Saint of Small Beasts




If it's also hot where u r

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The perfect summer snack is a frozen plum

The skin is extra zingy n sour

The flesh is like an Italian ice

I'm thinking about rubbing it with a mint leaf.

Like real life ice breaker?

but actually ICEY and JUICY!

Pixel art via DeviantArt (Planet-Spatulon, Lanahpyon, kouenli, ScarletDestiney)

I'm also fantasizing about stringing a bunch of frozen grapes on some fishing line

and wearing it around my neck and wrists to cool off

and have a special little snack

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I have infinite paradises(heavens)(homes)

Today I feel funny like

Like dirt

and crayons

and hay

and wood

all glittering ALIVE?

Sometimes I really love myself for it (like I'm running wild about myself, sometimes)

Maybe there's something to sharing it.

I don't know how to know which I'll end up in. But I think the weather has a lot to do with it.

I'm lucky to accidentally wander into my very own kingdoms!

I'm excited to feel what I'll feel next