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parrots: a documentary

listen to the things i do because i’m somewhat narcissitic

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i made an audio project

abt being neurodivergent

in the year of our lord, 2021.

it's kind of ass but i hope you find some kind of enjoyment from it.

we talked about dick and balls, so. kind of worth it i guess.

an intro of sorts

i am unfettered!

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[pretty much what i look like]

i'd like to learn html + css at some point. i love websurfing + finding experiments.

i also like to write + do design work! which is probably what i'll be using this for ... el oh el

currently: working on a final for my sound art class focusing on neurodivergency + the sounds that result. fun stuff :) and i got to collaborate with my ND friends!

i would tell you my socials on here, but i want to experiment with being as candid and honest as i can on here without the social repercussions. [if you really wanna know ... just search my name on twitter, you'll find it immediately]

a more in depth look at the insanity here → ← it's more fandom focused but w/e.

that's it for now. smell ya later.

oh, i sure as hell am here!

my name is erie. i'm an 18 year old college student studying new media art.