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diagnosed with autism this year after graduating high school a whole childhood/ adolescence of suffering and a whole lifetime to look forward to its very hard to imagine but i will try.

Man i really want a job how else will i pay for video games.

and dress like a customized videogame character and buy a million plushies

this august i plan to go to college to study Animation and work there part time

so hard being black, queer, and feminine presenting no matter what ill never feel like myself in this world fuck this world make my own world with black jack and hookers !!! (futurama ) lets go non binary gang with she/her/they cause fucc u

obvious doom and gloom aside i love who i am im so sexy

i need to get our more call up friends like finn and jake i need to get outta this apartment

i enjoy bumming around the house not like im doing nothing im working on voice acting. why do we all feel worthless if we aint doing something sounds cap to me capitalism !!!!

ITs Blinkie Time !!!!!!!!!

in conclusion : idk i just wanting do making a post true to me whatever take from it what you will screaming into the internet void. its very hard for poc to get the help they need because are thought of last this is reality but as the internet has shown me we can all come together and find community and learn to truly live with ourselves. as the great uncle iroh once said " life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not " so lets lift everyone up dont forget the ones who need it the most we can make it through this messed up world.


no more highschool

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