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Is Amazing

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Eurobeat is one of the best music genres ever. If you never listened to Eurobeat then you're really missing out.

It's really good for when you're street racing as it makes you a better racer/driver just by listening to it.


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Blorbos my Beloved <3

My Intro


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I'm going to make a proper introduction on this website.

My main interests are VOCALOID, Dragon Quest,Sam and Max, Bungou Stray Dogs, Drawing and making Cosplay.

I use He/They/Glitch pronouns

My favourite musicians are nyannyanya,Will Wood,shu-t,They Might Be Giants,Dasu and Oingo Boingo

<---- Favourite Characters



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Joe Mama

Deez Nuts

I like weird stuff

Title says a lot

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I really like weird stuff, like if most people would be put off by it, I would absolutely love it.

<-- See this man over?

It's exactly what I like to watch, weird stuff with outdated technology