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i have been struck down my the common cold yet again. i had symptoms before but i don't think the day of running arond in the rain helped much. i had to move on the train so i didn't sneeze on everyone </3.

i think i've found myself a motivation now. places to go, people to meet, things to think. it all sounds a bit cliche im aware, but having to make a journey against your will with no idea where you'll end up gets very tedious.

i love buttons. they are the pinnacle of old web graphics to me. i love old web.

i love using css and html. mark up is wonderful and the power of it is so often overlooked. it's what i enjoy so much about spacehey - not having access to the main html and js means i have to get more creative with my css. it's so rewarding, so much more so than working on my own website because of that challenge element. it is what got me into web design + dev and i will always owe it that <3

this is where i post from btw!


the words of the woodlouse

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there are lots of words i should know that i don’t. i would like to know them. when i don’t know them, i either reel off as many translations as i can think of until one of them must be right, or i sit, mouth agape, the corners of my mouth reaching up, not enough for dimples but enough for it to be clear that i am lost enough to laugh at myself, and in my laughter i confess that i don’t know; i don’t know the words.

the words i do know fail me, they are not the right ones and they do not want to hear them.

450 words: i write them all, and another on the back. 450 words to know - these ones i mostly know, words from long ago now tattooed on my brain. they won’t go for a very long time, but they will.


beige, white, grey and green.

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days feel so quick. the hours between leaving home and stepping foot back through the door blur into one, hazy and interluded with a chicken wrap and 2 flapjacks.

verdana is my favourite font. it is humble, sans-serif, normally placing 2-5 on lists of web safe fonts. not quite first, but high enough on the list to be disregarded.

i grow more and more fond of neutrals and the quiet. beige, white and grey occupy more and more of my work than i would have ever thought. the splashes of green remain, a trademark, a resistance to the dull, life persists! i have a tendency to statues shrouded in the stuff, ivy clawing at unyielding skin, ferns cosying feet that will never regard it, making a home from the homeless forgottern.

green is a neutral in my mind. a constant, undefeatable and irreplacable in every single day. i can grow my own green, keep it in little pots and jars if i wish, big pots and jars if my pockets allow.

you don't get used to shouting. it always pierces some new part of the chest that you didn't know was yet to be pierced.

my own gut feels like stone. heavy, sinking always, futher and futher, an unshakable guilt i've had since about 7 years old. i don't know why, what i did to earn it, but at some point i swallowed pebbled and now they're piling up to shingle. the swash drives them into turmoil from time to time.

i would like to get used to beige, white, grey and green.


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i like...

hii!! im woodlouse!! brought to this site by the internet angel himself elias

starwars <3

doctor who


spacehey css/html

uk, css obsessed

hopefully will get to properly blogging soon!! 4 now i j wanted to play around a bit <3