Counting On Love by Lawn Chair

i am hyperfixated

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counting on love by lawn chair is just so good and i am very obsessed. this song as well as this whole ep is brilliant.

lyric connections will chill at the bottom :)

ok yeah we're talking about the chorus. the chorus communicates compulsions really effectively in my opinion, i cant speak on ocd but i have compulsions and it just cements the feeling in a way i really appreciate. (2)

Second verse gets a lot darker, theres not just mixed feelings anymore something around this is really negative and it is also communicated really well through the tone colour of the singers voice. i know this is not a particularly coherent post but here we are. (3)

it makes me feel and relate to experiences ive never had in a romantic relationship and that is just epic art and storytelling. like they express seeing red flags but being so attached to this person that they disregard everything. (1)

(1) pain anger, reluctant delight, mixed feelings aside

feed me, possess me

(2) i touch the handle twice, for us to be safe. i jump rectangle tiles, prolong until we die. stick toothbrush in my mouth, retch till blood comes out. counting to ten for us, hope that we survive.

(3) bones cracking, bloody corpse, explicit accidents, our eyes

but still bathing, in love