i got braces :((((((


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so a few dayz ago i got braces :(( they didnt hurt the day i got them, but the dayz after theyve been hurtinhggggggggggggg

i made this gif on krita a while ago!! it was just a little test but i rlly like it. maybe ill put it on my spacehey.

they gave me some fucking biter turbos or whatever (the plastic on the back of my top front teeth to stop me from biting down all the way) and because of them i have a lisp now and i cant bite down fully :((

so far im lucky to not get any canker sores, since i got those all the time before i got braces. im hoping its gonna stay like that.

i cant wait for the next orthodontist visit so maybe i and get these fucking bite turbos off.

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tried 2 animate on krita


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ahhhhh spacehey is down :<<<<<<<<<

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ive been working on some oc stuff!! i wanted to share it but i didnt wanna post it publicly, so herez a link 2 it if u wanna check it out :)

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ayo does anyone know how to follow people on this site. in the description of the unlisted post it says it will not show up to followers, but it seems that followers dont exist here. maybe its a feature under devopment? idk

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Ahhhhh fuck :(((

My drawing tablet broke and so now I can't draw on mspaint

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im not sure about etiquette or whats considered normal here, so im just gonna dump some of my art for yalll. this feels like a fun place to share my drafts, ideas, and more personal and emotional work :)

im going to use this like a sketchbook. just a messy place for me to dump shit

my mic test post was quite vague, so ill share a bit more

im a therian. specifically a darwins fox! (autistic psychological kin)

my special intrests include: digital art, invader zim, and old web.

please dni is you are proship, anti neopronouns/xenogenders, or anti alterhuman/otherkin.

s4ltyslush on spacehey and vidlii, willowdusti on deviantart, and willowdustie on youtube, instagram, and tumblr

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hi lol i hav no idea how this site works

i like these globe gifs a lot

call me wil or scourge idc, i use they/it/ix/he pronouns. please dont default to he.

im autistic, i like art and old web stuff