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Hi! I just finished my first ever spacehey layout a few days ago. Please check it out and leave a comment! I'm so happy with it :0

Layout Link: "Glittery Pink Scene / Emo Layout" Layout | SpaceHey

This is what it looks like:

help with html DX

long story short, html is driving me nutz.

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can one of yall html whizzes plz help me with some html thingz um stuck on??? heres some thingz i need help with...

1. creating a good sidebar menu for meh website

2. creating a decent spacehey layout

3. making a good layout 4 meh webpage

datz all! thank u 4 reading. contact me thru spacehey: xXQuinn.CatastropheXx or tumblr: xxquinncatastrophexx

scene kid picrew!! X3

plz check it out lol ( i did not make it )

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yoaz i made the new emo/scene picrew after dat huge hit one!! X3 it looks sooo much like meh XP

if u wanna use it, just search up "scene kid" on picrew. it should come up!! also check out their other OG emo picrew!! oh, and beware of picrrews weird adds.

my melody memes

you need them

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thank yew 4 reading, since u care meh Spacehey is xXQuinn.CatastropheXx

ur welcome, i am a v interesting+amazing+attractive etc etc etc person

happy thursday

thursday’s a gr8 day xP

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it's a good day... i think yew deserve one :p


an introduction i guess?!?!?!

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hoi! i'm Quinn. i'm pan and genderfluid and go by they/he/she pronouns. mi interests are anime, cosplay, scene kids, coding, drawing, music, playing the guitar, cosmetology, spacey stuff, internetty stuff, old web stuff, 90s/2000s stuff, and lights. i'm neurodivergent which a lot of people say is "cool" but not really cool - i suffer from social anxiety, which usually keeps me from ordering food, making friends, getting help, talking to cashiers, sometimes even talking online. But i'm working to overcome these fears and be more social. my dream is to be a guitarist and singer in a band! i'm currently learning guitar quite quickly and playing my favourite songs.

i have a spacehey! xXQuinn.CatastropheXx

also i'm learning coding and tryna make a website (help and advice is appreciated XD)

plz add me on spacehey! i'd luv 2 meet u xP

i love drawing. drawing's my life hehe

And i luv cartoons. #heheiluvgir

oh, speaking of music, my fav genres of music are emo, scene, hyperpop and lofi (low fidelity). my fav artists and bands are BVB, MCR, avril lavigne, gerard way, andy sixx, PTV, kellin quinn, vic fuentes, yellowcard, fall out boy, paramore, gorillaz and we the kings. i want to be just like them!

i'm also a cosplayer n a diehard scene kid haha. expect a lot of scene sh1tposting. my fav scene queens atm are zawmbikilla, nicovamp, ambrehisdead, yoyo su1cide, clawed beauty, trashmob, i could name more...

im gonna be using this site as a journal kinda.

gir gif


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have an invader zim gif X3!