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[Closed] Roe V Wade Repeal

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This is a news trails post and will be updated daily unless the subtitle says it's closed. For more info on News Trails, check out my multiverse for the About News Trails post.


A draft opinion is leaked showing that overturning Roe V. Wade is likely


The Court confirms the leak is real and that it is not final. President Biden releases a statement supporting Pro-Choice sentiments


A decision will not be reached for a while and the ruling will stay in place. Popular discontent with the ruling will weigh on the final decision.


The leak of the draft proposal mobilized citizens to protest and lawmakers to move forward with laws protecting abortion at the state level. A decision will not be made at the federal level for a while.

About News Trails

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News outlets like a never ending tale. They break one story one day and build up a bunch of unanswered questions and then move on to the next thing the next day, never closing the book on the previous story. The story dies and is forgotten without any real resolution.

News Trails is an effort to follow the meta story that the news is telling, across different articles, in a day-by-day fashion, and closing out the story when it's done.

A News Trails post will be continually updated until the tag in the caption says [Closed].

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[Closed] America-Russia Tension

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Anthony Blinken says that the main goal is a weakened Russia, not a liberated Ukraine


Moscow accuses the USA of a proxy war in retaliation to the above comment

Note: This is a Trails post, and was/will be updated until closed.


Russia releases an American prisoner as part of an exchange, easing tensions


President Biden asks for $33 Billion more in funding for Ukraine. Reiterates that the USA is NOT at war with Russia


What started off as a premonition of relations advancing towards even more brinksmanship concluded with a prisoner exchange, and a clear declaration that the USA and Russia are not, and don't intend to ever be, at war.