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I'm already back because where like what 2-3 weeks in to summer brake and I'm bord out of my mind

Seeing pepole I know travel around Europe or just one cuntry only fuels my desire to travel even more.

I want to go to travel so baldy Aaaaaaa

I have started wacing a bit of Dunmeshi and it's pretty fun!

My main plan was to study in Malmö but I'm considering stocholm instead. Downsides, it's crazy expensive and Idk if it has any design programs much less product design ......

I spoke to a freend and now we might do a Denmark - German summer and if we have more money we will travel to Slovakia and Croasia

I want to use Procreate more but I dislike the brushes;/

If we manige to get the money for it

Call a cafe and ask if I could work there in the gall. They said that I should email them and they will respond with a job interview time, Sadly they have yet to respond to my email but I'm 1 step closer to geting a job.

I will still write and look for more jobs

I have sadly turned tooling Instagram reals to pass the time :(

I am celebrating my freends birthday on Sunday I'm really looking forward to it. I got him a little duck mug since he is moving out in a few weeks and he loves tea and ducks

It was great! we ate chips and dank soda and talked for hours

One last ting. I have decided to retake högskle provet it's going to suck but I want a better result to be able to get into more schools

Içm cureny in my famellys cotege. It. It's pretty fun:) I have been drawing for art fight a lot but after I am done with my bookmarks I'm going to start doing many traditional art studies

So I gratuated high school??

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The last time I was here it was my first year of high school now I'm officially a high school graduate!

I got into the folkhögskoal I wanted to (basekly a program preparing me to continue my studies in art. I want to continue my studies as a product designer or some kind of design major afterwards

I have genuinely had the best school year of my life. I have never been this happy and mentally stable since I was 12!

I will try to limit my social media consumption and read more as well as spend the summer drawing, baking, hanging out with freends and being outside.

But I see that I did not get a summer job/part-time job as the payment for my happiness. I am planning on starting up my job hunting agen on Monday.

I had all my family and freends over for a celebration lunch and got to talk to my cousin we have not seen each other much since her mom my aunt died.

even though the weather has been rainy and cold like 10-13 Celsius for about a month now, we might get some warmth here up north!

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Being a senior is lots of fun but so stressful. I have my senior project and Högskole Provet( basekly SATs) as well as My senior project alongside there's of the things seniors have to do school-wise.

but at the same time, we have mute-bol school-funded trips to Stockholm and the musical our art, dance and music students collaborate on. I can't wait to find out which musical it is on September 30th i,

I want to get apply for jobs as soon as I turn 18 but I think it's for the better if I wait until December.

I just want to know how much mental energy I have.

When one of the universities you really want to go to is halfway across the cuntry and is in one of the 3rd biggest l cities there's no way you can afford to live there

I was forst to dit at a 4 table with a group of 3 on the train today. As the rest of the seats were full a lady all already sat down on the stairs.( I have chronic leg pain so standing for the 30-minute train ride is hard sometimes)

and the old man in the group insisted and gave me some of his nut mixe, He joked that Kirdish pepole never take no for an answer when it comes to being shareable. He was so sweet it really made my day:) r

I can dream. At least there som cose to me that I am pretty interested in as well

He might also be a University professor at one of the universities I am planning on applying to as well!

+ I saw a dubbol

rainbow on my way home and hand choclate cake so all in al a really good day

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After watching a video of a polar bear asking a human to help, it gets its tongue out of a can. I gave myself a mini-crisis

The video framed it in a sad cute way, not portraying how meetup a polar bear asking a human for help is it really made it set in how aware animals are of humans' impact on the involvement

later it turned into a crisis about US and Russian Imperialism and capitalism and it affects on my life and society <3

My sleep scedual is deteroratig agenst my will <3

listening to music from when I was 13/14 makes me so sad becos I feel like I was too young to feel like that:(

nvm me still feel like that now but at least I am older and have a coping mechanism

After talking to my aro freends I reliest I'm probably on the aro spectrum

Gary romatic to be spesifc

One day I will post a translation of Ebba grön(Sweden's most iconic punk band on here) it's not today but sometime soon!

VI want to cut my hair so badly but I haff to wait at least 2 months :(

I haw a new fund love for strawberry and rawsberry tea <3

thanks to my freemd

Just joind SSU wich is they youg socal democarts whit is the youht party for the socal democrats

Mosty inspider by my Freend joining Grön ungdom the youht party for the green party. I am so tierd of the far right taking a hold in my cuntry. The 2nd bigest party was legit funded by Nazis and Jimy Åkerson there leder has taking donations from Nazis.

I can't just let that hapen whit ute doing any ting abut it. And as ayoung socalist I feel it's my dudety to not let the few socalist elemets left sucom to the growing newo libieral capitalsim taking a hold of it!


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looking forward to buying stuff from Minga London the stuff I want ads up to 228 euros or 2571 Swedish kr

I spend some time after school whit some classmates and a freend

we went to class Olson, a second-hand shop and a cafe it was really nice.I wish we did stuff like that more

meI hate whene it snows a lot in Spring

Did you know the man how tride to smugel ute the Frensh royall famely Alex won feshen also known as Maries secret lover was Swedish ?

did you also know he was trampeld to death whene he came to Sweden as the pepole plamed him for the death of the royall famelly

I get 2050kr a month for a teending high school because socialism is cool like that

MY Swedish techer gave me the book of Frankenstein to borow:3

it's in Swedish but that only gives me a reason to re-read it in English

Me and the really cute person from my class spent a lot of time together on The day you look ute on Uneversetys and other forms of education and work,

we got overstimulated so we just sat in a corner talking about fashion and stuff- we actually got a lot of smaller interest and they let me taste their monster They're such a cool person, :P

I learnt that they really like mlp and especially pinkie pie

It scares me to see the US moving closer and closer to Fashism I believe that if the republicans win America will become a fascist state

That makes me worry for the people I know who live there as well as my relatives.

I also don't know them since the last time anyone visited there was in the 80s so all I really know is that they live in New york. I would like to meet l them sometime.

Partly becos I don't haw many families left after both my grandmoms passed away leaving me whit no grandparents as well as my aunt coming suicide

My aunt and the grandmom I was closest to legit past away whit 2 days from one another. 2021 was actually traumatising.

My life is much better now. I feel like I was the mane carakter a show like sakm in 2021, the mane carakters freend in 2022 and side carakter in 2023

aka 2021 traumatising, 2022 less traumatising but more so for my freend who was affected by the same thing 2023 did not affect me much but holy shit it still shook me up for a bit

soem of my tougths true ute the mohts ute the moth

Veggies anxus thouts abut humaent

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I love the Spanish char cookies the sell at willys so much

I think I might want to work whit humaterian

resureses. I ofetn tack whit a dude that wnant's to do the same.

But both of us haw 0 skill in the surviving dangerous places ting. Alldo he as more experience then me.

He has acoally ben to Jerusalem whit his church and got cot in/ner a shut out. That has hapedn to him a lot when he has gon to a dagerus country.

Mean while the most dagrus place I ben is grees right after the economic reach and all that happened to me was witnessing extreme poverty for the first time .

still think abut the homes grand moms by the abandon huses white the street dogs running around :(

We're going to visit 2 collages on Thursday I'm looking forward to it. Except for the fact that I haff to eat my lunch much earlier than normal.

I had a nightmare where I spent 2500kr on stickers washy tape and other journaling stuff and some plushes

by far the strange anxiety field dream I haw had

if it were not for Swden being a socal democracy the wher would not make Sweden worth living in(I love my country but dam the where really takes a toll on you )

I'm hawing a mini existentiol crisis over legit hawing my last sumer brake in 4 moths .

I graduate in 2024 but the sumer of your seconf year in my cuntry is seen as your last year of summer becoks Uneverserty and work and stuff

Affter so much time eatin in the kybrary now whit tow of my freends I'm starting to recognise the oter pepole eating or jusb vibing ther.

Like the duds all ways playing chess.The IB and Natur kids sutdeing .The pepole how is all ways tere readig etcetera. It's kind of nice

It's so hard geting a job right now especially a summer one as someone how is not 18 (even do I'm born 05) that I'm contemplating applying for max ( a hamburger chain)

even so, I can't even get there by myself so my dad needs to drive me there. I would get the driving license but I'm too pre to pay the fee.

L Am I going to spend 59 kr on honey melon boba tea next moth yes

Is it an utreragus amount of money to spend on boba yes. IS it going to be worth it probably not? Do I want to treat my sleeves to the new boba place yes

I got the fever but ony mist 2 days of school becos the week end was right after you got sick

I miss thinking the US was a cool version of Sweden as I did as a child.

My view of the cuntry has gon down hil sins 2016.And m y fare for and and by it has only grown. It's scares me to see a former pilar of democrasy move cloer to fashimsm asn it becomes closer to a lfaing stoc then a inspiration

Just fund ute my EARIA is the worst in the cunty when it comes to helping teens whit there mental health problems

so that fun


2023 here I comeThe

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I suck at math, but budgeting is kind of fun

I haw decided to get back into reading dis year. It's not going too well so far, but I'm not giving up.

It's going to be hard with the influx of school work and applying for a job and hopefully get it, but hey it's worth trying

I love hanging ut with my friends but every ting is so expensive nowadays

It's not exactly know for its great working conditions but they hire a lot of people under 18 and pay well so what can you do

it's so demotivating needing to study to be very had just to get an average grade

I guess that is what happens when more than haff of your diagnoses affect your preformed's in the school system

Also, love it when teachers act like I'm not trying enuff while expecting me to fix my own resources for myself

I really hope I get the job I applied for, especially sins. That means I can take a break year between university and high school to work and save up some money.

It also gives me time to also apply to art school an schools just History majors

I haw ben using my gift car to study at espresso huse agen . It all ways makes me so sad when it runes ut of money. Guess I will just start studying at the lybrary

January is super super bad for my mental health but dis time nothing major happens so I'm really relieved

I got sick so I binge Wachenfeldt schoby doo musteri inc and it’s so good

The diden’t even read my peppers which has my support needs in it


You need a portfolio + what is basically the RISD test but for all art schools. Dis is for all schools except the ones that preppers you to go to art school where you just need to be accepted through an interview. It's still not easy to get into sins. They are insanely competitive.

Also, as I mention I'm applying at an inn a historical in that is almost as old as the village I live in :O

Love studying for a test the week after brake

just look at the teacher's plan for dis semester and turn ute 90% of my test are like 2 days after all the upcoming brakes :)

Safer not to presumeSafer still, to up and leave the roomIs even eye contact rude?You'll never know that I noticed you

Crywank- if I were you I would be throwing up


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life stuff

My school's open house was so fun but o so tiering

I forgot to record what medea I wact/read soI barly remember any of it lmao

Idk why my anxiety decided to level up every winter like dud let me exist lmao

I also got Fryday and Tuesday off becos my teachers got some random days off as thanks from the government for teaching doing covid

I gut my crush for secret Santa so how is winning in life s

I got haff a day of pretty much just the overtime I spent which was nice

they removed haff the trains and now the 16(4pm) train is so packed I'm legit never going to take it agen. Dis means I'm going to take the 5 train most weeks.

probs going to juse the extra time to study at the library especially sins the 4 train has so many people to make makes me stimulated

I'm turning 18 in 2023 so the government is spaming me whit ads to join the milatary

short rant

local Scandinavian gos on a rant abut stupid conservativ americans

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Misinformation about Viking history fucking hurts me

Yes, did is about Americans saying there are Vikings and appropriating Nativ and other cultures and saying Scandinavians are gatekeeping our culture when we say that is not our history and culture

If you want to connect to your Scandinavian ruts, that is amazing. Just connect to actual Scandinavian culture and learn about our actual history.


My thots true ute noveber

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I started crocheting it so much full. So far I'm just making leg warmers they are a bit wanky but I like them. I'm planning on making a hat where ever I haw time to do so

I have the opportunity to go to Frans (+ some other countries since were taking a bus there) over the summer but I haff to miss a few literature club meetings to do so

I haw so much school work right now + doctor appointments it is not even funny

I it chould be wors??

I got Nahida whit ute even trying that was fun

I talked to my freend on the way home from school today had he said he studied at the city library after school/ whenever he had time I might do the same where ever I get the chance.

life stuff

I like erly to mid-number November because it's cowsy dark and not depressing dark

Chane saw man


Young royals

blue period

Media consumption

tove janson autio biografy

Persepolis the story of my childhood

I related way to much to Willhem and Yatora

the book we're reading for English class is super good. It's so much fun to read it and take notes

I like dis being a memore capsule. Sins ever sins Covid a lot of stuff has just become a blur


Me and my freend plays Genshin together it was a lot of fun

I got the cream Bulle Christmas coffee from espresso huse and it was much better than I thot probably because it was much less sugary then expected :p

It does feel really Swedish in a way

My train to school was late today becos it hit a moose which I find quite amusing for some morbid reason.

My Trip

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My trip

it was lots of fun we went sight shopping. I got a mug, a canvas, washi- tejp and some other journaling stuff

We allso went to a church and a Musemum wich was lots of fun . They even had a viking age skeletons

My freend almost pushed a swing so hard that I almost flew off at like 2 am. The only reason I was only I didn't was that my freend who was also on a swing at the time held me in place

We also stayed a cake until 2 am like evry day playing Uno or a note board game

That mug is one of the best tings I haw broth

Me and some of my freends went on a 3-day trip to a freends apartment how lives like haff way across the cuntry

Last post before my trip

Why is dis so depressing lmao

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life stuff

The first day of literature club went exceptionally well the pepole were really lovely and we had fika

I got both writing and reading a fan fic I'm pretty sure I'm going to write a coffee shop AU sins that is the only idea I haw for now

Some times I wish I lived like person and Findus if just seams so nice and nostalgic~

I’m playing tower of fantasy and Genshin at the moment both games haw really fun gameplay but I like Genshin character designs more

I finally started reading the cane saw man manga !

I really want to get one of the Moomin books especially one of the more mature ones

I’m still reading Tove Jansons's autobiography. I love all the small drawings in it

I’m currently watching Derry girls.I find it extremely funny as well as interesting as it reflects the troubles in Norden Ireland at the time


I also want to take part in an exchange program with a lot of European school haw and spend a year abroad. So far it looks like I think I will go to Finland or Spain

I need to talk to the student consoler about schools that haw museology or cultural preservation study and what it takes to get into Them. So far it looks like I’m going to study at Umeås, Göteborg, Lund, Malmö, Uppsala or Stockholms university. It’s pretty much all the big Uneversatyes lmao

I had to take my art assignment home as homework over break which means my schedule over the upcoming break is packt :c at least drawing is fun.

For now, it looks like I haw 3 tests and a presentation due the week when I’m back from break which is pretty annoying

University and school

I haw only money for one mot coffee in my Espresso hose gift card :c


( they also asked for my pronouns so I'm extremely thank full for that)

Me and some classmates talkt abut mental health doing art class. We came to the conclusion that all do our mental health has been on steady decline sins like 2016? we feel much better than we did back then becos we haw learned coping mechanisms which I whery much resonate with.

The part of me that really cares about climate change is horrified about how warm it is right now. The other part of me lives in a family how can’t afford to heat up the hose properly so they extremely thank full for it

A littel bit of Evert ting

First lift upp date

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Hi I’m Veggies I’m making a multiverse to haw some were to post about my life besides Twitter and Instagram store lol

General life stuff


I’m also geting back in to studeing Spanish agen I still only know the bare basics but I still enjoy it

My friend convinced me to join the literature club at my school. They said that the people and the invormet would suit me. They described it as basically a queer club lol. I’m going there for the first time tomorrow to try it ore.

I had 3 tests and a presentation dis week but 2 of the test got shot up until after my break so good for me??? It does mean I need to study during my brake but I’m fine whit that. It’s only sad because my psychologist got my Lyme disease

Btw me and my friends are travelling to Gotland over the weekend I’m so excited

Art I made

As I mentioned I’m reading a book I got for my birthday. It's Tove Jansons's Autobiography and I’m loving it so far. In dis post, I won’t get into why I adore her art just know I do i

I started playing tower of fantasy and I love it

Like a lot of people, I just started watching change saw man and I love it. I’m even planning on reading the manga

That also means I don’t start school until 1 pm 2 times a week. I have used the new fund free time to go to my favourite coffee shop to read the book I got for my birthday. It Aldo means I can skip the school lunches. And I enjoy both of that where much m