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It's also about hearing about the thing, seeing the thing, thinking about the thing, existing in proximity to the thing

Burnout isn't just about "doing the thing"

Shamanic Altered Consciousness

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The 8-fold paths of Shamanic trance


Plants (psychedelics)

Possession (spirit)

Pathways to reach an altered state of consciousness for self-improvement, healing, or a fucking break from reality.

Aesceticism (denial)

Flesh (pleasure)


Rhythm (drumming/music)

Ordeal (struggle/pain)

How we've failed

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To ignore human psychology/behavior in favor of exclusively epidemiology is to ignore the primary reason human disease spreads: human behavior.

Unfortunately, I feel this is the primary failing of the CDC/WHO. Not bad science but the ignorance of the behavior of the general population who does not have a degree in the sciences.


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I'd like to go missing for a time

I'm sure they would

the real question is

to see if anyone noticed

would I?