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Pre-Dev Log

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Gonna use TyranoBuilder. Might sleep on the story.

EDIT: Added a pagedoll. I also now

have a couple of ideas for some

Visual Novels. I will not use all of


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Hello! I am Lila Ponn (fake name). I am an artist, synthv and utau producer, and maybe even a Visual Novel dev!

Art that I have done:

Ghoulia Yelps Re-design!

Comforts: Cinnamonroll, Rina Tennoji, Kasane Teto

Karma Swezzy!

Fandom: Mandela Catalog, Welcome Home, BATIM, BATDR, "Urban Legends", Vocaloid, FNF, DDLC, Vtubers, maybe etc.

I am diagnosed with autism

I am pansexual

I am cringe...

But I am free.

This is a blog where I sometimes vent, rant, or post devlogs (probably).