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Question time!

I know you can’t comment but…

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Should I redesign the Strawberry Shortcake characters in my style?

⭕ Yes

⭕ Yes

⭕ Yes

The correct answer is yes!

tournament league

It’s been a while since I talked about Duolingo…

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Just a reminder that you should not go on the highest part of the Duolingo tournament league if you have atychiphobia because you'll be highly disappointed in yourself.

<- I looked and #1 gained more XP in a week that I can get in a month 😔

Chances are that this post reveals my one true weakness.

carrd not working?

try removing an extension if carrd doesn’t work on chrome or firefox

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Feel free to disallusion me about An and Ena being my comforts because of the blackface scandal

So the reason why Carrd didn't work is because of the Stylish extension, which sucks because I use that for when I need to put a website in dark mode but there is no option to (ex. Pinterest).

I'm gonna see if an alternate exists and/or works with Carrd, otherwise I'm gonna do the easy thing and disable Stylish on the Carrd website.

Did you know I joined Multiverse (and Neocities) because I couldn't get to work?

Today I found out why carrd didn't work: an extension disabled me from loading the carrd assets.

I would guess it's one of my cookie-blocking extensions but I think I only have three of those...

2 minutes later...

15 minutes later...

Okay, so I found something called Stylus, which I believe is like Stylish but better.

Stylish collects data because it partnered with a web analytics company, but Stylus (and XStyle) was most likely made to be a non-cookie-collecting alternative, however, remind me if you can if I'm wrong.

Also unlike Stylish (or at least one of its themes), Stylus works with Carrd. Happy ending for me.

duolingo streak

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As of December 11th, I have a 51-day streak on Duolingo, so now I have Duolingo Plus and I'm probably gonna win at the Emerald League. I have been learning Japanese and I just started learning Chinese, though I don't know how much that will last.

Oscar (オスカー)

Bea (ビー)

Lin (リン)

Real onesは一人で旅行しません。

that one song

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i was never a panic in the disco dancer, only song i listened to constantly was emperors new clothes, but this specific song was in my head just now

how do you feel


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the original project [email protected] wiki shutting down on December 31st? The original funder lost interest but luckily someone else has offered to take the data from the original wiki and put it on a new site.

I am a fan of [email protected] My favorite [email protected] girl is Chihaya Kisaragi. She is part of the original group, 765 Productions.

One of her songs is called Aoi Tori, which is a very pretty song. She is voiced by Asami Imai, who makes the song very good in my opinion.

Besides Chihaya, right now my current favorite characters of each series are Uzuki, Kotoha, Saki, and Kiriko.

幽谷霧子 Yukoku Kiriko

While [email protected] isn't my all-time favorite idol series, I used to be very active in the MMD community in the early 2010s so I saw a lot of 765 MMD content.

如月千早 Kisaragi Chihaya

I wish the original owner and the new owner of the [email protected] wiki the best of luck with the new era of the western [email protected] community!

would this even be a "new era" or am i just stupid?


introduction piece

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Hello and welcome foolish humans

I am a fan of Glaxxon 5000 and I thought the site looked pretty so I made an account under the character's handle

Rhythm game and cartoon fan