner is coming out tonight! i saved up enough primogems for two ten pulls, which probably isn't enough, unless i get the same luck i get with baal (both times her banner was out i got her on my 11th pull, which was cool the first time, but not the second time since i wanted one of the four-stars on the banner).

i recently designed a new character for funo-shika, the old fumi leader! decided i needed to make it clearer who the real villain was (iliou) so we had to make the guy actually committing the crimes have mother issues.

yesterday i started trying to remix a utena track into more of a breakcore vibe, idk anything about audio-editing so it's going pretty slowly, but i like it so far. breakcore, at least from what i get of it, is kind of like anti-music, so making it sound good is kind of the opposite of what i want. dunno if i'll finish it, but trying new things is always fun.


quick march journals

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and just like that, we're onto march


haha remembered nanoreno is in march, considering trying to speedlearn ren'py but last week of school was not a fun time so trying to balance learning how to and creating a visual novel in the month with school sounds like an idea i should probably not try


while i told myself yesterday nanoreno was not a good idea rn, my brain came up w an actually decent idea for a quick visual novel that wouldn't be that long/complicated in terms of story while still having enough difference from the players choices-- i think i'll try to start learning ren'py and start on the draft for the script, but i'm not going to try and rush to finish in time for the challenge.



back to cold weather and school,, finished up the about page for my neocities, at least! :D working on a bunch of character designs for the game and editing some of the basic stuff of the ren'py code. realized this visual novel will be mostly dialogue, which is definitely the part of writing i am the most uncomfortable with--- hopefully this'll give me a good chance to improve at it, though

unrelatedly, the weather today has been super nice!! it's the perfect temperature, not cold and not warm, i spent a decent amount of time outside today! :D

would b swell if my brain could decide on literally anything. if i don't hang out w people, i get really sad, but when i hang out w people i overthink things to the point where i feel sick, which makes any social interaction kind of suck.


birthday post!

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look at that,

another trip around the sun

birthdays are weird, honestly. it's cool that i've existed another year, i suppose, but nothing really feels different. nothing changes except a number that i don't even remember properly half the time. it's a free excuse to eat more sweets and i get first choice for the movie we watch tonight, and that's all u really need in life, right?

as you get older, birthdays seem less important, despite the bigger number. you get busier, it's not as much of a big deal. when i was younger, i looked sadly on the dwindling number of gifts, but now i'm not even sure if i got less gifts, or if they simply seemed smaller to my growing mind. these days, my mom's chocolate waffles are enough for me, though, they're seriously the best (all her food is amazing, but chocolate waffles are only for special days, so they hold an extra special place in my heart and stomach).

i got contacts for the first time today too, which is fun! wasn't quite looking forward to going to the eye doctor on my bday but since my glasses have been busted for over a month, it's nice to finally b able to see again! (i only have trouble w distance, so using my computer is fine, but school is more of a challenge). the doctor was nice enough to even get me a cupcake since i had mentioned my next appointment was on my bday, they're super nice!!

happy birthday to me !!


february check-in

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i set a goal in the beginning of the year to read 100 books, and managed to read my planned 9 books during january. this month, i've only read 1. if i had books to read, i probably would, but i haven't had a chance to go to the library and check out new books, and the books i have on hold haven't arrived yet...

tried a new coloring style on a piece i did for a valentines day collab on ig, not the biggest fan of how it looks but it took less time than my previous process, ig.

i've been doing a lot of quick studies recently instead of working on finished pieces, and idk how to feel about that. i'm learning, i think, but it also feels weird not to do finished art, since i used to only do that.

somehow february is over halfway through already.

recently, i've been working a lot harder on studying. i found a university i really like, but the admissions are pretty strict and i want my grades to be the best possible to improve my chances of getting in. my grades are pretty decent, i think, but there are a bunch of other smart kids in my grade so i'm only 6th in the class. studying is oddly relaxing, it's been enjoyable.

you got this.

i still don't want to fall behind on my reading goal, though, so i guess it's time to dig out my "cnovels to read" list and ruin my eyes on a screen some more :D


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sometimes i wonder if i actually like art, or if i'm just doing it because it's all i've ever done.

i've gone weeks before without drawing, without the craving to create though, is it really the creation i want, or just my routine back?

'who am i without art?' i wonder

i'd settled into a nice routine over the weekend, waking up early and working out in the morning, managing to get four hours of art in throughout the day, and even time blocked out for coding and language learning. but it's a school week again, and i have too much homework and not enough time.

tuesday i got home early, so i should've had plenty of time to draw or code, but somehow schoolwork snuck up on me again and the hour i planned to spend learning korean with my sisters (a strange form of sibling bonding, but a fun one, i'll admit) turned into three, and i once again went to sleep without opening my laptop.

i've started doodling in classes again, my hands impatient to create. i guess i do like art, which is a reassurance. hopefully i get a chance to draw tonight.

do you know how much you like something until you've gone without it?

monday i lost three hours to a garden club meeting- maybe lost is the wrong word, i enjoy the club and the people there, but i usually just want to go home after a long day of classes, especially on a monday. between homework and coordinating an outfit with a friend, i ended up going to sleep without even opening my laptop.

all the art except the tgcf manhua panels and the pixel cat r by me!


journal entry

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hey there! today was a snowday, which meant i had plenty of time to work on some of my own stuff, which is always nice!

i had leftovers of the chili sauce i made yesterday w/ some tofu and rice for lunch, and it was just as good as it was yesterday!! i finally finished a piece of fanart i've been working on for a while, and got a chance to start properly planning out the design for my new vtuber model (see img to right)!

some design sketches i did today !! :D

feel free to add me on discord at frandszk#3722

made some progress on redoing my neocities today! it's still in the early stages but it's a lot more stable than the old version-- the main thing i need to focus on now is filling it with weird images and gifs which is probably gonna be the most time consuming part :'D

honestly that's pretty much it for today, i don't have a lot of exciting things going on in my life, but i'm gonna keep trying to consistently journal here. hoping u have a good day!! (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

i got a decent amount of schoolwork done, though i probably should've done more-- i'm doing a writing challenge this month to try and get back into writing fiction again but uhhh i wrote a single paragraph today before giving up. writers block is something i'm definitely a lot less accustomed to dealing with than art block, but hopefully i'll get better at managing it once i begin to write more often?


(intro post or smthn)

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(if u want to talk to me abt rgu, svsss, or literally anything else, message me on discord at frandszk#3722 !! i hate talking to people but uhh i'm trying to change that)

things i like in no particular order:

- conlangs, language learning

- world building :DD

- black tea, weird tea cups


- minecraft, rhythm games

- pixel art, ms paint

yoo hi! i've been lurking around this site appreciating the customizable posts and decided it was finally time to make an account--

i'm frandszk (fran for short) a hs sophmore who likes web design and trashy sci-fi novels! i spend most of my time drawing and crying about revolutionary girl utena (i use they/them and zey/zem btw!)

not sure how consistent i'll be when posting here, but it seems really cool and i look forward to spending more time here!

(all these doodles r by me btw, except this icon, which is from summon night!!)