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Misplaced A Rank


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It feels like...

Originally Posted: 9-12-18

When you're just a baby miner trying to get a level by gathering iron ore for a Grand Company turn in... and there's an A Rank haunting the area where you need to gather.

New Friend!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Miitopia Adventures 8

Originally Posted: 2-3-22

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Scylla and I took a trip to a lovely, sun-kissed beach whereup I found a bottle washed up on shore. When I noticed something inside, Scylla got super excited to see what it was!

Miitopia Adventures 7

Originally Posted: 1-11-22

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Today, Tad and I went to catch a movie! There, we discovered it starred an unexpected member of the cast!

We had a great time!

Miitopia Adventures 6

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It wasn’t long until we started to discover something very important – new fashion… namely, better hairstyles! Scylla was the first to get a makeover.

Then came Tad.

As for me? I kept my hairstyle because to change it meant I lost my hat. And You know how I am about my hat. Besides, I got new fashion in my own way…

Out of the blue, I received another knock at the door. This time, we were introduced to Koh!

She’s a mage in training in this world, and we were quite happy to have the extra firepower.

Tad and Koh’s friendship got off to a good start during the first few battles. Seeing that Koh was lower level with less health, and she was about to take a hit she couldn’t withstand, Tad’s Kind personality trait kicked in and he shielded her from the attack!

Way to impress the ladies, Tad!

Miitopia Adventures 5

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Last we left off, Dark Lord Stan was trying to intimidate me and was doing a pretty good job of it, I have to admit. That’s when a stranger stepped in!

I’d never seen this fellow before, but he got right up in Stan’s face. I guess Stan saw he was in for a fight because he backed down and ran off as he often does.

The stranger introduced himself as Ben, a travelling mage. But I have a feeling he’s a bit more than that if he’s making the Dark Lord run away!

Following our introductions, he said something rather strange to me…

I guess ‘twas meant as encouragement, but I can’t help be a little curious what he saw in me. He didn’t stick around long, however, and was off on his own business before I had a chance to say thank you.

Afterwards, Scylla and I had a conversation about our new-found ally.

Miitopia Adventures 4

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After a few days of travel, we were resting at the inn when a knock came at the door. Now who could that be?

Why, ‘tis none other than Tad! He’s apparently a warrior with a kind personality type.

Sure, sure. He seems polite. But if you knew him like I know him, well…

Anyhow! We added another member to the team, and one who can take a few hits. Things are shaping up!

'Tis time to go shopping for Scylla!

And somewhere down the line, I ended up with a luxury outing ticket!

I took Scylla out for an island cruise and we had a grand time!

So much, in fact, our friendship is getting a fair amount stronger!

Of course, just when things are going well, 'tis when Dark Lord Stan has to show up. Am I right?

Miitopia Adventures 3

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Since Scylla and I were now on an adventure together, I figured the best thing I could do was to try to be nice. She could be stubborn and headstrong sometimes, but 'twas nice to have company when things started to get dangerous.

Turns out, this was a good idea. It wasn’t long before she had learned her first healing spell and was putting it to use on me during fights!

Bit by bit, we started to get to know each other better.

And as we did, our desire to interact also grew stronger, both in and out of battle.

We even decided to go to a café one night, just to do something a little different.

It was pretty nice, especially since I could order whatever I wanted. Which was… practically everything!

Miitopia Adventures 2

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My journeys continued across the land, and I was doing perfectly fine on my own… until I was waylaid by more than one monster at a time! Look at these bullies! What was I to do?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, help arrives!

‘Tis Scylla! And she appears to be a cleric of some fashion. I’m not about to turn down help from a healer, so Scylla joins the party! And off we travel together.

She even shared some of her snacks with me!

I must say, food is the way to my heart. No lie.

At the end of a long day, we were quite happy to run across our first Inn!

Here we rested up, had a meal and I decided to purchase a new weapon!

Miitopia Adventures 1

Originally Posted: 12-25-21

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Once upon a time, 'twas a normal (but rather handsome) adventurer named Amon. 'Tis I! 

You can say I'm a bit on the energetic side, but that never hurt anyone, now did it? 

So, here I am, minding my own business when I suddenly get caught up in a mess that wasn't of my own making for once.

I arrived in a town only to discover an evil dark lord is stealing people's faces and putting them on monsters. 

Now, I can get searching for immortality. But stealing faces? What does the guy mean to gain by that? 

Also, how the heck can people eat, much less breathe, without a face? 

Who knows, I suppose. Shouldn't ask too many questions. 

Anyhow, this fellow is Stan. I guess he's angry because his name isn't as cool as mine. 

After seeing what befell the simple peasants of the town, I was asked to lend a hand in finding a way to restore the faces to the people. Apparently, defeating the monster the face is attached to releases the face back to its rightful owner. 

And so, I only had one option... I had to become what I must! 

With these new powers granted to me, I was entrusted by some formless voice (is this what 'tis like to have the echo?) with a quest to save Miitopia! 

Well... I guess I wasn't doing anything else tonight.

Little Shop of Horrors

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If Amon starred in "Little Shop of Horrors"

Originally posted: 8-6-20

Based on a True Story

FFXIV Funny Friday - July 8, 2022

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Originally posted: October 12, 2019


Hello World!

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Greetings! 'Tis my first post here. Let's see what trouble we can get into, aye? :)