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We will have a place for roundups at some point. For now, I'll just drop this here.

Emotions are high - even in the thesaurus community.

I saw this image on a thesaurus site or something

this week

stuff found in

This is a picture I drew of two friends.

Just sitting in My Documents folder.

A picture of the miniature library in my nightstand.

I know Salinger is out of style - but Iris Murdoch's "Under the Net" is truly phenomenal.

Okay this is a screengrab of a mod I am working on for Tabletop Simulator 😊

It is a hand-drawn version of a Japanese game called Scout!

A knockoff of the original

It's a ladder-climbing game (like Scum or Tichu) but cards can be upside-down or right-side up - so it adds a nice extra decision

This wasn't in 'My Documents' but I also liked this article that has been going around.

A Very 90s Death: The Tamagotchi Cemetery

In 1996, Japanese toy designers Aki Maita and Yokoi Akihiro debuted the first ever Tamagotchi.

I particularly appreciate that it links to an old Tamagotchi graveyard site on Tripod.

Some pictures of this website are now in 'My Documents' folder - so this has been a fruitful experience.

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