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Hi everyone. One of my friend suggested me this website. This looks kinda good. Almost like a collage. If you know me, I like taking as less decisions as possible. I am that kind of guy who will tell you yeah this and that.. but I don't really want to spend my time doing this and time (for the most part). I am that type of guy who buys premium version of app on the app store because I don't like being told that I can't do certain things on the app never to use it again.

So, I don't know man. I am just trying out this new blog. There's a lot of things, I think I can do here. I'll explore it for a while. Maybe even switch? But switching blog is a big decision. I have more than 150 blogs at this point in my blogger blog and should I just switch it here because it's kinda cool, provides more customizability. Looks good. Man, look at the title with Handsome Charming Man. Ughh.. I love it.

Is having more pictures on the blogs better? I don't know. The whole point of writing is writing but sometimes pictures help. Well, if you are not a good writer that is (which I am not) so I can just show the picture of what I was talking about. You know these writers who are so good that they will explain you all the details of what someone is wearing. Well, I could never do that, I mean if I could if I decided to spend 10 hours in front of a screen, but I would rather just post a picture than you describe it to you ... you know?

Ok guys, sorry enough with this. Let's see I'll just publish this for now and see what else I can do here.