hexcode ultraviolence

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I wish I had some tangible object that had these patterns and colors on them, it would break the wills of those who thought themselves strong

previous poster inspired me to act out my most morbid desires and create a frame that has my most powerful color combinations all together at once



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Hey Multiverse, I'm qwuke. I used to use fraidycat and found this site by checking out what kicks was up to this year. I'm a 20 something guy from Detroit who loves outer space, camping, video games, poetry, the web and the toasters that run it, going to concerts, and nerdy or weird stuff.

I started back with tumblr towards the end of 2021, and while it brought back nostalgia of what microblogging within the fun subcultures of the web was like, it changed a lot from the 2011-2013 era when I first joined. The site was still filled with fun memes and in-jokes and awesome art, but now everyone has seemingly become much more private about sharing their own rambles and discoveries.

Multiverse so far seems like a jolt of that promethean era of tumblr blogs where people felt safer about sharing themselves and there were less female viagra ads. Designed for expression, not just propagation, and I love it. I hope I can use it for my goal of more sappy journaling. Hope none of this ends up in a digital archive!