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you can download them here

itskadde made some really cool retro stickers!

In Wonder of your presence

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Hey kind internet neighbours~

It is so incredibly beautiful to see you here, making comic posts in colours and compositions I had never imagined.

Our discord server is here

While we are working on better text styling, you can bold text by pressing ctrl+b on windows and cmd+b on mac.

In case you missed it, @wuz made a post about

You can also include links by using a text editor to link words, then copy them over~

I just want to say a quick hello, and answer a few questions in hopes that the question askers would see it. I know, I know, we are working on commenting and other ways to interact with the posts! (Thank you for your patience~)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for co-creating a cozy internet corner together with us. It is just unbelievable -- pure magic -- that we get to do this together; making a blogging network that we want.

It is getting late where I am now, I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing day, where ever you are <3

Truly, thank you.

Missing puzzle

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Do you see that I'm trying

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What is your deepest fear

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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

from the movie:

Haiyo, Multiverse

Mic check, one, two, three.

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not that I need to


or that i should

now im just mumbling

I go by Weiwei irl, and glitchyowl is how you might be able to find me online. Some friends have asked me "Why [glitchyowl]?". The answer is probably a little simple and boring: it's because I was trying to find a handle that hasn't been taken. So I sat down and tried different word combo, and this worked out! But, the words glitchy and owl kind of describe some of my personality and interest too.

I like to take walks, stroll around, and the walks where I discover a gigantic and inflated cute whale are particularly fun.

My friend Kelly spent several nights brainstorming with me how to make different light sculptures.

In this photo, we were talking about how this light cube was made. (Injection moudling!)

Lights! I like light. Sunlight, Light bulbs. LEDs. Light sculpture. Neon signs. All of them.

See. I'm wasn't joking when I said I like lights.

I also like plants

mostly real plants ;)

yeah. real plants always win.

My personal website is here at weiweihsu.com. One day I will squish [milktea] or [matcha] into my domain name, but that’s not a task for today :) 

If you shove my site's address into the WayBack Machine, you may be able to dig up some of my old (design) work. Be careful though, it's very dusted. I do wish that I will be able to put more of my work up, but .

[ excuses mutedノ( º _ ºノ) ]

There are a lot of things I'd really enjoy talking about. Things like books we've never read, places that we want to wander through, memories that make our eyes teary, rants we have about different aspects of life. All of those, I feel like, would be beautiful conversations.

Ok. I think I've done quite a bit of talking now. Maybe it's time for some photos. Not photos of me, cuz that'd be boring, but photos of, um, moments in my life.

These are some old ones.

I also wish that I draw a lot more than I do currently.

I used to draw a lot.

With the good ol' instagram filters

These are probably from 2012

But maybe you can tell, from the photo quality~

One day, I will draw a lot more. And maybe create many original characters (OCs). But in the mean time, here's one!

Okie. Maybe I should pause here.




Haiyo, I realized I never really introduced myself

It's Mother's Day

And I felt so many things

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Then, college happened! They traveled to bay area with me, helped me settled into the dorm. And for the last few days they were there with me, I cried a lot. I really didn't want to be left in America all on my own.

Growing up, I didn't think I was particularly close to my mom, or my dad.

But, I suppose, we just did our own thing, a lot of the times.

Since then, we talked more. I'd video call her as I pull an all-nighter for projects. We'd chat about random stupid things I've encountered throughout the week.

( but maybe I was just always bored )

( I mean, look at this kid )

We were a pretty normal family. We'd have dinner at home on most nights. I spent a lot of my after school time at the playground and the basketball court. We had a family computer. My brother and I each had a Nintendo SP, etc.

Whenever I wanted to drop out of school, got frustrated with someone, we'd talk about it.

But, we would also fight.

And. Oh boy. Those are intense fights.

(I haven't finished writing here, so check back in a bit!)

In the beginning, we waved at each other

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I used to put a lot of pressure on myself,

thinking that every second not spent working is a waste of time

I still think this way,

then I made friends like @kicks and @wombleman!

to let the joy and curiosity overcome me

to undress some of the expectations others have imposed on me

and they taught me to see the world from a different angle




its part arrogance, part stubbornness,

I'm not sure if it's a curse or a blessing

I am very opinionated and think we deserve a better internet

this is a very long winded way of saying

i want to take some time to capture how this all started

cuz it's a special one, for both kicks and i

there are many ways to :wave hello: on the internet

it all started with comic / collage posts

sliding through the tunnel of posts that we've each composed


and talked

and hung out

this was the first prototype kicks built

and made stuff to surprise each other

based on this >

(along with knowledge/experience from all the comic/collage stuff we've made over the past few months)

then it all snow-balled from there on

And while we are here, these are some of the other early sketches

kinda ugly and wacky, i know

you can blame me for this!

as you can tell by now,

Kicks had written up the part of the story here

this is only part of the story

this is one way!

we invited each other to our garage

and as always,

more to come!

(a lot of the discussions around Multiverse happens via scrapchatting)

Daylogs, hopefully

Let’s see how it goes

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I've noticed that the days where I write out my stream of thoughts and emotions are the days where I'm able to look at those surface-level feelings and move on to do other things really smoothly.

It was a routine Vin suggested I try, after I had shared how I sometimes get soaked in different feelings. Even though I haven't been able to do it each day, it's been so helpful! Being able to sit with emotions and really let them take up some space (which is so so uncomfortable) is something that I'm learning to get better at.

It's been rough, in some way, but I now am more able to see rough times as gifts to something better, perhaps. These past two years are so much of me learning to co-inhabit and take care of my emotions, and also judgements from others! In particular, something that I'd observed is how often and how easily I'd let others put labels on me and internalise them. Then, I had a beautiful conversation where they helped me realise how I let others label me because it's easy / less work for me to accept the labels and consider myself incapable - because hiding is easier than acknowledging what I really want to accomplish. <just wow>

Another consistency I've experienced is feeling a lot of fear and getting anxious, pre-worrying about whether I'm making the best decisions for my collaborators, for the product, for people who might find the tool meaningful, etc etc. It's almost embarrassing to acknowledge it, because when saying it out loud, it just sounds like I'm overthinking it, but I also need to be honest with these feelings.

Something that has helped me is with seeing these feelings as if they are wind - the breeze feels different on different days, and it's totally ok to feel it, let the wind touch my face, slip through between my finger tips, but don't let it knock me down.

A new framing that was introduced to me too, was:

however amount of fear i can feel = however amount of power i can have

and it's a matter of me learning to reallocate those attention/energy to the right place.

Ok. Here's to a start - let's see where it takes us :)

Saying Hello from the Year 2022

It's been wild, keep going

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Ok yeah, 2020 was wild too, for the world, for you. I'm not trying to dismiss that. But in some way, that was necessary, right? 

In some way, you needed the turbulence to begin to seek control of your own life, 

and, perhaps, the hardest one for you:

to do more than just staying above the water

to understand what you truly treasure

to cease pleasing everyone

to learn to take it easy when you need to and to enjoy the journey!

You know, this past year has been nothing but a series of unexpected life, work, and family events. You've said goodbye to people who are pillars in your life. You've started new collaborations. You've continued to learn to communicate and to collaborate better.  You've started to wear armour to protect yourself from being attacked by others' words. You then realised how heavy that armour is. And with the support of others, you've learned to be more vulnerable, to be more vocal, even though that is extremely uncomfortable for you, and you've avoided it for 






Hello, past self! I think it has finally settled into you that it's a new year. That's ok, January and February have been quite crazy for you. 

To the @glitchyowl in 2021 – 






I am really proud of how far you've come, and you should be too. It's ok to pause for a little, catch a breath, and laugh cry at how beautiful this is! There's a long, fun, challenging, journey full of hills ahead, so make sure you pause when you need to, and re-fuel ⛽️.                                

I know that you are still at crossroads, but guess what, life is full of what feels like crossroads (ta-dah!). 

                   Hey, I just wanna say to you.

         Listen to the heartbeat.

Have enough courage to believe in it.

                     Believe in yourself, 

                                                 and believe in those around you!

How am I doing? Oh, girl. It's been an adventure for me as well, but I am so happy and grateful for what you and your collaborators have set your mind to do. Let me tell you this, it is all worth it because it is what you and your collaborators care about and want to take a chance on. So yeah, that does mean you've got quite a lot ahead of you!

                                   But, you know what, as you've started to realise, 

                           it's all about your attitude, 

                it's about having each others' back with your collaborators, 

     it's about having fun, 

                                            it's about being intensely curious, 

                            curiously relentless, 

relentlessly courageous, 

                              and courageously vulnerable. 

It's also a journey to becoming a better friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, collaborator, and co-founder.

               There's still a lot of work to do 

                                   (sorry to be so Asian parent-y here, lol rip)






                                          I am so glad that you are doing this. 

                                          It's what you've always wanted to do, 

                                          but you've never dared to acknowledge it, 

                                          until now! 

So, go for it! I've still got a long way to go, but I've also come a long way! I'm at where you want to be in a few months doing what you've set out to do, well, because, you've set out to do what you want to do. Chase for what rhymes for you and your collaborators, and let the laughter, the giggles, the curiosity, the generous support you've got push you through all the uncertainties, the challenges, and, frankly, the fun!

                                                                                              With courage ~*

                                                                     From the @glitchyowl in 2022

Hello, Multiverse~!

it is a beautiful day today, and i'm here to say hi to the galaxy

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Just getting set up here on Multiverse, still got a lot to work on with @kickscondor but we are getting there. I'm so hyped about the different ways I can dress up my voice. Really hoping that you all would enjoy this lil blogging network we are building!

Also post threading! Curious how this will look but I think there's something here, possibly~