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Yesterday I wrote a post 2 times and it just didn't send... and since I don't know how to copy-paste here, I just didn't feel like writing it again from scratch for a 3rd time.

I don't know what to read after being through with EotV 1. I was reading the Mountains of Madness manga afterwards (pretty good 2 books) and now I'm through with them too and totally clueless on what to read next. My taste is too specific. Especially when my mind is focused just on certain specific things it wants to dive into. I can't enjoy citrus lemonade when I actually just really really want to drink coffee.

It's hard to find books in my language anyway, and reading them in English is hard because I can't really focus on that, even though my English is good.

When checking my library online, I find a few books that interest me, but it's all e-books and NO, I DO NOT WANT e-books, I want actual books that I can read in bed. I look at screens all day. I want to read paper books before sleeping.

To be fair, I just want Bloodborne novels at this point. Not just one, an entire series. And yes, I know there exist comics but they cost a lot of money for the fact that I read a single comic in 20-30 minutes. Also they are supposedly not even that good, and I want novels, fat long novels.