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another thing i've been doing is learn software.

qgis and arcgis give me pain i dont understand anything how does any of this even work whats going on at all times

im having a slightly better time with figma. i slightly understand whats going on and they have a lot of plugins and i love plugins

big thanks to Eirene KW for most of my understanding of figma tbh i love not having to process any audio when looking at tutorial vids i love just reading along

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joke you wouldn't understand unless you can read indonesian

some genshinnies from my inbetweeners au because i HAVE to make anything i touch british to torture myself

kaeya alberich makes me feel lust deep within my balls every day i cry because i cannot cover him in cum

a zhongchi three parter series of images where they spar in zhonglis favourite dresses so childe tartaglia ajax can learn to not fucking rip his clothes into shreds in combat just because he can buy new ones

every day i feel lust and i put that lust inside images.

a series of horrible images

i forgot to post my images here, my apologies

background to this one: i was watching rubby stream a genshin knockoff game on grymme's server and. what if kaeya was the princess. i wasnt there for the first part of the stream where you see that amber was the princess and kaeya was the bowser but like. what if kaeya was the princess

the game was using the character models that mihoyo has downloadable for free on their website it was so funny they removed kaeya's gay little feather boa thats so homophobic

and finally some trademark ladona images. because i am a cultist and i need to make sacrifices

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this image of childe tartaglia ajax. but hes some sorta bubble based magical Guy. if you touch the bubbles you die regardless if youre the enemy or not. tough luck for bubble enjoyer little kids

this other image of childe tartaglia ajax. the cock bubble represents how i feel when i aim a burst at a bunch of treasure hoarders and they all drop big boy golden insignias (lust)

i do wanna say. man. images posted on multiverse stay huge. like theres no compression or anything you just get hi-res everytime. i like it. i will continue posting art here


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my love and joy. my genshin men cum edits. my beloved


my friend once said ahok looks like miku and its been haunting me ever since

other links to where i post are at

theyre all there

this is the only recent self portrait i have on hand rn

HELLO my name is surya. im some 20 something year old guy from the foot of a volcano somewhere

i like posting images that make myself and other people wince

my image

gay kokomi

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look at my image

this is one hell of a website and one hell of a posting format hope this takes off