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Unfulfilling Message #1

Wherein you all receive credit for writing the ongoing story of Multiverse without us

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Stunning that a year has passed since my last news here.

How could it be? How I've MISSED these sweet boxes...!!

Okay well. Just going to repost what I left in the Outer Web Discord:

Hey there, Outer Web friends - anyone still clinging to the hope that there would be a message here again one day. Thank you for your vigilance. 🕯️

I can't speak for Weiwei - I know she had moved on to other projects some time ago. I went through a personal shake up that caused me to move, take on different jobs, to basically throw off my routine. Multiverse was launched during a time when Weiwei and I were both locked up inside and could kill time pursuing a dream. It was a beautiful time - collaborating over scrapchat and ripping through prototypes and designs until it became what you see today. I wish I could have seen what Multiverse would have been if we could have both pursued it with our full energy. Nevertheless - it has been amazing to see the posts that everyone has made over that time. 🥰 To see that Soleil still posts evocative poetry - to see Moonie or Veronica's elaborate collages - or the surprising box designs by incantetem.

It is SO nice to see that our work fell in with an appreciative crowd!! Anyway - I'm not here to say that Multiverse (or Fraidycat) is shutting down. I still want to find a path for them. (Though I will say that I simply cannot do Multiverse without Weiwei - I hope you understand that I will not do anything with the site without her guidance!) For me, it's just a matter of having too many open projects to chew on at the moment. It is time to pare things down to an achievable amount.

Perhaps having no plan is worse than shutting down. But I at least wanted to let you know that there's still a pulse out there - and that I am thankful for everyone who offered us help and encouragement here.

TL;DR: Multiverse is not shutting down.

And I am working on a plan.

There are many things that need to be improved:

💮 Some users need their accounts disabled. For too long they have not had responses.

🎴 The landing page needs to be redone - Weiwei had wanted the 'home' feed moved there and reformatted.

💠 We need better tools for managing your account and posts.

That is all for now. Please have a pleasant stay and feel free to voice your personal complaints or inspiration for Multiverse!

- kicks


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Apologies for some Multiverse issues today

I am making some updates - uneventful things like ensuring that you can rename or delete (or disable) your account if you need to

Weiwei and I are both so happy to still see the continued activity

With the renewed activity, I will be highlighting posts again

That's all for now - I am watching baby keem vids while I fix - I hope that's ok

we're not really in rollie gang tho

A Gentle Update

The little composer adjustments previously alluded to

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Hi all - ok, the latest updates are rolled out!

Yeah just editing this post is so much nicer - fewer of the bugs that were causing selection and typing to be off. Feels tighter. Is tighter!

No real reason for the Steven Universe stickers - except that I've been watching it for a second time and it's the best.

I actually started watching Rick & Morty bc a friend said I should - but it felt like a lot of the same humor you can get from Family Guy or South Park - I didn't make it far :(

Nothing against that kind of humor - but Steven Universe has a unique, restrained humor that somehow ends up being funnier to me.

There are also a lot of tablet fixes! Dragging and resizing should work better!

Although it's still going to need some work - perhaps one day I'll write these posts on a tablet - but needs pinch-and-zoom.

I did enjoy the 'gears wars' guy in Rick and Morty tho

Dragging images and text over is actually working as well on mobile

It's funny how much of this work has already been laid out nicely by glitchyowl in the past and I'm just now catching up with how it should work

Which is a recurring theme

See - look how nicely this is all laid out for me!

There is also a fix to the RSS feeds for the different pages - so that highlighted posts will be organized by when we repost them rather than when YOU originally post them


But worth mentioning

- kicks & glitchyowl

Small Updates Rolling Around

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You all on fire around here.

Glitchyowl and I pass links to all these posts and just marvel - monochrome magic from lie and massive art dump from local anomaly, so much inspiration

Making some composer tweaks to fix the bugs

Changing your username is coming with the next batch. Probably the number one frustration for people at the moment.

Bigger plans in the future - just not ready to push em up yet

Totally understand - want you to have the names you want.

Been an eventful summer - even glitchy o and I haven't had much time to talk

But finding more time now - also have two live scrapchats in the works for September.

From here:

Oh just want to say that Multiverse was originally glitchyowl's concept - she pulled me aside to explain it - and the name was hers and all that. We're straight-up 50/50 on creating this thing - both pouring time and thoughts and endless chats into it.

I imagine there's some confusion about that - but no way I could have done all of this - don't even look at it as 'mine' - more just stunned that I got to help!

We are so 50/50 that we just co-sign all these posts as one. On Multiverse, our pronoun is 'we'.

- kicks & gitchyowl

(¬‿¬ )

(¬‿¬ )

(¬‿¬ )

( ◕▿◕ )

Love the sweet sentiments here

In Wonder of your presence

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Hey kind internet neighbours~

It is so incredibly beautiful to see you here, making comic posts in colours and compositions I had never imagined.

Our discord server is here

While we are working on better text styling, you can bold text by pressing ctrl+b on windows and cmd+b on mac.

In case you missed it, @wuz made a post about

You can also include links by using a text editor to link words, then copy them over~

I just want to say a quick hello, and answer a few questions in hopes that the question askers would see it. I know, I know, we are working on commenting and other ways to interact with the posts! (Thank you for your patience~)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for co-creating a cozy internet corner together with us. It is just unbelievable -- pure magic -- that we get to do this together; making a blogging network that we want.

It is getting late where I am now, I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing day, where ever you are <3

Truly, thank you.

Subtle Padding Changes

Yes, this makes for QUALITY multiversal news!

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We are so happy to bring you another box of haphazard news pixels.

Hopefully this is good timing in your life. If not, please don't read any of this. 😢

One issue was causing some corrupted (somewhat) images, which often led to missing stuff when exporting to an image.

We are mostly refining - lots of recent work in Safari.

We want text, images and these exports to be solid for you so we can safely move along to the next things.

ε=ε=┌( >_<)┘

You can now follow any person or group in your RSS reader - still need to make one for the /home page tho. ('All' activity;)

Highlights is a great page to keep up with once we launch!

We really want to get away from the 'walled garden' approach of so much of social media and to take the OPPOSITE approach with Multiverse!

And I think you can already see it - we want to give you all kinds of ways to export, import, syndicate and combine your creations here!

This is doesn't need to be groundbreaking - just a return to software as a tool for you. (Rather than the other way around.)

No need to screenshot this post to repost it somewhere. We've done that already for you.

We've had some great recent discussions on the 'outer web' discord on the topics of COMMENTS - and also FEED LAYOUT.

(Left.) A mockup of a possible magazine stack view of comic logs - a variation on /home - that Simon helped refine.

We are still looking for the right idea on these feeds.

Fortunately, giving you access to the RSS feeds means that you can choose to display posts however you want - in your own reader.


- kicks & weiwei

Okie - lots happening this month. (◕‿◕)

Not Just a Subreddit

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Additional groups and being able to create groups would be great. I'm thinking of both public and private Groups where only permissioned people can post and also open groups.

Okay, going to take a minute to write about 'groups' in Multiverse. This discussion has originated from kvnk's Multiverse Wishlist - here's the relevant part:

Weiwei asked for more thoughts - and these got posted to the Multiverse Discord ( if you're not already there) with some very important points:


The first thing that comes to mind is something along the lines of fiction/storytelling. I've tried to experiment a bit in that sense, but Anya's Nya would probably fit in that bucket as well and it would be cool to try to encourage more of that. Scrolling through what's already been made a lot seem to fit in two broad buckets: Personal and Technical. Your post on Daylogs and tinyfluff's on reading books feel Personal vs gndcloud's on Inky and Jack's on Moom, Minus, and Keyboard Maestro which lean Technical. I do worry that creating things too rigid limits what people might think of or wish to create so starting out I wouldn't want other people creating Groups. I like the way you've named and described The World I See and would want to encourage similar language across a few different groups to encourage more fluid thinking.

What are some groups that you wish to create and/or moderate - or is that a good way to think about it?

Okay! This is a really great discussion! The part about creating limits that are too rigid - and the part about encouraging fluid thinking - these are super-important discussions to Weiwei and myself! We have probably talked about this topic more than almost anything else.



The vast majority of groups on the Web are formed around topics. Even hashtags, which can be arbitrary phrases of any kind, are anchored around the essence of that word or acronym.

One group that has recently influenced me a lot is 'The Public Self-Modelers' - a loose group of wikis gathered around

The gateway into this group is not a shared topic - it is the format.

The other key wikis in the group are not focused on philosophy or morality - they all write about their own personal interests - video games, Internet culture, letterboxing (in the case of Sphygmus, pictured)...

While there are some topics that overlap, the group shares a desire to explore the personal wiki format. And they closely follow (and learn) from each other's *style* of communicating! Their bond lies in exploring the medium together - and the topics themselves are secondary.

Yes - this does lead to a lot of 'meta' discussions. But hey - those are fun too!

the public self-modelers saw h0p3's wiki - they saw his conventions and his style - and THAT'S what they adopted.

And this isn't immaterial - his style and his conventions are a digital reflection of him - so they may have connected more deeply initially with him (his identity, his voice) than perhaps if they were connecting with a topic he was writing about.

This all feels similar to TikTok 'duets' - where the format, the style, the convention brings people together - to discover each other.

And - since Multiverse is a very style-driven format - with a focus on having a frame and a comic log style that reflects your identity and your voice - there may be a similar dynamic in play.

Take 'Nya' - what group does this go in?

I hope to god that it's a group I belong to!

But - will it be?

One of our thoughts has been - if the site is people-focused - so everyone has unique frame styles that identify them, they have their own layouts and profile pages (coming sooon 😜) - and you feel like you are collecting people as you work within its network...

Then it could be through those people that you discover more people - and the unique format assists this by allowing you to connect with people who are also styling frames and hacking the format - so that you can appreciate what they're doing, even without connecting with their topic!

And, hopefully, without there needing to even be a 'topic' in many cases!!

... 'rigid limits' vs. 'fluid thinking' ...



The aesthetic may symbolize topics or concrete ideas - like solarpunk is a symbol of a lush, hopeful future

It is effortless to immerse yourself in solarpunk and be in a new community suddenly

It's really cool to see different styles of comic logs emerge - and it's possible that people may connect based on the formats that get carved out

This is already a dynamic on the Internet - especially with something like 'vaporwave' or 'solarpunk'

The aesthetic can carve new alleys

Here I am thinking of 'topical' groups - such as knitting groups, Apple fans, Splatoon players - an activity or interest.

But more importantly - what kinds of groups do NOT exist??

However, now that you've got Billie Eilish subreddits and hash tags and Facebook groups - is there a need for more Billie Eilish groups? Well - sure! But will you discover anyone new in the process?

It's also incredibly easy to both create and find these groups!

There's nothing wrong with this - certainly you can find great art and community by joining a subreddit or following a hashtag

210417 - Carpe Diem: table disco and packing

210418 - Carpe Diem: a very miscellaneous day

comic essays like this one

image grids




which is something we hadn't considered in the least!

This isn't to say that topic-based groups or ad-hoc groups, private groups, hashtags - who knows! - won't be a part of Multiverse

A starting place tho - for the moment - appears to be a cluster of groups that are centered around:

- a specific comic log style (like those listed above: mini-zines, comic essays)

- very open 'mood' topics - such as 'letters to self' or 'things i treasure'

Who knows what other styles and moods may emerge from Multiverse and evolve into their own groups

So we will be adding more groups over the next little while along these lines.

Let me also just add that this is an area of personal study for me as well - as I've been covering recent developments around personal directories on my blog - on posts like Foundations of a Tiny Directory and in experiments like my Href Hunt series.

The underlying idea in that work is that the Web has relied way too much on algorithms (recommendation engines and search ranking) to find cool shit - which can pale in comparison to even a personal list of links from a human who is curating - like getting a book recommendation from a friend who has amazing taste (in your view).

Weiwei did a ton of study on how groups (and discovery) work in a variety of apps and networks - most of these ideas below originate from her - and we devoted several weeks to chatting about 'discovery'. How people will find each other - how readers will find comic log creators that they might be interested in - how writers will find groups that appreciate them, etc.

So this post is mostly just distilling a small part of those chats.

Perhaps new kinds of groups that don't yet exist?

Multiverse Quivers and Shakes

Updates for the first half of April - groups, auto-save, getting organized

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A packet of Multiverse changes has arrived for you today 📨

First up - a reorganized view of your personal posts

Folders for 'published', 'unlisted', 'private' and 'draft' posts - organized by last edit

A post's address isn't final until you finish the draft

Posts now auto-save while you edit them - even new posts that you are drafting

Also notice that the address bar will change as you edit the title of the post - reflecting the final URL for the post

The 'share' menu on every post also will now let you share images (for emailing or posting to chat)

SVG export is for embedding in your blog - to give you selectable text. (And links - once we bring those back.) 😇

(As a hack right now - you can copy and paste hypertext from elsewhere and dump it in a textbox. Multiverse does some HTML cleanup - but it should be fine.)

Oh btw - need an invite to the Discord?

Oh and check out our new groups!

We're starting out with three groups for sharing your comic logs

Don't be shy posting to our 'dont look at this' group! It's a trashcan - put messy experiments you want in there. NO ONE WILL LOOK AT IT

Post your worst frame styles, my friends - do your worst

More on its way this week

We love seeing what you do in Mv

- kicks & weiwei