Rantng abt NSO prt.1 !

This is most likely gonna be a series of me ranting about different things in NSO… BC IM HYPERFIXATED!!! <3

Erm, spoiler warning and TW/CW, this game isnt for those who are easily disturbed.

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<-- Ame :3

1) Ame

So who is Ame? Ame is the main character of Needy Streamer Overload and who you help to become a popular streamer! She a very dependant person... which is why YOU need to make ALL her decisions!

You are P-chan! Why P-chan? Because you're her partner, you're perfect and you're her producer!! ^_^ Ame loves you, a lot! And it's your job to make sure her streaming career goes well...

Did you know Ame means Rain but also Candy? It depends on how its written! If you write Ame as "飴" it means Candy, if you write Ame as "雨" it means Rain!

Ame's tweeter (in-game version twitter) username is "raincandy_U" ^_^



Source: fandom wiki & my own playing experience (but mostly fandom wiki)

Trigger and content warning! Reader's discretion is adviced<3

Ame wasn't from.. the best household. They were poor, and her parents were very neglectful and fought a lot. Ame had to run away because her mother was trying to force her into some not very nice stuff. But in current they they're on pretty good terms.

When Ame and P-chan decided to moved in together, P-chan set up a bunch of streaming equipement as Ame started to plan her streaming stuff! Ame gives P-chan one month to help her to a million subscribers.. which isnt much time but YOU DID IT...! IN ONE OF THE (MANY) ENDINGS!

LIKES: P-chan and psychotropics

DISLIKES: Adults and nerds