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5 Things Zine

5 Awesome Art Sites

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5 Awesome Art Sites

2. Mail Art from University at Buffalo Libraries


1. Streets on Art


3. https://www.tumblr.com/lucharte

4. Retablos | http://retablos.ru/en/

5. It's Nice That | https://www.itsnicethat.com/

Its been awhile...

Having fun again I hope

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It has been awhile

Just playing around.

4/4-4/8 2022

Diary Log

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I did final edits and submitted my page to the Yesterweb Zine so I am feeling accomplished even if they don't use it (though I would be a bit bummed out).

I think I'm this guy.

4/5 - Another day. Another podcast.

But I'm this guy.

I woke up really early today. My throat is killing me. I drank some green juice and seltzer and my throat is a little better but still hurts a bit when I swallow.

Allergies are kicking my butt. I wish I had something interesting to post but I passed out in bed after taking a very quick walk after work. No deep thoughts. Or even anything interesting to report.

4/6 - Another day. Last night was slightly interesting as we had a family meal celebrating my mother's new job. There were scallion pancakes, katsu with cabbage and rice, bulgogi and bibimbap.

We ordered this, I don't know how to make most of these meals.

I'm not too sure what to do with my life so I just sit around and watch anime.

4/7 - Ramen for breakfast. Its spicy and clearing up my nose. I wish it had less salt cause the nose clearing affects are really nice.

Currently going through ProZD's back catalogue of Let's Try Food videos. This kettle chips one is making me hangry.

4/8 - Another Friday. Another week I made it through. I've taken a liking to putting my thoughts in list form so here you go.

◼️ I have a list of anime I want to watch. Scyred, Dimension W, SSSS Gridman, some older ones essentially. I was listening to music of anime ops I liked and it hit me how much I don't care about the isekai/mobile game/bland harem that tends to dominate currently. But there are some newer titles I need to check out as well.

◼️ I ran some errands and am feelling great. I even got a treat of some chicken nuggets and fries.

◼️ I borrowed some comics from the library. One is called Be Gay, Do Comics. I thought it would be instructional but it's actually full of history and memoir. Still very cool!

◼️ I want to make a physical zine but I struggle with formatting it so I can make multiple copies easily. My brain has a hard time with formatting it the way a printer can read it (8.5x5.5). I am feeling not very smart.

-JR's Story Time (neocities.org)

3/30 to 4/2

Diary Log

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3/30 - March is nearly over. The first quarter of the year nearly gone. Time has gone by quickly.

I'm taking not a 100% new direction with my homesite but I think I've clarified the path I want to go on. I want to make it hopefully somewhat helpful information and link hub on various topics I am looking into anyways.

It seems like a long project but I'm looking forward to it.

I'm taking not a 100% new direction with my homesite but I think I've clarified the path I want to go on. I want to make it hopefully somewhat helpful information and link hub on various topics I am looking into anyways.

3/31 - I had a bit of anxiety in the early hours of today. I did go back to sleep, but my brain is having issues waking up. Ugh.

4/1 - The day of fools. Not looking forward to the pranks. But honestly, I couldn't tell on Mastodon, I enjoy the humor on there mostly. But I also keep missing all of the "drama" so /shrug.

Honestly, I really enjoy it. It can be pretty random but its fun stumbling upon people I enjoy following and the stuff they have to say. I still use Twitter for news but I haven't really engaged with it ever.

4/2 - I'm hungry but don't feel like cooking.

I've been doing a lot on my site and Mastodon. Though it feels like I have less for here. I will try my best for next week's log to be more exciting or thoughtful. I thought last week was really good!

3/28 and 3/29

Diary Log

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3/28 - I stayed up late last night watch Triangle Strategy Let's Play. I'm tired now. 😴

I started watching Moominvalley because an ad for a chill Snufkin game caught my attention. I wanted to know more and apparently my library has a lot of the comics so I will check those out too.

I really adore the relationship between Moomintroll and Snufkin. Its comedic angst.

I am working on a zine thing. It's mostly done. Just needs some proof-reading/final edits but the core is done. I am proud of myself.

Colorful by Claris

I am currently listening to:

Just listened to the finale of the first season. There are so many great discussions but also funny food conversations too.

Podcasts - Yesterweb Live Radio! - AzuraCast

01: Interview with Sadness (sadgrl.online)

3/29 - A new day, feeling less awful than yesterday. Part of it was probably a temperature shift from 60F to 20F.

I finished the Noblesse anime and goodness it was a punch to my nostalgia gut. Although certain things are cut/changed (bye Yuna) for the most part I think captures the general spirit and most of the fun moments.

On the other hands it's interesting to watch as an older person to be able to articulate what I enjoy about this. I love the found family/redemption themes. How most of the super powered cast has made mistakes and need to learn and move forward from them. And how this motivates them to be better people and help others. It's very sweet for a piece of media with very corny humor and lots of fight scenes.

I nearly teared up at the ending. Probably because I want to finish this series and see the ending but also, I hate the Webtoon format. It triggers my nausea. Noblesse itself is very slow too. Another thing I like about the anime, it condensed years of content and the pacing was so much better for it.

Noblesse is still one of the better visual media to have quiet characters full of personality. I love Seira and Rai so much!!!

4th Week of March 2022

Diary Log

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3/21 - I felt so bad. I barely survived the day and slept early. Ugh.

3/22 - Feeling a bit better maybe? I woke up really early. So I should probably work out or something. :D D:

3/23 - Walking, driving, its a huge improvement from the past few weeks

And I'm feeling pretty pumped.

3/24 - Another day, the week is almost done and I've greatly improved my mood and doing what I need to do. :)

3/25 - Survived another week. I wish I had deep or interesting thoughts but I'm mostly excited about the projects I am doing. I'm almost done with my addition to the yesterweb zine. I hope I made the time/spot deadline. But even not I'm proud of what I made.

Another Week in March 2022

Diary Log

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3/12 and 3/13 Weekend

This is me right now trying to be creative and create things. I suppose logically it makes sense. I won't be able to just spit things out on demand. But I guess I am struggling with what I want? I think I ultimately want to be able to save my Multiverse posts. I like the click and drag parts. Its simple. I like the live view of things. I like the gif movements.

But I would also like to share the stuff I make in a digital book form, personal website or some other form. I can't really find anything and it seems like I would have to learn coding and make something. So much work.

I feel like this right now. I burnt my tongue eating soup. I feel very loopy and am not making great decisions. Ugh...

3/14/22 - Monday

Sometimes I wonder how I can pretend to be an adult. I still struggle with basic things such as drinking without spilling on myself, meal planning, driving, etc.

My brain is still not doing so great, have a cat.

3/15/22 - Tuesday

3/16/22 - Wednesday

The anime I can't get out of my head.

3/17/22 - Thursday

3/18/22 - Friday

I want to make another angry/rant zine but I am having an internal block. Self censorship?

Either intense allergies or anxiety. Sometimes choices are awful.

The latest episode of Unwell is hitting me hard in the feels. :(

I haven't had much of an appetite lately. Eating is hard. Which is weird because eating is usually easy for me.

I had such bad anxiety this day. Its telling I didn't even make an entry on the day. I stopped taking allergy meds. Saturday was rough. Sunday is feeling ok.

Welcome to the Butterfly Wood

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Welcome to the Butterfly Wood.

Take a few steps.

Get lost.

Fly away.

Marching On 2022

first post of March :O

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I had a relaxing Birthday. Delicious food, family, no work, no chores, just hanging out and a lovely cat. I really had a great time! :)

I am more regular about stretching due to Finch, its an app where if you take care of yourself a little virtual bird grows, develops a personality and discovers the world. It hits me in the pet game loving childhood. I may subscribe to the service.

My head is spinny. Its going to be another rough day. I may need to go to the library even though my head is killing me just to return/pick up books that have been sitting there a while. Oops. :O

I am making zines and signing up for a lot of projects. I don't necessary complete things in all of them but I enjoy having so much to do. I feel a lot more purpose now, at least on the small scale. It makes time flow a bit slower, a bit more under my control rather than time flowing from my hands like water.


Just another week

A Microblog Thing

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2/16/2022 - I tried out MMM.PAGE but it's very limited without paying. And even with paying it is a bit limited. Like a slightly nicer Carrd.

I guess I feel pretty disconnected. This old and I still feel like this. I thought this feeling would disappear as I grew older but it only feels more real. Like I would find my tribe and fit in but that doesn't really seem like it will be happening.

I feel like this, this week. I wish I didn't. I'm not 100% sure why. Am I restless? I'm not sure...

Just another day

Weekend recap

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I ate out recently. The first time in a while. It was nice. I had a breakfast burger, my favorite kind of burger after ramen bun burgers but those are not common where I live.

I miss going on trips but it's cold now.

I started watching a let's play of Freedom Planet. It's so cute and fun, I wish I could play platformers so I could play this.


Just some stuff


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The more I look around the more I realize there are lots of folk who never really left the small, old, indie web and kept it alive. If I had been smart I would have done the same but I am here now.

It's also interesting to see all the things I missed out on, even back in the day. For example I had no idea Dead Journal was a thing until now and people still post there! Some interesting stuff too. My favorite so far is this QOTD blog - Dsus2 (D+E+A) (deadjournal.com)

I'm not 100% sure what to do with my Neocities...

I keep finding other things to do like zines, glitch art and this site. Sometimes I am in the mood for HTML but right now I am not.

I've participated in two zine

jams and really want to keep

participating in them. I'm not sure

how many there are in a year, but I hope lot!


Pondathon II Log #1

Intro and January Wrap Up

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What is the Pondathon?

Pondathon II is a story-driven and gardening-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the Pondathon II readathon is to read books to earn plants and decorate your own little garden so that we can restore the forest together. More information about the readathon can be found here.

Information about Joining the Pondathon

>You can sign-up to the Pondathon II readathon here. The readathon starts on January 10th 2022 and ends on December 11th 2022; sign-ups are open across the duration of the readathon.

>You also get to create your own Pond animal character for the Pondathon, and create your own character card!

>If you’d like, create a blog post, bookstagram post, booktube video, Twitter thread, or whatever medium you wish, with '#PondathonII' in the title or your tweet. Share the character you have created and your character card!

>Link back to this post so that new friends can find the readathon and join in as well.

JR, the Pin Witch

Age: Middle aged, mildly grumpy and wants a nap

Pronouns: She/They

Likes: Hot tea on a cold winter day, snuggling with said tea under a blanket and with a book; quiet places; old school web development; making bad art; 

Dislikes: Being out in the summer sun without a nice, cool drink like boba or unsweetened iced tea; books with strong smells (like mold or decades of cigarette); loud places; 

Bookish Likes: Different media formats - print is king but audiobooks are good too; JR actually doesn't mind digital format but lost their e-reader; age group reading - middle grade, young adult and adult but JR notices they tend to like middle grade and adult more; favored genres - science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction; ok genres - contemporary, non-fiction; tends to prefer short stories/flash fiction/novellas/novelettes over novels

Bookish Dislikes: Hardcover, its hard on the wrists; obligatory romance, honestly JR is burnt out on romances (both genre and subgenre) and in general and only wants 1 a month. Insistence that the only works worth reading is a fiction, prose novel. 

Bookish Goals: Reading more non-fiction, poetry, manga, light novels, translated works, works from authors outside the US, more horror, more short stories, reading more online pro and sem-pro writing magazines. I have 250 books as my reading goal but don't mind this being lower as I am working on getting outside more and doing things. 

My Garden as of January. Not the biggest fan. To be honest I am getting a lot of nice stuff in the February round and am having a lot more ideas.


Art Credts:

>All Pondathon stuff was created by CW

>Animated gifs by: @pinottisblog, @nuhausmx, GifCities, @inkygirl, @kewgardens

JR Signing Off For Now

Its already February

More Frog Supremacy

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It has been a few days. The weather isn't ❄️ great ❄️ so I have been having issues going out. I can at least do once a week. Which is better than nothing.

l can't wait for spring. I am eating not so great. It is a bit embarrassing. 😓

📖 I reduced my reading goal, but it is because I am creating more. There are a bunch of zine jams on Itch.io and I am going to try to do as much as I can!

I am making lots of glitch art and rants for these jams. There is also a game jam and I am not 100% sure if I am going to participate but I want to. I have some ideas but they are internet/OS type of games. Like browsing a forum or journal.

-JR Signing Off

I hope wherever you are you have a good day!

I am actually using a planner. Consistently and it is helping me accomplish goals. Not all of the goals. There are always more things to do and some days I do not do much. But I am feeling a greater sense of control over my time and my life than I have ever felt before. Time used to feel like it was slipping through my fingers but I feel it a bit more?

I recently finished a video game called Heaven's Vault. It's mostly a walking simulator with a very simple flying mechanic and lots of translating things. Also a lot of dialogue that changes depending on both choices and translations.

Its janky but clearly a lot of thought, love and passion was put into this title. Although I have gotten to the ending there is a lot of content to explore to warrant another playthrough after some time has passed. There is also a duology of books regarding this series, and I want to read them so bad.

However, I am also trying not to spend all of my money and I already bought a pricey but nostalgic book regarding one of the earliest read comics that I both enjoyed, and it has a decent ending.

A Wild Non-Binary Appears

Non-Binary stuff

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JR, Signing Off.

January Cravings


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I've been living off of tea. My brain won't

function without it.

I also crave lots of junk food in the cold times. I have some small mint chocolates from Christmas that are very nice but I can't eat too many without getting sick.

I want a nice decadent cocoa with whipped cream and cookies and sprinkes.

JR signing off for now.

I 💖 My Cat

Everyday is Caturday.

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Lulu wasn't supposed to be on that but it felt nice.

My First Post

Reposting 18 and 19th stuff

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But I feel like this.

But now I'm happy as these gifs are funny and Lilo and Stich always make me smile. Or I like seeing small children suffer?

Its not raining but I want to feel

like this.

I was making a sh*tpost page on NeoCities and Hotglue but this seems way easier. Don't mind me, just rounding up everything I already did.


◾ I am feeling lots of feels right now and I am not 100% sure why. I had all sorts of grand plans but now I just slumping on my bed. 😭

◾ I read some articles on NFT environmental cost and now 😱

◾ I was reading personal journals/diaries on Neocities/homemade pages and it really hit me how much even modern personal blogs feel like they're trying to sell me something but these diaries felt like actual diaries. 🤯 Meanwhile this is just my not!Twitter.

◾ My feelings but on Hotglue.me (https://jrs-storytime.hotglue.me/?jan_19_2022/). Sometimes I like to just drag and drop gifs. [I recreated this above quickly, very impressed!).


◾ I wonder if making a Dreamwidth would be more efficient, but I also don't really want to mess with blogging software. Guess I will find out. 🤷🏽

◾ Every year I trick myself that January I won't feel awful. Maybe I should just accept I am not feeling great and await the better seasons where I will go out and do more. Like why am I even stressing about when its slushy and gross out. I'm not going anywhere. 🌨️

◾ Despite this I am feeling really proud of myself right now. I am making going out a bit a regular thing. Nothing crazy, just running more errands and it's not scary anymore (I have agoraphobia and am working on it). It's nice to know I can be relied upon. 😁

◾ One day I will look into if I have autism (anxiety doctor recommended it) but I'm struggling just to see basic doctors on time. 😬

◾ Living with my mom is kind of weird. We used to fight a lot. It's even weirder as it's my house and "I am caring for her" even though she is actually doing pretty well and just doesn't handle living well alone. It's nice I guess. 🤷🏽

JR Signing off for now.