birthday post!

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birthdays are weird, honestly. it's cool that i've existed another year, i suppose, but nothing really feels different. nothing changes except a number that i don't even remember properly half the time. it's a free excuse to eat more sweets and i get first choice for the movie we watch tonight, and that's all u really need in life, right?

as you get older, birthdays seem less important, despite the bigger number. you get busier, it's not as much of a big deal. when i was younger, i looked sadly on the dwindling number of gifts, but now i'm not even sure if i got less gifts, or if they simply seemed smaller to my growing mind. these days, my mom's chocolate waffles are enough for me, though, they're seriously the best (all her food is amazing, but chocolate waffles are only for special days, so they hold an extra special place in my heart and stomach).

i got contacts for the first time today too, which is fun! wasn't quite looking forward to going to the eye doctor on my bday but since my glasses have been busted for over a month, it's nice to finally b able to see again! (i only have trouble w distance, so using my computer is fine, but school is more of a challenge). the doctor was nice enough to even get me a cupcake since i had mentioned my next appointment was on my bday, they're super nice!!

happy birthday to me !!