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Happy October!

it’s frickin’ bats! i ♥ halloween!

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Guess what time it is....

It's Spoopy Season!!!

hi there :)

an intro of sorts

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hi. so, i figured since this is my first post on multiverse, i should probably give an introduction.

so, i go by shades online. i'm 26 right now, but will turn 27 in the fall. i use she/her pronouns (although gender's a little confusing at the moment).

i'm asexual and also on the aro-spectrum. so for me, i identify as gray-polyromantic ace.

(ace flag, polyromantic flag, grayromantic flag)

i'm pagan and a beginner witch. currently, i've been getting into reading tarot/oracle cards, as well as making sigils. i'm still learning, and there's a lot i'm interested in that i haven't learned about yet. my spirituality is something that gives me a lot of comfort and empowerment.

i quote vines constantly, like to sing when no one's around, and love playing video games. i also like watching movies and musicals, reading webcomics, learning about a myriad of topics (ancient history being one of them), nature, writing, making arts & crafts, etc.

i'd say i'm a pretty understanding and easygoing person (well, as easygoing as you can be w/ anxiety). i consider myself to be a good listener, and try to see where others are coming from. i can be quiet, but i also can enjoy being around others at times. i'm also curious and have a love for adventure. i would love to travel some day (if it weren't so expensive). also, another thing - whenever there's something i care about, i can become really passionate and super opinionated about said topic. i would also say i'm fun-loving, and can be quite imaginative as well (which can be both a good & bad thing lol).

anyway, there's definitely more that i feel can't be summed up in an introduction. but, i'm looking forward to making more posts on here and getting more creative :) i've been really enjoying myself! ^^ 'Till next we meet!

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