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good news about my desire to write more with other people. i succeeded.

<-- this is what the writing server looks like BTW we are all average hungarian males standing in minecraft field

keeping up with threads can get stressful but i think im doing OK

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songs i like :)

now reformatted for your enjoyment

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blogging about music with avery!


this song is just. all energy. all feelings. theres no filter or anything. i dont know how to review music, i'm sorry, i feel like that should have been mentioned sooner maybe? whatever.

i want to point at This Lyric in particular, though

it establishes the mood of the whole song i think. maybe things are rough, but you'll be alright at the end of it, yeah? it's a sentiment that i relate to quite a bit, and it's gotten me through some rough times. the same idea in this line ----------->

i know other songs and i'll post about them at some point. i tried listing them but it was too long so theyll get their own posts, maybe..


i enjoy this website Greatly

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i love logging onto this site every few days and seeing what people are posting. it's fun to see how different people use the unique format and theres always some fun posts to look at :)

i hope people keep posting funny images and introducing themselves.. like hi new people!! hello!!!! how are you!!!!! are you enjoying it here!!!!!!!!! i know i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<--- my friend took this picture and i like it so i will show it to you now

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minecraft collage


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for new years, i want to write more

i'm having trouble reaching out to other authors for collabs even though i really want to. makes me anxious. i'd like to stop that

The Beast (Haunts Me) --->

get more confident and get more creative, that's my resolution. it is late but it is mine

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no examples of writing right now, i'm not quite confident in my abilities yet!

i will post some stuff i'm proud of once i have stuff to be proud of probably but for now its for my eyes only : ) hope u understand

introductory post! i'm avery, i'm 16, i love to draw and write and i like the old web and platforms like this one; i find them super cool!

drawing --->

i've dabbled in quite a bit though! free time and net access gets you some pretty neat experiences. to name a few:

- image editing

- 3d modeling (blender and blockbench!)

- ROM hacking

- minecraft datapack programming

- animation

... which isn't much but i still consider it pretty cool ^_^

right now i really like homestuck, the dream smp, and minecraft in general. if you have homestuck OCs please dm me about them (preferably tumblr! my username is the same there) i love hearing about what other people write!!!!