Pwuppy luvs u ^o^







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I can;t fucking do this anymore. goodbye


do it

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Life update

Listen to Dai Dai Dai Kirai by Dennkopop rn or else ill eat u

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Man... things have been really hard lately :( I feel like the world just fuckin hates my guts. Every day gets harder and harder to get through. My meds don't fuckinf work and I'm so damn tired all of the damn time.

Sorry... I'm just stressed. I hate final exams. I hate texas. I hate being here. I wanna cry,,,, but I feel like I'm not allowed to.

I love pink it's an awesome color

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Listening to: My french teacher’s lecture

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I usually stay up all night on Discord, talking to my friends and stuff. Either that or just mindlessly scrolling thru Instagram or TikTok.

I really want Discord Nitro, so I'll be doing Nitro comms soon! I'll post soon on my Insta about it (pwuppy.puddin)

Very often, haha. I have extreme insomnia

Today's topic is: How often do you stay up past 3 a.m.?

Hav a nice day!!


Listening to Plwushii on Soundcloud :3

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Today's topic is: What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any?

I love tattoos!! I totally want one for my 18th birthday, but I still have three years until that can happen :( If I get a tattoo it will def be 1 of deez!!!

These are all so so so cuuuttteee!!! AHHHHH I need them!


Listening to Nyanpasu :3

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Things have been surprisingly good today! I finally got my burner phone (it's actually an IPad lol) and I can post to my insta again!! But it dies really quickly, in like an hour or so :( but that's okay, cus it has Procreate on it!!!! :3 so happee

Hmm.. I'm bored, SO HERE'S AN ABOUT ME tee hee!! Oh boy I sure do love oversharing about myself

Favorite colors: Pink and Purple!

Favorite food: Steak :)

Favorite Monster flavor: Ultra paradise!!!!

Favorite show: Battle For Dream Island, it's so nostalgic, and the community is amazing!

Favorite activity: Listening to music and drawing X3 I also enjoy mindlessly scrolling thru Neocities and Instagram in my free time :)

Favorite animal: BIG CATS!! Especially Bobcats and Caracals :3 I wanna pet them all, but I can't because I don't wanna stress them out and get my hand bit off :((( so I pet my housecats! They still bite my hands sometiems but they r tiny so they cannot hurt me :3

(Kittee says hai)

My Insta is pwuppy.puddin btw!


Listening to Nimbasa CORE

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Hmm... What should I post?? I'm not sure, but I do know that I absolutely love oversharing on the internet. It's not cus I dont have real life friends (I actually have a lot of those) but cus I just really love to ramble. I like staring at da puter screen and just brain dumping. I vent here a lot and like it actually makes me feel better

I'm also a liiitle bit narcissistic but that's okay lol ^^;


Still listening to Destroy Boys lol

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Anyways, my current favorite band is Destroy Boys. My favorite songs from them are Locker Room Bully, Vixen, Crybaby, and Fences. I also love artists/bands like Sorry Mom, Dazey And The Scouts, Siouxxie, Gjallarhornit, G0R3C0R3, Boy Fantasy, Mitski, stuff like that.

Apparently my taste is 89% more unique than all us Spotify users I thought that was neato

If they saw my Soundcloud I think they might've pissed their pants tbh

God I love music sm

Middy signing out!


Listening to Frad

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I'm so so happy! Earlier I got pissed about someone online having the nerve to contact one of my IRL best friends over petty internet drama, but I JUST found out that I have a 100 in my hardest class!!! A 100!!!!! I'm so so so proud of myself and so happy :)

Just wanted to post a super small and quick update to showcase how happy and proud of myself that I am :3c


Listening to Destroy Boys

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Never add comments or DMs here, please.

I just like posting things, I'm tired of having online arguments with nobodies who don't have anything better to do. Ughhh dude they are so annoying.

Even when people are kind to me I literally can't stand talking to them online. I hate talking to people online so so much. I'd rather talk irl. Then things would be better. Calling is a bit better than texting, but it still doesn't beat real-life interactions.

I used to want to be a better person. But now I really don't care. I really love this site cus I can be who I want when I want, and no one can do anything about it.

I don't have to look at likes, I don't have to feel obligated to talk to people in my DMs, and I don't have to worry about comments. I can be in peace.

I love it here. Never change please

Soon I will talk about my music stay tuned for that!!


soem art

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woo hoo

Currently listening to: Team Mekano - Me Pregunto (All - Star XXX Recoded Mix!)

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I've been getting SO MUCH MOTIVATION to do art lately cus I stopped using social media for a bit cus I'm obsessed with it and now I realize that like... Social media and online friends kinda suckkkk and now I feel so calm and shit all of the time. Or maybe all of this is the caffeine from my Monster talking idk LMAOOO lol



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Just one person

Just one person

Just one person

Just one person

Just one person

Just one person

Just one person

It takes one person

Just a single human

Just an ant

Just a pest

To destroy everything you have ever worked for


I luv Syko

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Look I made a kool Monty thingie

Ain't it cool?

Ok things have been so so shitty lately LOLL sometimes I just wanna... melt... idk man life is getting hard so so hard HHAHHAHA lol :o(


tw sh and anorexia

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I wish sometimes that I could be better with my mental health, but that's a lot to ask.

My birthday was yesterday! Other than me s/h relapsing the day was great, and I hope to hang out with my bf and friends again. Our gf couldn't come cus she had the military ball, but that's alright. I didn't even count any calories! I need to weigh myself, though... I bet that it's over 100 again...

Last night was fun

I hate anorexia

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Dude I'm such a fucking lightweight, got drunk after half a can of beer last night, damn. Had a good-ass sleep tho.

My friend got me a monster energy for my birthday and some candy and I wanna eat it but I feel bad about eating it just. hurts lol

I've been contemplating just snatching my parents' weed again, I'm scared to get caught, though.

I wanna have my thighs as thin as my calves, I know it's not healthy but I want it so bad. Fuck. I'm unsaveable

Never trust a scene kid like me. I'll get your kid hooked on drugs.

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Hai I made these myself lel

At school rn

Listening to mos thoser !

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I'm so nervous, only three more days until I'm fifteen years old, shit. That's crazy, I'm almost old enough to get a fuckin job. I'm gonna work at dairy queen and buy... you know with my money. I hope they just give me the cash and not put it in my dad's bank acc, that would be baaadd, cuz then I can't buy shit from anybody. Lol

Yesterday my friend was tryna get her first plug, and the motherfucker said it was 100 dollars for half a zip. She doesn't have that money, so we're gonna see if we can get carts since they're better and cheaper. Once we get our hands on one (we'll have to split the costs we are poor as FUCK) we're gonna watch Good Burger (such a fucking good stoner movie hands down one of the best, an absolute classic) and pass it around with our friends.

But maybe I won't? I've been craving some weed since I got caught with it in school. I just wanna melt my fuckin worries away but everyone always tells me that sobriety is great and stuff. But it's not, at least for me it's not great. I get so depressed and anxious all of the time. I'm extroverted but social anxiety holds me back. When I talk to new people I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

Is it weird that when I think about going sober, I just feel sad? I mean, why would it matter if I was sober? If I'm still depressed and sad and still a NEET, why the hell would I be sober? If I have no purpose in life, then fuck it, why not? I don't care about my health at all (If I did I would stop drinking Monsters). I'm gonna die one day anyways. I have one life, why not have fun?

Hmm... I want edibles...



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Yall I think I'm crazy ANYWAYS I just drank some cherry-vanilla rum that was nice. And it's so close to my birthday ! HAPPEE ahh ahhhh ahh ah ahahhahaha aaaaaaaaaa

Hi I'm so bored


Listening to aldn wooo

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SOMETIEMS I FEEL UNREAL anyways my birthday is in uhhh 4 days ! that's so excite ! im excite !

YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYY and my boyfriend, me, and 3 friends are going to the mall but my boyfriend has no money so I feel bad but he says that it's okay,,, still feel bad ab my cat but he's fine, prolly forgot about it all lel



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People in my geo class are talking shit, little do they know I'm fucking PETTY and a terrible person I will not hesitate to hurt people at all.

I feel so motion sick, looking at screens does that to me. Ouch.

I'm so bored at school, just finished School Live, ending made me fuckin cry... lulz XD

My damn cat


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My fuckin cat decided to try and give me a homemade helix piercing and in a blind rage I yanked the little fucker off me and chucked him out my door and fuck now I feel bad I want to KILL myself lol xd

Shit my ear aches, he fucking infected me, what a little shit. Whatever idrc LMAAOAOAO and now he's meowing outside my door, naw. I'm still mad. Nvm I don't feel bad he shouldn't try to maul my fuckin face. Still so so pissed. urgghhh I'm so mad we were cuddling and having a moment

(╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

Intro ig

I’m listening to 100 Gecs

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I suck ass at intros, but hi!!! Lol. I will be using this as a creative outlet, and I'll try to update at least daily on weekdays, I take a break on weekends and watch anime.

My Carrds:

Birthday and anorexia

Today’s theme: Lucky Star!

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Shit. I don't know why, but every time I think about my birthday I get so nervous I wanna throw up. I hate my anorexia, it always gets in the way of EVERYTHING.

I always tell myself that everything is gonna be okay, but it's not. It hurts. All that I had to eat today was a diet Mountain Dew and 1/4ths of a cup of peaches. I'm pathetic. Oh well, I'll get over myself soon, I just needed to get that off my chest.

TW: Anorexia