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Saturday, May 14, 2022

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Gotta stop using the HHKB because my pinky hurts. This is bullshit!

Pretty sure I'm doing it wrong

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If I were to write mostly boring "regular" posts here, would I be allowed to stay?

Or, must I find goofy gifs to interject between every sentence or two, just to demonstrate how unusual and irreverent and clever I am?

Maybe this can just be a place where I record simple events or express mundane thoughts about whatever is happening that day. Maybe I don't need to demonstrate how very fucking different I am all the time.

Anyway, Hi!

Friday, June 25, 2021

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When I can't decide where to post stuff, I end up here because it's FUN

All Instagram does is make me want stuff.

The internal debate about Emacs continues apace!

So, is Multiverse or TiddlyWiki more fun to look at. Here's a hint...

I think I'll just use RoamResearch for a while. Logseq is what I'd prefer, but the Github-based storage isn't stable for me, and the desktop version isn't an option on the iPad. Roam is stable. Or more stable, at least. One day, Logseq will be tight and probably better and there will be a well-tested and working Roam->Logseq migration process so I don't feel like I'm dead-ending myself here.

iPad schmiPad

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Q: How well will this work on the iPad?

A: Nothing works well on the iPad

Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Yesterday was filled with Gemini

Today I plan to learn more about home automation using Home Assistant: Getting started

☀️ Clear -2°C

I have to say, getting through the initial curve of setting up Home Assistant has been a wildly frustrating experience. There is documentation, but it's a little like that of AWS in that it says everything but tells me nothing.

Saturday, May 1, 2021


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Goddammit I don't need more places to post stuff!

This is getting out of hand. Let's see: a baty.net, baty.blog, TiddlyWiki, futureland, gemini, tilde.club, Medium, Twitter, Micro.blog, copingmechanism, Mastodon, Multiverse... aaaargh!

Soooo, hello!

I'm angry about a lot of things on The Internet today. The Multiverse feels like a nice respite from it all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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What if I got bored using TiddlyWiki for daily notes?

What if I wanted something even more playful?

Moom, Minus, and Keyboard Maestro

I've found a new way to keep my workspace tidy and focused.

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Using a single 32-inch monitor with my M1 Mac Mini has caused me to re-think how I manage apps and windows. After a few iterations, I've settled on the following layout:

I love this setup, but sometimes I need to resize things so they better fit the content or maybe move an app out of the way for a minute. I use Moom to put everything back for me.

Hides all apps

Switches to a specific, simple wallpaper

Hides desktop icons

Turns on "Auto-hide" for the Dock

Turns on "Auto-hide" for the menu bar

Enables Do Not Disturb

Closes all "Distractions"

And here's what my screen looks like after triggering Minus (by hitting CMD-ESC) and then bringing Emacs to the front so I could continue writing this post:

This layout includes Finder, iTerm2, Safari, and Emacs. Safari takes up the majority of the center. Finder and iTerm are split equally on the left, and Emacs is on the right, divided into two windows (or "panes" as most other software calls them). All my most-used apps are visible at the same time and I'm not constantly moving windows around.

I had switched to Rectangle from Moom earlier this year, as it's simpler and a little snappier, but Rectangle doesn't (as far as I know) do custom window layouts, so I moved back to Moom. Now I arrange my windows exactly how I want them, save the arrangement in Moom, and assign it a keyboard shortcut for easy recall. This lets me clean up my windows quickly and get everything back where it belongs.

So at any time, I can hit Command-Option-Shift-M and everything is reset and ready to go. Or, I can just activate Minus (via mouse or Command-Escape) and have completely tidy blank slate to start with.

Minus lets me define "Distractions" and will let me know when I venture off into places I've told it I shouldn't. For example, if I visit Twitter the entire screen will go all gray and display a distraction warning. My options are to close the distraction or, if I really want to check Twitter, snooze the alert. This feature has made me painfully aware of how often I drift off into social media land. Minus has a few other features that I don't use or need, but it's been great at helping me keep things tidy and focused.

Ahhh, so quiet and uncluttered.

The configuration looks like this

My default configuration does the following:

Minus is not something I expected to find useful, but it really has made a difference. It has configurable "Desktop Environments" that will configure my Mac in a number of helpful ways. My default environment configuration does the following:

I recently learned about Minus: "Zero distractions, One task + Extra superpowers" and initially scoffed at it. I've always considered apps meant to reduce distractions to be gimmicks and never found them useful. I tried Minus anyway, and it's turned out to be great.



Tying all this together is Keyboard Maestro. I use a KM macro to make sure all the relevant apps are running, trigger Moom, and activate a specific tab in Safari. Here's the macro:

Keyboard Maestro

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Mostly, I don't have a need for this, but it's very cool and unique and fun and interesting and those are all good words.

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"Life, Phase Next" starts today

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Need to find a purpose. Has anyone seen my purpose?

Thursday, March 25, 2021

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I either care very deeply about where stuff goes or I don't care at all. Sometimes I alternate between these conditions within minutes of each other. It's crazy-making.

Don't mind me, I'm just experimenting with the 'verse here today.


My wiki is much more interesting than my blog(s).

And here's another problem: I'm currently writing stuff in TiddlyWiki, Markdown, and Org mode. This means I have to keep three similar-but-different markup systems in my head. And worse, in my automations. How many "capture this page as a link" bookmarklets do I want to support? More crazy-making.

Soooo, I wrote "Baty.blog - brought to you by Micro.blog" less than a week ago and already I'm having second thoughts. Micro.blog is fine, but so limited. Maybe it just feels limited. I don't love any of the themes, and I don't really feel like digging into Hugo themes again, especially in a "foreign" environment rather than in a submodule/folder on my machine. Why is it that Blot.im is also limiting, but feels much more mine? I don't know what the hell I want. Part of me wants to scrap the whole enterprise and just write everything here forever. We all know that will never happen. I have a feeling today is going to bring change, again.

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I see I will need to collect a metric shit-ton of small, fun images.

Oh and Gutenberg can kiss my grits!

What if I wrote my Daily Notes here?

It's weird, but lately I don't feel like putting together An Entire Blog Post. I have drafts for the Q2M, the reMarkable, photo workflows, Johnny.Decimal, etc. I don't have the energy to finish them. So, I'll just play here in the Multiverse instead, what's say?

I bought 20 shares of Digital Ocean this afternoon. There is no reason for this other than I've always liked Digital Ocean and I'm just waiting for AWS Fatigue to set in.

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A few more levels and it really will be a multiverse

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Oh wait, I can put text anywhere?

Well holy hell, then, let's have some fun!

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In 2 more days I will be unemployed. I can't wait!

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Hello hello! ... ... Hello?