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This week your favorite uncle decided to share some of his personal hygiene habits and principles, or in his own words:

I'm tall enough and I happen to have a penis, so I just pee in the sink and clean afterwards. (If you are smaller, or do not have a penis, know that it's OK to not flush every time you pee)




I like to get clean while not fucking up the planet too much. I wish we’d stop buying plastic stuff, and waste so much water”

Thank you for such wisdom Uncle Pete! See you next week!




I always had a lot of dandruff until I stopped cleaning my hair daily, or only when needed with normal soap.

I take hot baths once in a while. I just take care to not fill the bathtub entirely, and make sure I stay inside at least half an hour to enjoy it fully.

I shave with regular bar soap after a shower, thanks to the incredible power of hot water and a 3-blade razor. Shaving cream is a lie that comes in wasteful packages. For after-shave, some natural oil.


Paper is a really ineffective way to clean anything, and those wet paper towels a ridiculous luxurious concept. I wash my butt with soap and warm water.

(I guess this does not work when you have long hair)

I wash them good.

I take a shower daily, standing in a large bucket. This way I collect water that I use to flush the toilet.