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Time Flies

do you think they buzz like fruit flies?

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Haven't posted in a while, but things have been going pretty well.

Started at a new job that I really like.

Trying not to feel guilty about letting my writing here slip.

Guilt isn't going to change anything. This was an experiment in creativity and it's working.

My D&D group is back to playing weekly

I feel more creative than I have in a while. I’m working on a side project. I am doing good work at my job. I'm creating a new D&D world. All in all, I'm feel much better.

And that's a win in my book.

i love bad photography

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my favorite photos end up being the ones that are


lacking a "proper"


just the sky

rapid snapshots of the freeway taken from the backseat of my parent's car

not "good"

i want to keep taking "bad" photos and i encourage you to do the same, if you feel so inclined.

my interest in photography and desire to improve my skills sort of backfired because i started to devalue my own "imperfect" photos. then i realized that some of my favorite photos are not the ones that will earn followers on instagram, clients for your business, praise from your photography professor

i like the photos we have from what i'll call the "consumer film era". or photos from the few times that people use disposables, like camping trips. imperfect snapshots of an imperfect world

bad photos make great time capsules


the first planet in my universe.

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Dear bunny,

It's like, I don't even know what to do at this point. Charlie stole my shoes and now I'm late for work. What am I sposed to do? Wear mom's pumps? Or my kid sisters light up sketchers? I can't even afford a new pair of loafers since I got this stupid computer. I don't even use it that much like, I could've just got a dinky dell laptop. Anyways, now I don't even know where I put my keys and my boss is already texting me about coming in early today. If it were up to me, I'd be camping right now, eating beans, rolling cigarettes with my own hands. Not showering and all that. Maybe the industrial revolution took it too far. Like, all the directions things coulda gone and here we are - most of us broke and bored with our live. Whatever like, tomorrow I'll make a change. mark my words, this summer I'm moving to hawaii or utrecht or naples, I don't even know, just some place where 8 weeks or more of vacation is the standard.

Just jokes,

dull boy

I think it's fun to write fictional letters and imagine the story behind them from there...

dull boy -->


Hello! Welcome to my universe. This is super fun. Reminds me of a more ideal substack.

About me... I am 23, nice, vegan, a website girl, a skateboard person, interested in the blog-verse, filmmaker, a friend, a poor sleeper, whatever else.

Hello! <3

This is a photograph of myself after a diy haircut.

if you want to you can email me: [email protected]

my website is tiana.computer

this feels better

thank you

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this feels like what the internet is supposed to be.

I found out about this place two days ago and instantly fell in love. imagine how nice it was when I found neocities on that same day!

everything feels fun again. I've been falling through link spirals for hours now. even when I find an awful looking website, I know lots of work was put into it, so it still looks good because of that alone. who cares that they used the worst shade of green that there is?

I didn't realize how awful likes and follow counts were until I finally saw websites without.

thank you, @glitchyowl and @kicks!

26 低成本工具


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锤子也是工具。并不只是 app 才算作工具。网站/书/厨具,都算工具。

嘉宾1. 傅丰元

1.1 Milanote 是什么?


1.2 Milanote 怎么用?

该工具解决的核心问题是,如何构建自我工作空间? 比如,《全球概览》的创始人曾经在长方体集装箱里(见《建筑养成记》「低端建筑」一章节),做一个很长很长的白板,把所有的素材不断贴上去,以激发创作。丰元参与组织的「重返全球概览现场工作坊」项目,是利用 Milanote 的一个示范。

1.3 Milanote 与丰元

丰元认为 Milanote 是款被低估的产品,愿意付费购买。他参与的是一个 10 人团购的购买方案。

1.4 Milanote 产品特点

2.1 Gumroad 是什么?

Gumroad 的主旨是帮助创作者更容易获得酬劳。创作者可以直接在此平台上售卖自己的作品。Gumroad 集合了更多工具链,譬如付费购买下载数字作品、会员订阅和线上课程等。

2.3 Gumroad 独特的融资方式

最近 Gumroad 直接通过 Republic.co 平台向七千多位投资人募资了 500 万美元。美国 SEC 最新法律批准公司每年最高可向大众集资 500 万美元(法规施行前这个数额是 107 万美元)。对于个人投资者来说,只需要签署简单的 SAFE 投资协议就可以完成投资。个人每年最高可投资 2000 美元。

嘉宾1. 傅丰元

rest for a while

3. Dear Data


用数据换取权力?用数据存储隐私?Dear Data 的设计师把数据变成情感和个性的表达。他们将生活里的微小片段,用数据画了出来,比如自己的心情。


Dear Data 项目的作品类似西方世界的手账,可以从中观察到发达国家的人们在生活得到保障后,更在意自我表达的需求。@jsongal 对 Dear Data 形成的自己的笔记

嘉宾1. 傅丰元

嘉宾2 HotFarmer








第4步. 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟



导出 PDF 或 PNG 格式的文件







野鱼🐟 电台工具列表



Spotify 音乐歌单会员(20块)


iphone se 1代手机(200-500块)

rest for a while


1. 低成本维护的,时间长的工具是时间短的容器

丰元 SteveSun:利器网站维护费用,从每个月20刀降低到每个月十几块钱。网站迁移难题是,从wordpress 导出的文件需要转化,转化过程中图片url地址需要再写脚本批量修改.


HotFarmer: 麦克表单,附带收款功能,同时支持支付宝和微信。

2. DIY,自己动手做


HotFarmer:自己打印水转印贴纸 A4一张成本 2.5 元。电影catch me i you can里的伪造航空机票里,把飞机模型的logo水浸下来,然后打印出来。激光打印机比喷薄打印机效果好。


曾程:quiker + cinanote自定义动作的软件。随便在网页上点击信息,制作成卡片。优点在于极简。也可以用来截图,直接上图床。popclip也有类似功能。

曾程:quiker + cinanote自定义动作的软件。随便在网页上点击信息,制作成卡片。优点在于极简。也可以用来截图,直接上图床。popclip也有类似功能。


3. 意外用法,竟然还可以这样用?!

傅丰元:鲍勃碎碎念。是 notion 的一个页面,将自己此时此刻的感想记录下来。利用 fluid,把一个页面做成一个 app,放在菜单栏里随时可以点击记录碎碎念

HotFarmer:举牌小人 类似qq签名。在clubhouse上把头像作为状态表示。头像作为承载很多功能的载体。clubhouse还感知到用户对换头像的热情,还特地设置了快捷键,一键换头像。

HotFarmer:ios快捷键 拼多多领券入口做成快捷指令。因为领券窗口有点深,要点4次以上。

SteveSun:路由器设定断网 把路由器设定为晚上10点断网,然后就能安然入睡。

--- 🌈 完结撒花 🌈 ---


2.4 Gumroad 创始人的故事

Gumroad 有趣的故事来自其创始人。这位创始人是个奶爸,Pinterest 的早期员工,也投资了最近很火的 Clubhouse。最近 Coinbase 上市时,他还提到曾经拒绝了 Coinbase 的创始人发来的联合创始人邀约,但是他并不后悔。

2.2 创作者盈利的可能性

丰元参与该公司投资,刷信用卡送上 800 美元入股。但对于创作如何生钱?丰元认为,虽然创作本身不赚钱,但其衍生品,比如思路,想法,有可能帮你赚到一笔收入。比如他采访的一个图书译者,翻译了很多经济学书籍,平时也做一些理财和基金投资。这位译者能从翻译获取到一些还未成为常识的信息或知识。这个信息可能就是你赚钱的灵感。

一个使用 Milanote 线上协作的案例:重返《全球概览》现场工作坊

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Keep your friends close! Here are some of mine, they’re a good bunch:


story idea

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jade goes to visit claire at the pet shoppe...

authors note...i saw a girl at an experimental noize show in brooklyn and she had a super cute outfit on.

it was kinda like this

jade's looking for a pet, and claire

has this green...pup? that she can't

take care for. jade takes the pup home.

i wanted a cute dog character like chibimaru...my model needs a redesign :-P

but green pup is actually....


summer in the desert

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Letting myself be myself

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Maybe it has to do with my upbringing, maybe it has to do with the broader Asian culture: For a really long time, I didn't want to and was embarrassed to acknowledge it: There are many stories that I wish to tell. Many futures that I wish to live in.


You know.

It's kind of weird.

But being able to acknowledge my dreams and begin to externalise and actively work on them is actually....

a huge relief.


And watching how kids let their curiosity drive them

is just

I've been spending more time in parks lately.

So, for as long as I can, and for as much as I can,

I will try my best in letting the joy overcome my fear

and breathe life into the wishes


with people that I admire, love, and care about

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Aaaaw Uncle Pete! We **** you too!

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21/07/21 diary

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It got me up at

when I have a 9am coach to catch tomorrow, though


Lot of Drawfee consumption as background noise for internet browsing and Hearthstone as per.

This guy from today's ep really stole the show.

I picked back up on SVSSS; I don't have plans to watch the donghua and this is the only MTMX novel I've been pulled to read (please don't think too hard into what about the novel could have caused this pull) and it is super funny - afaik this wasn't MTMX's first work at all, so obviously all the webnovel stuff feels very in-jokey and there's something really nice seeing in-jokes for an online ecosystem you are totally outside of but reminds you of online ecosystems you've been in.

My mum was laden with flowers for [work milestone that I wish to be nonspecific about because I have designs on doing journalism work in her quite insulated professional field] so we took a Stick 'Em In A Mixing Bowl approach to arranging them.

She's not really a flower person, we both can be pretty badly affected by pollen, and lillies being in the bunch mean someone needs to keep an eye on the cats for a while, but the fact that the people who give the flowers care enough to do so is to me one of the biggest signs she's good at what she does, and I'm super proud of her for that.

Danny reblogged My Copycat, which ended up stuck on repeat for me as Hearthstone BGM for a bit.

Outside of Catallena I think most of the times I've listened to Orange Caramel it's via like, the Infinite F Bangkok City cover or various videos various Nu'est members dancing to bits of their title tracks - not that they're the only ways I've heard those songs, but the main way. You really can't say this unit didn't have A Sound, huh.

Me getting into the repeat grove did also inspire me with the idea of doing 'diary entries' focused on listening to that song during whatever period of the day on another multiverse account. Perhaps something to do if I have time after getting to my aunt's tomorrow.

I'm very aware that pulling all nighters to "fix" my sleep schedule by then having a full night's sleep after does not...... do that. Turns out that if you've only had 11 hours of sleep in a week one night of 8 hours won't do a thing.

so what am I gonna do about it.

And now I'm very much risking undoing my good "sleep schedule fix" work by finishing this up at midnight and then having to wait for the Wi-Fi to blip back in.... I love to be a fool of the highest order.


love in the devonian

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This is new.

They are new to the sun and the air.

We circle them, with their curious green... what are they, dear?

Thank you. Their stems, green, but for what purpose we cannot tell, until...

You seek a closer look, twining twisting closer to — into us

We did not realize we were so close — here, phosphorus, nitrogen, water, as penance.

They know this soil but are yet unable to feed themselves on more than rocks.

But felt.

Is this what we were missing? More than the sudden breeze sends shudders through us, through the you that are becoming us. We are... alive. This water, this new visitor...

Is this what we were missing? Many become two become one, your green to the light, and we within, throughout, unseen.

But felt.

We nourish each other.

Something has changed.

What are these? Why, they reach and grasp as we do.

Our ancestors' ancestors could never have dreamed of what we have done. Of how we have worked so hard to make life easier for us both. Beloved, look. Look what I have made.

We think to call them "roots." With these, we can help you scout the soil for water, for nutrients. We can be together below as above.

A pocket of phosphorus for our love. We burrow and break, rend molecules with the hunger of many, of the thousands of us conveying these nutrients to our green-stemmed lover.

Stems, beloved.

You have cared for us as well, beloved. Without you we would wither, as would you without us. We can care even more perfectly with these. You could even live along these "roots" and help us more. We can take in even more of the earth's offerings, perform more miracles. Make more descendants with more roots that are better than we could ever imagine. Let us try.

We- You... 500 million years, our ancestors have always made good without roots. Have you not cared for us perfectly well? With your deep green stems, you perform sweet miracles with the sun's blessing. You have made many children.

We are in love.

My dear, this root tip is in a bare area, wouldn't you say? Perhaps a bit more carbon for this batch of nitrogen?

That's odd, tell me again about that nest of squirrels whose chatter you love so much?

You drive a hard bargain. Carbon doesn't come cheap, you know! It isn't in the air we breathe!

Ohoho, you remember, do you?

We remember you said their breath was "a breath of fresh carbon dioxide."

Yes, we are familiar through many others such as you. Why?

Ahaha, so we did! Oh, excuse us, love, we never seem to tire of this little game. Here is your carbon.

You know that other strain, that strings along the forest's sunny side?

Neither do we. Thank you.

They told me the orchids are coming up, down at the edge.

Ah, more young ones to eat it all up?

Come, now, don't be that way. When they're older, they can share with their neighbors.

This is true. And I'll be glad to help them along. If this fall is as wet as the last, we should have many new additions to the network, as well.

Indeed... Say.


Do you ever wonder what it was like, in the beginning? Before forests. Before... roots?

Do you suppose there ever was a time before roots?

I do suppose. There must have been a time before bark, before leaves, before roots... Perhaps even before stems.

Mm... It was probably a barren time. A harsh time.

But a beautiful time, as well, don't you think?

How do you figure?

It would have been us. Just us against a barren, harsh time, as you say.

Mhmhm... Yes. I suppose it would have been beautiful. Just us, digging through rock and loam for something to sustain us.

Fewer neighbors to worry about, no news. You, us, the sun and earth.

But we still have each other, and the sun, and the earth. And the neighbors and the news. We have more blessings all the time.

You know, for a haggling rascal, you're rather sappy.

Well, you spend enough time with someone...

How 2 make a hyperlink?


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I 'd like have hyperlink on multiverse, how 2 make it happen?

如何在 multiverse 里添加超级链接?

step 1

Edit a post. 编辑一个 post.

Make a hyperlink in google doc or any editor you familiar with. 在任何一个编辑器里,生成一个超链。

step 2

step 3

Got a hyperlink in editor.


step 4

Copy your hyperlink. 复制你的超链。

step 5

Add text element in ur multiverse post.

在 multiverse 的 post 里开始添加 text 文本框。

step 6

Paste ur hyperlink into text element.


step 7


The most important, save your hyperlink in the post!


welcome to your life

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welcome to your life !


even while you

... .......












hi im jess and im 18 yrs old ^_^

he/they/xe/it.....more to know.. come in

heres my neocities website!!!!!!


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bringer of BLINDNESS

MY NAME IS astro


I look like this :0

but sometimes i draw myself like

whatever the hell i feel like. mostly

a lil star

i mostly hang out on discord bc i have a server

and that server happens to be my safe place

i love it!!




man i love frogs

i love choromatsu matsuno from the popular

anime osomatsu san so much

so yeah anyways i think thats it i think thats how a person that is not normal introduces themselves

oh yea almost forgot. i use any pronouns

k bye

drawing abstractions

(feat. criminal overuse of the word “symbol”)

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we are completely alone and that's why we make

it gets so lonely sometimes



will you visit soon?

please visit soon, please visit soon. please visit me here. come here, please visit me

sole inhabitants of island nations

come experience the landscape of my mind

come experience the landscape of my mind


this is a cat

art is a tourist visa


you can look at a cat from all angles. you can sit with her in the sun and how where her fur catches the light, where her figure casts a shadow. you can capture that.

i'm struggling with my subject.

you see...

i keep drawing symbols

i keep drawing symbols

this is a symbol



look at all these symbols.

i have this intense longing to share a feeling thats been with me as long as I can remember. I try to coax it out, sometimes I think i’m close, but it doesn’t seem to translate. it still grows, swelling to the edges of my mind and i’m afraid it’s going to push through and leave me completely. what happens to inspiration when you don’t use it? is it really mine? will it die when i do? will it leave me for someone more capable? will i ever find a way to get it out of me? does it even matter?

this is a symbol

(the most infamous of them all)

this is a feeling

the word feeling doesn't really seem to fit tbh. but its the closest i can get

some feelings are universal but some don't even have words assigned to them.

some feelings aren't emotions at all. i don't know what to call them. the things that swirl around in our minds and come alive when the breeze hits just right

anyway. this is where i get stuck. i can take a photo that represents a sliver of my mind but at the end of the day, it's a picture of a tree or a road or a shopping cart. there's no way to infuse this photo with my intent. you can't do this with certainty, because

feelings are invisible.

poetry feels closer, mainly because it's something i can create from scratch vs something i try to capture.

If you want to share something invisible and intangible, maybe you need an equally invisible and intangible medium.

so, as it turns out, sound is pretty neat.

hey i just met you and this is crazy but can i talk to you about paul mccartney

McCartney by Paul McCartney (1970)

would you do me a favor? please go listen to the song. track six on "mccartney", (make sure it's just called "junk". track six!) it's under two minutes long.

there's a song on this album called "junk". it has lyrics. they're pretty, but they don't really "mean" anything on their own:

this little indie gem was created by a lad named paul mccartney.

you might know him from being paul mccartney. (he was also in this one band that got pretty big.. your mother should know)

motorcars, handlebars, bicycles for two

broken-hearted jubilee.

parachutes, army boots, sleeping bags for two

sentimental jamboree..

so, we're testing a theory, and this is the moment of truth.

these lyrics make a lot more sense now, right? or perhaps i should say.. these lyrics have more sense. we don't have context, but we have color, texture, gravity.

but all we added was music

one minute and 57 seconds later:

is this a symbol? possibly, but probably not, because a symbol should be easily recognizable. this is just a bunch of words. the words can be recognized and understood on their own, but..

to me, this is a feeling. this is a swirly brain bit that now lives outside my brain

but there is no context. it isn't translated. i don't think it can mean anything to anyone else.

something is missing.

closer, but -- not quite.

there's another track on this album, you might have noticed. it's called singalong junk.

listen to it.

you will quickly notice that there isn't anything to sing along to, because paul is cheeky af

this is a feeling.

i took a drawing class in college. the first thing the instructor taught us was the distinction between drawing an object and drawing a symbol. a symbol is a reference to "it". we look at a symbol and think, "i know what this is". it's mental shorthand, we gloss over it without actually seeing "it".

paul mccartney

i can't say for certain if the feeling i'm experiencing is what paul felt composing this, and there will never be a way to know. because everyone, even paul mccartney, lives alone in their mind.

but this song stirs something inside of me that wasn't there before. it feels like a familiar place i've never been. a false memory that isn't mine, but i'm able to live inside it for a moment. this song, recorded half a century ago, somehow contains an entire little world.

songs are like floating orbs of consciousness, separated from their source, somebody else's lonely world.

ideas and emotions and memories and meaning, stuck in our minds. i want to communicate but i just don't know how. i get lost in words, lost in images. i'm lost right now. i'm alone in my head, alone in my world. but maybe that's the human experience? everyone is a lonely planet. wishing to collide. we try our best to connect, doing our best, but there's a barrier.

music gets through.

EriNET on Guilded

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And yes it also has voice channels and video chatting features, BUT you can create separate lobbies within one channel!

The 'behind the scenes' stuff is also very nifty. Guilded has a very simple but very effective bot builder that allows you to create server bots that perform basic functions.

Server owners can create application forms members fill in before joining (forms can also be created as regular posts, as well as polls)

BUT... I've saved the best for last, I think. Guilded's most defining feature is the sub-groups. They're all a part of the same server, but you CAN decorate them as if they were their own server!

EriNET is a little community I created on a platform called Guilded, which is a platform similar to Discord but offers a ton more features that Discord sorely lacks.

For example, you can create several different types of channels, from standard text channels to ones specifically for announcements, schedules, calendars, documents, videos, lists... even FORUMS!

There's a lot more to explore that I haven't mentioned here, and so I invite you to join me over on my server ---> Here


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Hello! In lieu of a commenting system at present, I would like to respond to a couple of posts I've seen recently!

Favorite Artists by ˚✧ cyuucat

I loved this!! The Finch pixel art is amazing. Here are a few of my favorites!

Untitled by 1041uuu

“The Moment” by Joshua Mays

That book looks great! I remember liking The Martian (though I preferred the movie because they made Mark more bearable hehe), so I have a feeling I'll like this one. Somehow it gives me Annihilation vibes?

Speaking of books, I recently started perusing House of Leaves again for reasons unknown... I have been listening to I Am In Eskew and getting really into the idea of hostile/uncanny architecture again! And of course Danielewski knocks it out of the park. Here's to new revelations!


I love love LOVE all that you post and I hope to see so much more amazing creativity! Every time I open Multiverse I'm delighted to see what's new and how people are expressing themselves through this beautiful tool. Thank you so much @kicks and @glitchyowl for creating this, and to everyone for making it such a warm and welcoming space! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Head Full of Sand

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My friends have very organized thoughts, they can keep knowledge in their head very easily. It's organized and they can recall information without much issue.

Rules about a game? Synergy between Pokemon teams? A textbook for a programming language?

They can investigate and see these pieces of information and connect their meaning and usage without trouble. The information and recall is there easily.

One of the things that differentiates myself, and that from my friends is...

But me?

Falling through my fingers

Things I knew disappear into the aether

Conqueror - Jesu

To help me recall this information I already learned

All of these things are like sand

My brain is full of holes

I place buckets below my head to catch the sand

Notes, resources, websites in tabs

It still disappears, and I struggle

I wish my brain worked better

imagine a gallery wall

the fancy kind with wainscoting

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I'm a little obsessed with riso prints to an extent that is Quite Odd, having never made one.


This is a local press that doesn't mention they can do heavy enough paper to do as postcards, but wouldn't a set of burgundy and green postcards be cute?

I have this aspiration to develop A Color Palette that will unify all the different nonsense I do.

This is what I started with because of different art supplies I had in these colors - but I think I want a warmer and more vivid cobalt blue for digital work, where no physical pigment limitations are relevant. That in turn suggests I should work with a cooler version of one of these colors, and I'm thinking the yellow...

I love the look of landscapes in the Pacific Northwest but I haven't figured out how to boil them down into simple illustrative shape language. I look at Leigh Ellexson's nice little landscapes and I think, damn, I want to be able to do that for here...

Another thing I want to get better at are abstract ornamental vignettes to give flavor to a central subject portrayed without a background.

My dog is very sick. She's going to die, which means she is the sole tenant of my emotional space right now, and she requires a lot of care, which means she is a main object of my time. So lots of Heloise drawings.


I miss having chickens. They're weird little fluffy aliens. You can't call them smart or stupid because their whole being is .... well, alien to us.

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lisa frank provided the blue print to my childhood. i would spend hours obsessing over all of the new lisa frank stationary i was able to get before the new school year started. every single character she drew inspired me. in conclusion....


wd40 and oil paint

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a bit of oil paint mixed with wd40 and a bucket of water makes a beautiful marble. made a series of these many years ago

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What is it, Uncle Pete? A new buddy from the garden?

favorite artists

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I'm terribly sick of letting algorithms find me good art. it all blends together after the first page.

here are mine:

I want to share art again. share some of your own favorite artists too!

wacca - https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/46612726

finch - https://twitter.com/illufinch

996beshi - https://twitter.com/996beshi, https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/14547850

toko - https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/8356367