I'll be home late-dinner is in the fridge.

my e-diary, entry three.

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i slept in till one thirty today. only got up because my -friend?? sister?? roommate??- opened the blinds before she left for work. i have the hiccups. its six pm and my mothers going to make me eat soup. i dont like soup, i feel very sick today. anyway i just ordered a fan for my desk. its blue and small and has cat ears. one of my chick friends has one like it in pink. i really love cats. no one in my family does. while im writing this im listening to using again by benjamin tod. its relatable, i dont like how i find these songs relatable. it makes me kinda sad. i dunno. its from this playlist i have, about trying to not drink or do drugs or whatever when everyone around you is. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4jUXY6196d2uVDtsyBr46D?si=ad5d089000324e80

ive got to go now. my mothers calling me.



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considering multiverses acknowledgement as an alternative social media network, i assume most of you know spacehey. (for those who dont, its essentially a myspace clone.)

i spend alot of time on there, coding my profile and checking out others.

anyway, if you want to be my friend, check out https://spacehey.com/kota ill add you back asap.☺︎

About me?

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im fifteen.

im a boy and my pronouns are he-him but i dont really mind what you call me.

i think i like girls and guys, i havent really told anyone though.

im from australia(victoria specifically.)

i havent told anyone i use this website and am not planning to.

im quite fond of analog entertainment. my room is very full with books and vinyls and cds and dvds. some are stacked but alot of the stacks fall. sometimes i kick them over.

i have a spacehey, my username on there is kota.

i got diagnosed with autism. alot of my mates make dumb jokes about gay and autistic people so i dont know how to tell them.

i mostly listen to folk punk music, but i like everything i think.

when im not at school i dress what people call crustpunk. ive been doing that for a few years now. i look very different depending on who im with, but i reckon im a punk regardless of what im wearing.

i used to be emo. some people call it scene now though i never really saw that style, or thought of myself, as scene. i still have my clothes from then.

i am fairly politically opinionated. i am an anarchocommunist.

i am part of mensa.

i read quite alot, i would like to work in a bookstore.

ive gotten alot better recently but i think i might have a drug problem.

i got a badge maker for my birthday. i like making them.

i go on campus for school during quarantine cuz im apparently at risk. i really dont like quarantine.

my favourite colour is probably grey. like storms above the ocean.

i like languages alot, and can get by in mandarin latin and japanese. with some basic conversational skills in most languages.

i write poetry sometimes. im only saying this because no one i know is on here. ive been thinking about entering some into competitions but i dont want anyone at school to know.

I'll be home late- dinner is in the fridge

my e-diary. entry two.

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i went for that walk i was telling you all about. i was going to take some pictures but i wasnt really in the mood. there were alot of people down there. i live in this little suburb thing right on the beach. in the twenty-sixteen census i think we had around one hundred and eightyseven residents, only around seven of them being under eighteen, but i saw at least twenty while i was walking, most under five so i cant really get mad at them for their parents breaking the rules. we are in quarantine right now, plus its a wednesday, so i wasnt expecting to see anyone there, let alone that many. i didnt walk on the beach cuz of it. kids kinda annoy me. so i went my own way through the wetlands because none of the tourists know there, and if they do they dont go. i sat on this bench near the pondy lake thing, its not really a pond, just a dip in the land that fills with water in the wet season, and read. i finished the catcher in the rye. i quite relate to holden from it. our lives are somewhat similar, or at least my life pre-covid was.

i think i would also like to be the catcher in the rye. the thought makes me content.


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i think im going to go for a walk.

I'll be home late-dinner is in the fridge.

my e-diary. entry one.

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it is three o'clock right now. eighth of september. it was my birthday four days ago, and im coping ok. being a 'child prodigy' brings with it alot of tough moments; and birthdays have always been hard for me. i feel like i havent changed or excelled since i was nine years old. im fifteen now. this is the age the characters always are in those disney shows i used to watch when my parents werent home. hah. wonder if my life will become like those shows.