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bringer of BLINDNESS

MY NAME IS astro


I look like this :0

but sometimes i draw myself like

whatever the hell i feel like. mostly

a lil star

i mostly hang out on discord bc i have a server

and that server happens to be my safe place

i love it!!




man i love frogs

i love choromatsu matsuno from the popular

anime osomatsu san so much

so yeah anyways i think thats it i think thats how a person that is not normal introduces themselves

oh yea almost forgot. i use any pronouns

k bye

drawing abstractions

(feat. criminal overuse of the word “symbol”)

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we are completely alone and that's why we make

it gets so lonely sometimes



will you visit soon?

please visit soon, please visit soon. please visit me here. come here, please visit me

sole inhabitants of island nations

come experience the landscape of my mind

come experience the landscape of my mind


this is a cat

art is a tourist visa


you can look at a cat from all angles. you can sit with her in the sun and how where her fur catches the light, where her figure casts a shadow. you can capture that.

i'm struggling with my subject.

you see...

i keep drawing symbols

i keep drawing symbols

this is a symbol



look at all these symbols.

i have this intense longing to share a feeling thats been with me as long as I can remember. I try to coax it out, sometimes I think i’m close, but it doesn’t seem to translate. it still grows, swelling to the edges of my mind and i’m afraid it’s going to push through and leave me completely. what happens to inspiration when you don’t use it? is it really mine? will it die when i do? will it leave me for someone more capable? will i ever find a way to get it out of me? does it even matter?

this is a symbol

(the most infamous of them all)

this is a feeling

the word feeling doesn't really seem to fit tbh. but its the closest i can get

some feelings are universal but some don't even have words assigned to them.

some feelings aren't emotions at all. i don't know what to call them. the things that swirl around in our minds and come alive when the breeze hits just right

anyway. this is where i get stuck. i can take a photo that represents a sliver of my mind but at the end of the day, it's a picture of a tree or a road or a shopping cart. there's no way to infuse this photo with my intent. you can't do this with certainty, because

feelings are invisible.

poetry feels closer, mainly because it's something i can create from scratch vs something i try to capture.

If you want to share something invisible and intangible, maybe you need an equally invisible and intangible medium.

so, as it turns out, sound is pretty neat.

hey i just met you and this is crazy but can i talk to you about paul mccartney

McCartney by Paul McCartney (1970)

would you do me a favor? please go listen to the song. track six on "mccartney", (make sure it's just called "junk". track six!) it's under two minutes long.

there's a song on this album called "junk". it has lyrics. they're pretty, but they don't really "mean" anything on their own:

this little indie gem was created by a lad named paul mccartney.

you might know him from being paul mccartney. (he was also in this one band that got pretty big.. your mother should know)

motorcars, handlebars, bicycles for two

broken-hearted jubilee.

parachutes, army boots, sleeping bags for two

sentimental jamboree..

so, we're testing a theory, and this is the moment of truth.

these lyrics make a lot more sense now, right? or perhaps i should say.. these lyrics have more sense. we don't have context, but we have color, texture, gravity.

but all we added was music

one minute and 57 seconds later:

is this a symbol? possibly, but probably not, because a symbol should be easily recognizable. this is just a bunch of words. the words can be recognized and understood on their own, but..

to me, this is a feeling. this is a swirly brain bit that now lives outside my brain

but there is no context. it isn't translated. i don't think it can mean anything to anyone else.

something is missing.

closer, but -- not quite.

there's another track on this album, you might have noticed. it's called singalong junk.

listen to it.

you will quickly notice that there isn't anything to sing along to, because paul is cheeky af

this is a feeling.

i took a drawing class in college. the first thing the instructor taught us was the distinction between drawing an object and drawing a symbol. a symbol is a reference to "it". we look at a symbol and think, "i know what this is". it's mental shorthand, we gloss over it without actually seeing "it".

paul mccartney

i can't say for certain if the feeling i'm experiencing is what paul felt composing this, and there will never be a way to know. because everyone, even paul mccartney, lives alone in their mind.

but this song stirs something inside of me that wasn't there before. it feels like a familiar place i've never been. a false memory that isn't mine, but i'm able to live inside it for a moment. this song, recorded half a century ago, somehow contains an entire little world.

songs are like floating orbs of consciousness, separated from their source, somebody else's lonely world.

ideas and emotions and memories and meaning, stuck in our minds. i want to communicate but i just don't know how. i get lost in words, lost in images. i'm lost right now. i'm alone in my head, alone in my world. but maybe that's the human experience? everyone is a lonely planet. wishing to collide. we try our best to connect, doing our best, but there's a barrier.

music gets through.

EriNET on Guilded

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And yes it also has voice channels and video chatting features, BUT you can create separate lobbies within one channel!

The 'behind the scenes' stuff is also very nifty. Guilded has a very simple but very effective bot builder that allows you to create server bots that perform basic functions.

Server owners can create application forms members fill in before joining (forms can also be created as regular posts, as well as polls)

BUT... I've saved the best for last, I think. Guilded's most defining feature is the sub-groups. They're all a part of the same server, but you CAN decorate them as if they were their own server!

EriNET is a little community I created on a platform called Guilded, which is a platform similar to Discord but offers a ton more features that Discord sorely lacks.

For example, you can create several different types of channels, from standard text channels to ones specifically for announcements, schedules, calendars, documents, videos, lists... even FORUMS!

There's a lot more to explore that I haven't mentioned here, and so I invite you to join me over on my server ---> Here


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Hello! In lieu of a commenting system at present, I would like to respond to a couple of posts I've seen recently!

Favorite Artists by ˚✧ cyuucat

I loved this!! The Finch pixel art is amazing. Here are a few of my favorites!

Untitled by 1041uuu

“The Moment” by Joshua Mays

That book looks great! I remember liking The Martian (though I preferred the movie because they made Mark more bearable hehe), so I have a feeling I'll like this one. Somehow it gives me Annihilation vibes?

Speaking of books, I recently started perusing House of Leaves again for reasons unknown... I have been listening to I Am In Eskew and getting really into the idea of hostile/uncanny architecture again! And of course Danielewski knocks it out of the park. Here's to new revelations!


I love love LOVE all that you post and I hope to see so much more amazing creativity! Every time I open Multiverse I'm delighted to see what's new and how people are expressing themselves through this beautiful tool. Thank you so much @kicks and @glitchyowl for creating this, and to everyone for making it such a warm and welcoming space! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Head Full of Sand

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My friends have very organized thoughts, they can keep knowledge in their head very easily. It's organized and they can recall information without much issue.

Rules about a game? Synergy between Pokemon teams? A textbook for a programming language?

They can investigate and see these pieces of information and connect their meaning and usage without trouble. The information and recall is there easily.

One of the things that differentiates myself, and that from my friends is...

But me?

Falling through my fingers

Things I knew disappear into the aether

Conqueror - Jesu

To help me recall this information I already learned

All of these things are like sand

My brain is full of holes

I place buckets below my head to catch the sand

Notes, resources, websites in tabs

It still disappears, and I struggle

I wish my brain worked better

imagine a gallery wall

the fancy kind with wainscoting

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I'm a little obsessed with riso prints to an extent that is Quite Odd, having never made one.


This is a local press that doesn't mention they can do heavy enough paper to do as postcards, but wouldn't a set of burgundy and green postcards be cute?

I have this aspiration to develop A Color Palette that will unify all the different nonsense I do.

This is what I started with because of different art supplies I had in these colors - but I think I want a warmer and more vivid cobalt blue for digital work, where no physical pigment limitations are relevant. That in turn suggests I should work with a cooler version of one of these colors, and I'm thinking the yellow...

I love the look of landscapes in the Pacific Northwest but I haven't figured out how to boil them down into simple illustrative shape language. I look at Leigh Ellexson's nice little landscapes and I think, damn, I want to be able to do that for here...

Another thing I want to get better at are abstract ornamental vignettes to give flavor to a central subject portrayed without a background.

My dog is very sick. She's going to die, which means she is the sole tenant of my emotional space right now, and she requires a lot of care, which means she is a main object of my time. So lots of Heloise drawings.


I miss having chickens. They're weird little fluffy aliens. You can't call them smart or stupid because their whole being is .... well, alien to us.

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lisa frank provided the blue print to my childhood. i would spend hours obsessing over all of the new lisa frank stationary i was able to get before the new school year started. every single character she drew inspired me. in conclusion....


wd40 and oil paint

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a bit of oil paint mixed with wd40 and a bucket of water makes a beautiful marble. made a series of these many years ago

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What is it, Uncle Pete? A new buddy from the garden?

favorite artists

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I'm terribly sick of letting algorithms find me good art. it all blends together after the first page.

here are mine:

I want to share art again. share some of your own favorite artists too!

wacca - https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/46612726

finch - https://twitter.com/illufinch

996beshi - https://twitter.com/996beshi, https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/14547850

toko - https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/8356367

Strawberry Switchblade

Ode to the polka-dotted pop duo that aided in my self-discovery

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Jill Bryson

Rose McDowall


They became known for their perky, flamboyant clothing, often adorned with polka dots.

A new wave duo from Glasgow, Scotland. They had a hit single in 1985 with Since Yesterday, off their eponymous one and only album.

Why am I dedicating a post to this long-forgotten "one-hit wonder" pop band from the 80s?

Well, because when I was 'discovering' more about my identity, I came across Strawberry Switchblade

Taking solace in their music and aesthetics brought out my true self, and it was the first time I felt liberated in embracing those feminine aspects about myself.

So I owe a lot to this duo for helping me discover who I am, and letting me know that it's okay to be ME.

I also pledge to cosplay them one day, when I'm physically more confident and able to do so!

Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed the aesthetic display as much as I did!!

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i've been working on my neocities website these last few days. finding multiverse inspired me to get back into it. i'm really enjoying the creativity that neocities and multiverse provide. the internet is a big scary place these days, and everything is really corporate and sterile. today i tried to explain what old websites were like to someone who wasn't there. it's something you truly had to experience to understand. i miss it. thank you for letting me own a piece of the world wide web.


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its lit

New character unlocked

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Fav treat

she / her


Fav artist


charli XCX

synth witchcraft


3d printing, circuits, weird musical instruments, robots, DIY stuff, sewing, stars, comics, zines

A sense of wonder at the mystery of the cosmos


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This week your favorite uncle decided to share some of his personal hygiene habits and principles, or in his own words:

I'm tall enough and I happen to have a penis, so I just pee in the sink and clean afterwards. (If you are smaller, or do not have a penis, know that it's OK to not flush every time you pee)




I like to get clean while not fucking up the planet too much. I wish we’d stop buying plastic stuff, and waste so much water”

Thank you for such wisdom Uncle Pete! See you next week!




I always had a lot of dandruff until I stopped cleaning my hair daily, or only when needed with normal soap.

I take hot baths once in a while. I just take care to not fill the bathtub entirely, and make sure I stay inside at least half an hour to enjoy it fully.

I shave with regular bar soap after a shower, thanks to the incredible power of hot water and a 3-blade razor. Shaving cream is a lie that comes in wasteful packages. For after-shave, some natural oil.


Paper is a really ineffective way to clean anything, and those wet paper towels a ridiculous luxurious concept. I wash my butt with soap and warm water.

(I guess this does not work when you have long hair)

I wash them good.

I take a shower daily, standing in a large bucket. This way I collect water that I use to flush the toilet.

First Time for Everything

I could use some of that “beginner’s luck” pls

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I got a desk from my roommate which he had painted in the past but never coated with anything so some of the paint scratched off over time

So this week I decided to repaint the gaps and apply a clear coat to finish it

It's a nice blue color kinda like this with white flecks and scratches

Yesterday afternoon I applied the paint since my roommate still had the bucket around

So far so good

Guess I'm gonna stop by the hardware store again tomorrow to buy a new brush



Just a shiny reflection lol


This morning I sanded down the layer of paint to provide a smooth surface like the hardware store people told me to do but small bits of paint came off in some places but honestly it kinda adds to the charm you know, so I applied a layer of the clear coat anyway

I am not good at this

Desk looks great though!

Now my brush is finished and sticky and not brushlike and soaking in the sink

I came back at night to check how the coat had dried and it seemed ready for the next coat but it turns out I forgot to wash my brush after applying the coat

✧ old neighborhood game ✧

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✧ just added the lastest demo of my game here-> ✧ https://cinni.net/dream/jade/ ✧

✧ the neighborhood got a bit of a redesign. newer models, newer textures, and updated npc interactions! ✧

✧ the love attack saga continues. now npc's will blush when hit with the love-love beam. also - their heads will follow them player! and vice versa, the player will look at the closest npc


✧ new shoppe added! the pet shoppe, of course ~ this will become an important plot line later in the game, but for now enjoy the cats with the wonkiest wander ai :-p ✧

✧that's it for now! ✧

if you can find me, i'm here.

hello Multiverse. alicia here.

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hello multiverse,


i'm alicia.



interactive fiction, zines, journaling, video making, crafting, self-reflection, archiving, internet history, remix culture, media literacy, social design

I work in social services as a communications specialist. it is my great fortune that the values my organization holds align with my values. the big picture: creativity, community, purpose, connection, exploration, identity, interdependence...the things that help us to flourish as humans. that's what I think about.


this is my homepage, proudly hosted on neocities. after learning some HTML/CSS from my time on tumblr, I built my first neocities site in high school. I launched this site just before the pandemic hit my province, and created a COVID-19 resources page that got shared around a bit.




my creative work is all over the place. writing is my core skill, but I am adept enough at audio/video editing, web design, and music that I feel free to experiment in lots of mediums.

my actual job involves writing newsletters, maintaining websites, sending out memos to staff, facilitating events, etc.



happy to meet you, neighbours. see you around.

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Right on Uncle Pete! Trains are truly awesome!

I love travelling by train

History of Cat Collars

The Abridged Version

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Cats have been wearing collars for a long long time now.

We mean a really long time.

Cats were worshipped.

Revered as gods.

But... there was a fundamental problem with the relationship between the cats and their hoomans back then.

Cats and hoomans could influence each other's social status.

While the hoomans enjoyed an elevated social status when the cats were treated as royalty and gods, the cats suffered with the decline of the royal empires.

Cats were unfairly sent to farms, regular households and the streets to live a regular life.

A (Short) History of Cat Collars




Let me stress this again, they had to live a regular life.

No, no, no. I don't think you understand this fully.

You see, a regular life is not rich like a royal life.

Not enough attention.

No richness = not enough food.

Not enough admiration.

Not enough hooman servants.

Not enough shiny things.

An era of starvation thus started for cats all around.

For the first time since the invention of the food bowls, cats saw what the bottom of the bowls looked like.

Some screamed in shock & terror.

Some scrambled to forage for leftovers in their neighbours' houses.

This was also the same period when cat collars saw a significant shift.

Cats were no longer given their royal collars.

You see, the royal collars held magickal powers. ✨

They were usually buried in tombs with the hooman servants. This was to keep the hooman servants from coming back in their afterlife.

This was common practice back then to keep the royal cats safe from the ~hauntings~

With the fall of the royal empires, hoomans suddenly began to think of themselves as equals to the cats.


The hoomans began to rewrite cat history, talking up themselves and downplaying the royal felineness of cats everywhere.

Hoomans dug up the cat collars buried in tombs & wore them as something they like to call necklaces. All because they wanted to discreetly check out each others' chests. Whaaaa.

Over the decades, hoomans progressively rewrote cat history completely.

There was complete erasure of cats' rich history and their artefacts.

Cats everywhere suffered greatly. The last surviving cats who had seen the royal population at the height of its civilization saw it as their duty to pass on their tales to their young ones.

To keep the tradition of the cat collars alive, cats tried to fashion a neck-tie out of things they found.

Depending on which household a cat decided to enter, their collars ended up being different.

Over the decades, catstorians observed that distinct styles emerged with these new & modern cat collars (lacking in flair as well as magickal powers).

The cats on farms often have bright coloured handkerchiefs tied around their neck. These cats are free roamers and their hoomans like to keep an eye on them when they roam the vast lands so they never get lost. The handkerchiefs serve as hoomans' Northstar during the daytime.

The cats living in regular households often have a piece of leather with a metal coin tied at the centre for safekeeping. These cats are forming a quiet revolution to find any scrap metal and keep it safe with them.

They hope to recreate magickal collars like the grand old days eventually. Aaah, grand dreams these cats have!

The cats on the streets often are unaware of their own kind's history. You see, cats on the streets live a hard life. Each cat to their own. The older cats are too busy fending for themselves that they never get around to telling their young ones about cat history since the royal times.

These cats are often seen with no collars and are often subject to many cases of ~hauntings~ out on the streets.

The last type of modern cat collar can be seen on some very speshül cats. They can't decide if it is a blessing or a curse, but they admit they are the chosen ones.

These are the pawfessional cats.

They usually come from various backgrounds, but often swap out a humble regular neck-tie for a bow-tie; the sign of the working class among the cats.

These cats don't just dream big, they are out for blood. Revenge is their middle name. They seek justice, they want to set the record straight about the lost tales through cat history.


This chapter of cat history is a speshül commission by Her Royal Felineness, Ms Nya.

Stay tuned for the podcast release narrated by her. Finally, the original voice of a cat!

kde theming

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I tried to do some desktop theming. I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet, but I like it a hell of a lot more than whatever I had going on before:

I might rearrange the widgets or change how the bottom panel looks.

it's nothing too special, but the colors look nice enough, and I have a little gallery of art I like too.

here it is with a lot more clutter!

Can a Memory be a Dream?

Brain Dump #1

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If you can only see people you've met in your dreams, does that mean the creatures you have dreamed, you have met?

What's the difference between a memory and a dream?

Can a memory be a dream?

You can remember your dreams.

You can dream of old memories.

You can alter memories?

Can your own mind contact you from different time periods?

You can control your dreams, and other times they're out of your control.

Is anything real?

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

So can your heart influence your dreams and memories?

It really is all in your head. 

part 5

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a non-issue

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ambiguity is essential. nothing is as it appears, as the buddha says.

and yet i often feel confused by ambiguity within myself. not that that's an uncommon or uncommonly horrific problem to have.

am i meant to stoop to the blueberry bush and come up, lips drawn wide in a purple grin?

do i smell of fresh turned dirt and laundry hung out to dry?

do shadows grow long about me as i swing my basket of foraged mushrooms and dandelion greens with each step home?

or am i blazing down a highway blasting plastic love

my heart and home full of decades past, at once altars to nostalgia and hexes on the money that drove it

an empty critique of the city i'm racing to meet, to tear down with my bare hands in the strobing lights

chest emblazoned with some semi-ironic name brand symbol

do i fling myself at the electric savior they forced down our throats and used to poison the land that sustained us?

am i delicate, made of light and beige linens fluttering in a morning breeze?

is clover woven through my hair, woven around itself to adorn my wrist for an afternoon?

are my dreams full of neon and cyberdecks and wires running from monitor to keyboard to wrist, appropriated as another component of the world's bloodiest multiplexer?

life support:

Zen Master Unmon said:

“The world is vast and wide. Why do you put on your robes at the sound of a bell?”

systems that use [medical] technology to aid, support, or replace a vital function of the body that has been seriously damaged.

day 1/infinity

this could be the start of something new

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Hi sunshines,

I'm writing in this new and slightly strange blogging micro-site to sort out my real, unfiltered thoughts on blogging at all. If you've been on my Weebly you'll know that this is a (what feels like) turning point type uncertainty: what is Lydia without her precious rambling space? Where would I be, without the place that it all started? Not just a week ago, plugging my 2021 goals, but 3, 4, 5, 10 years; finding refuge from life which only close friends knew?

I think that's the roots. Sharing life simply and honestly, for myself, and for people who are precious and whom I love. YouTube is kind of different. Of course I only do videos I like and find the processing of editing fascinating. I do it with the expectation of it being immediately public, to be ripped apart by the public if they desire. But writing- writing is raw, it goes deeper than the skin. It always has. And while I want to share that, and do light-hearted content people can browse for leisure, I'm not really sure the effort is worth it. You know what I'm saying? When the same kind of content like books and beauty can also be transported to videos, making it more dynamic, even nicer to consume.

Perhaps my more personal moments can be stored here. That's what I'm thinking. That if I were to continue blogging- because I do- it'll become once more just for me and friends. For us to chill out together like we're 15 and there's nothing matters but the sun, brilliant and shining, the smell of grass, rushing wind, and hope.

And it's really just this. Stripped bare, just words, with some designs when I can muster it up. There's limitations to this platform for sure, I can't even link to another website. But it could just be you and me.

So, what do you feel? If not my question on Weebly, how about here?

Waiting patiently for your thoughts. (But no pressure). :)

L x