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Journal thing, I guess

hi again

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My school does a thing where they let our year navigate the city in small groups to like build independence and stuff. But yeah, I just finished that and oh my god I'm so glad it's over. When it was far into the future I was so excited for it but the more you learn about exactly what you're doing and how much work there is, it starts to suck... so I'm glad it's over and I can't wait to go back to normal, boring school!


Wrote an essay today! I'm so tired and starting to kinda get sick of one of my friends... it always sucks when this happens but also this keeps only happening with this friend. I tell her that something their doing is really annoying me and she just doesn't care. I do kinda have unchecked anger issues which I need to figure out but she should still be a little more considerate imo... but whatevs, I'm fine!


First post on this site!!!

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TOP THREE WORDS: miscellaneous, belligerent, and catharsis

it, but for mental health reasons I think my school should let it slide and keep paying for mine. I might ask my school for the admin permission to get Krita, but whatever you don't care. I also recently started a neocities to learn a bit of coding (but I just started so I'm kind of relying on the internet to help me along). I do have an about me page on there that repeats some stuff I'm saying here lol. Oh, it's https://penis-mp4.neocities.org

MUSIC: I listen to a lot of different genres but mainly it's pop, pop-punk, skramz, heavy metal, harsh noise, and post-hardcore music. I listen to a couple of genres that are on the more obscure end of things and I kinda have to take to the internet to talk about them 'cause my irl friends do NOT care about Merzbow (I care about him tho <3).

HOBBIES: I've taken a break from it but I love love love art! I used to do a lot of digital art especially but my school's Adobe subscription for my year expired and technically I don't need

OTHER ART: my favourite visual artist is Malcolm T. Liepke, his works look... creamy if that makes sense. Looking at his work gives me that feeling in the back of your throat when there's way too much icing on a cupcake or something and all you can taste is sugar. Anyway, my favourite poem is After Years by Ted Kooser, makes me want to throw up and pass out with the language he uses :)) live laugh love poetry

TOP THREE NUMBERS: 27, 17, and 36

Uhh, guess I should introduce myself: I'm penis.mp4, I use he/she pronouns, but I don't mind too much. Uh, I'm also bisexual. I don't want to give identifying information, so I'll leave it to random facts about me. :)