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soooooo im back!!! it's been a while huh? well, i sorta forget this account ever existed heh. but im glad to be back, and i have plans to upload a couple of things here. mainly some mini essays and rants since i like doing those in my spare time :> im super addicted to rhythm heaven and rhythm heaven related topics and i love this silly lil critter from an underrated fighting game called rakuga kids

its's name is beartank!!!!

also i'm now a writer for a zine

check it out for yerselfs!!!

asmr obsession


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why my sudden obsession with asmr??

1.) because i had nothing else to look at on the internet. i seriously dont get the stigma behind asmr. people say its creepy, weird, and yes, even "cringy". asmr videos are literally the most harmless forms of content on the platform, and its just... SO RELAXING. i have so much fun listing all the different sounds i like and find comforting. some stuff that are so oddly specific, i'd never thought i'd actually enjoy it. and just listening to one asmr video at a time aint enough for me. it HAS to be other random videos that happens to peep my interest.

2.) i just like. sounds. hearing can be a blessing and a curse imo. i love music. i love making noises that just sound right to me. but i also sometimes hate having to hear things all the time, and would like a pair of noise canceling headphones to block it out. im surprised i havent gotten attached to it sooner. i dont really care to learn the indept stuff about asmr as a scientific phenomena (though it definelty seems interesting) whatever sounds great to my ears just work.

here i'll showcase some sites i like, and obviously videos i found with my favorite kind of triggers. hope you enjoy! maybe if you're one of the people who find asmr to be weird, you'll enjoy it regardless(?) literally go on this site everyday. i like the dolphin noises alongside the movement of the water. so calming.... the guy who made this video should literally go to heaven. my god. so. many. good. triggers. i got randomly recommended this video one day, and i remember being so soothed by the sound. it sounds like you're in a car on a 3hr roadtrip when the suns about to go down. oh yeahhh. did i forget to mention i like water noises??? so glad this genre of asmr exists. why wouldnt it? the sound of water is literally the best sounds out there. if im being entirely honest, a lot of the keyboard videos kinda suck xP. like, so many of them have blue keycaps and shiz and i dont really like the sound of blue keys. a lot of them in general focus too much on how loud the keyboard is. but this one is nice.

vvv this one is nice too. made by the same guy i think deserves to go to heaven. he whispers a bit here, which i usually dont like in asmr (i prefer sounds being produced by certain objects, not so much people. also the reason i ignore roleplay asmr) buts its a nice addition here. he doesnt speak that often leaving me time to enjoy the triggers i actually like.

i (pump)

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quick reasons on why multiverse is a based platform (so far.)

1. there's no follower model, mutuals all that silly stuff on other social media sites are gone! so you wont be jealous of other people for their followers and engagements compared to yours.

2. no one can like, reblog/reshare your posts from your account, and you essentially dont even know who and who hasnt viewed one of your posts. this avoids the common issue with social media users constantly trying to appease to an algorithym and become obsessed with engagement they start basing their worth onto that. people can just post post post and not give a damn about that because they dont give you a reason to give a damn about it in the first place~

3. the site is minimilistic, but not minimilistic to where it looks corporate. beautiful gradients, patterns, highlights, drop shadows, the freedom of moving text where you want, pictures where ever you want. gifs and being able to decorate those too??? seriously, i love it here.


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HIYA THERE MULTIVERSE PEEPS!!! i've known of this site for quite a while now but only just recently decided to make an account after realizing that its literally the perfect social media for a person like me!

the name is sub ;). she/her, double-a battery and minor. im a recovering maladaptive daydreamer, whos trying to find better ways to enjoy the intnernet.

this is me. im a huge stinkin nerd

consider me a "professional rambler/ranter". i love writing out my thoughts and opinions out, especially sense no one else seems interested in hearing it...

so expect sum reviews, interest dumping, rants about insignificant things and the like. i have no shame!!!!

n e ways here are some things i like feat. gifs

octopuses/squids and plushies



again, i feel no shame

stickers make the world go round

i love collecting cds!!!

okay thats all i got to say and share 4 now buyyyyyyy