don't look at this

hide worthless garbage here - 'test test test' posts, failures, anything goes

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First time out on Mutilverse! Hoping this looks good!

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hi! my name is grim. this is my first/test post here!

i like tigers a lot! (ミዋ ﻌ ዋミ)ノ

my website is!


Bored bored bored bored bored

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I wanna talk to someone rn

Is anybody still here?? Hello??

Animation by me, made on GIFPaint ->

I'll probably be posting seriously soon. Oh my god this website is so awesome

Slap a no-blur shadow on literally anything and it will look good

-Me, of course

Box Change woo

Font size pls :(

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Alright, time to do my homework

Oh, and I just found this cool user with a blue-gray color scheme for their box as well, I think they're called ". . . NEYA ! (^▽^*) zZz"?

If ur reading this, hello! Really like ur profile so far :D


Font sizes plss

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My box is too purple for me, I should change it..

Any other blue-gray lovers here?

There isn't anything below here lmao why u lookin


Math sucks but I want to take a course in chemistry so :u

I wish font sizes could be implemented, it'll be tons of fun

farting post

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oh how i wish i could figure out how to change styling of posts by now....

OK WAIT NOW I DID. ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello >:3c

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im liking this whole post thing tho..

i guess just.. hi! let me know if uuhh.. u liked my gifs

!!!!! idk how this site works

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Feeling Blue

melting away

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I may have an obsession with blinkies

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Really digging this, maybe I'll post some little drawings and trash art here. I used to draw a lot, trying to get back rn.

eu sinceramente não sei o que tô fazendo da minha vida

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achei esse projeto audacioso. um espaço inteirinho cheio de possibilidades de modificação multimídia pra pessoas que tem vontade de colocar seus pensamentos em algum lugar.

aí tô testando, sabe?? pra ver se dá em algo. mas a verdade é que eu não sei o que tô fazendo da minha vida.

mas acho que (quase) ninguém sabe.

mas acho que (quase) ninguém sabe.

social media

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concept: taking a break from conventional social media??

thoughts: need to stop overstimulating myself with so much other art (ie IG) and actually follow through on my ideas rather than just making them into lists. I also feel paralyzed by indecision/time management/not having straight deadlines for anything. also nothing really inspiring lately. just sad. need to force myself to be inspired and surrounded by cozy things I guess, less news more <3

also gotta figure out lighting in my apartment so it's cozier too. I love the concept of "hygge". warm lighting is love but I need more lighting maybe more lamps. something I'll keep an eye on....anyway! maybe I really do need to start journaling since this kinda helped :)

art block

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I feel like I'm in a perpetual state of art block and the times where I break through and create something are the rare moments, not the other way around. I know part of why it is this way is the family stress and sometimes I just wish I can say ">:( not my problem!" but even if I do I will be plagued by my guilt and their despair

this is what it's like to live alone but never feel like you have time to yourself. 9-5 work, 5-6 dishes/chores/eating, 7-8h30 sketch and paint and hate the painting you made! and now I think I'm gonna go play Psychonauts 2 since it's practically the only thing that's brought me joy this whole month!

trying not to think about my birthday and how it might suck again because of my family's anger + drama :( I don't want it to rub onto me but it does and I feel like all I do is help, help, help everyone but myself.

anyway, art block. I guess I'll try again soon......btw that Glow Up MUA show on Netflix is super inspiring so I'm hoping part of that gets me out of this art block. I just don't feel cozy lately. Fall's coming and I want to feel cozy both physically and mentally! but today I'm just really >:(

Meta post de teste como de praxe em um site novo

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Testando esse rolê

Onde eu edito? aaaaa

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sleep pls

The Big Boil

I think bubbles are cool. With memory or without…

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and it burns ∞

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I don't think I really understand what this is for yet or how it works but I love the vibe so much I don't even know how to explain it

Oh noes

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I suck at using smartphones

I messed up my account name

I guess I'm still stuck in the late 90's and early 2000's.

I never really liked smartphones and the no-physical-keyboard idea actually. I have to "feel" what I type. Plus I always mess up words while typing on the virtual keyboard and have to backspace them all the way back almost every time.

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a challenger approaches:


he / him or else!


transmasc non-binary malewife boyfriend whos not a boy and definitely not a girl that i knew in february of last y-


- making things with my hands (sewing, crochet, drawing, ceramics, painting, crafting, etc.)

- telling silly puns

- cooking & baking food for my friends

- my cat maisie & my 3 rat boys (gadget, grout, and mr. jessica

- mullets

- most insects :-(

- lemons

- instagram

- wearing socks on the couch / when i go to sleep

- the fact that I can't touch a hot stove. i love that color red

- the way that cis people make gender boring

usually crafting & generally a real bastard about remembering where my phone is

there i said it

(in the couch cushions, or perhaps in the fridge)

Find me elsewhere:

instagram: cedargrandpa

tumblr: charlie-reynolds

twitter: cedargrandpa


this is my cat maisie

hoping to do this with all of you:

anyway that's all i can think of to put here

i appreciate it


rueben / char

thanks for coming by and reading this far


( or, more lately, Rueben )

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That’s not cool Uncle Pete…

my first post

it’s me!

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hello world 🌐🌐 🌐


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