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There's no place like home.

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When the pandemic happened, it was a blessing in disguise.

I was kept company by my cats and my partner, which uplifted my spirits.

The biggest relief was being allowed to work from home, full-time, for the first time ever.

It taught me that I didn't really hate my job, I just hated being stuck in an office all day.

Not commuting saved me about an hour of driving, which isn't a lot compared to most people, but it gave me back an hour of my life every day.

I joked it was my 'birthday present' because lockdown came right afterward.

Before lockdown, I was trying to convince my boss that I could do my job from home, and that being in the office was detrimental to my productivity. But he didn't agree.

If I got hungry or thirsty, I could just walk to the kitchen to make food, tea or get water.

I had more control of my body temperature with the freedom of clothing and better control of the AC/fans.

I became used to working in silence, and it allowed me to focus in a way I had struggled to before.

But that's all over now.

I could use my own toilet, in the privacy of my own home.


hi multiverse!

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hi i'm sadness

i care way too much about the internet

but only because I was basically raised by it

I am an Internet Explorer

you can find me at

and so excited to use this new tool to create new things


I can’t believe how deep I had to DIG to find this network!

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This is quite possibly the coolest website I have found in a while. I spent this weekend digging for something worthwhile on the web. I found it!

Love the UI for the frame creation. Love the entire concept of this website. It does the one thing that I feel the internet needs the most - which is allow people to create customized spaces without technical knowledge.