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i pretty much suck as a person

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new sakura miku fig came*.+

honestly the high from buying her was better than actually having her. not liking her as much as my other madoka figs, or even my other mikus. tbh my mikus havent been doing much for me recently. actually, looking at the autumn ver. prize fig just makes me mad bc it was delayed for over a year and i just dont love it anymore. and i think its because of that. also because she was smaller than i expected.

my madoka figs though? mwah, looking at them makes me so happy :33 the one where she's holding kyuubei is so cute i love her face in that one sm <3 and the lil dorky trading fig <333

my banpresto of her is kinda becoming my fav recently. i think its bc its got the most scale-y vibe n i'm moving towards that recently... not financially, but spriritually? yes, i'm becoming a scaley.

idk. ig i'm just not into prize figs anymore. the only one i still want is the lucky star miku, but that ones being impossible, oh and also the suzaku idol fig so lelouche can be w his shit boyfriend and also froggy cc sakura but idk... i want them but dont wanna deal with importing them tbh. especially bc shipping is so fucking expensive, so unless i'm gettnig a bunch of shit at once i dont wanna order rn

oh, and i'd like the shitty akechi noodle stopper, but even though that ones like, the ugliest fucking figure on the planet it is still impossible to find for a reasonable price even on jp sites. like wtf.

sorry pics shitty, didnt feel like getting outta bed

i think i am actually a furry actually. like.. i kinda do have furry tendencies... a couple years ago i was otherkin so... idk sometimes i still like doing tho.



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Date: 02.11.2023

Music: Tides - Men I Trust

Mood: drained, depressed

i just feel so bad.

and angry

and i'm just so confused with myself

and i dont know what to do.

i've been so worried about my weight recently and i dont know why.

i'm still losing. i'm 4lbs lighter than i was 2 weeks ago but

i still feel really bad? like i'm not losing anything, and that my efforts are worthless

even though i have literal, empirical proof they arent

i still feels like this isnt going anywhere. idk. i'm so confused.

my average since February 3 has been 1005kcal. with my bmr at 1800 i know its physically impossible to gain weight, and i'm not really worried about that, but i am worried about not losing, or staying at 197.8lb.

and i've been watching these videos online and they're not making things any better?

they say "oh if youre not losing, just restrict and the pounds will melt right off"

but i AM restricting and the pounds arent "melting"

its a fight for every pound i've lost and like. i just feel like i'm doing something wrong.

i've had several days in the past 2 weeks 1100-1500

but idk. i feel so weird. mentally i feel so bad. i feel like i'm binging constantly

where i just felt so drained it was hard getting out of bed

not as bad as last month when i was between 500 - 800 most days

i feel so bad everyday.

and it just sucks finding motivation to restrict more because i keep getting the thought

that nothing i'm doing will ever change who i am, and that i'll be fat forever

and at least last month i had that skinny motivation

because i thought i knew i was doing everything i could and the lbs were coming off

because i was restricting and fasting some days and i felt like i was on fire.

everyday i felt so hungry. i would fall asleep to hunger pains and that felt amazing.

and. ugh. it just feels like everything was already decided.

because i've been fat since a kid and there's nothing to be done.

and there's no reversing the weight i've gained.

i'll keep losing the same 10lbs but i'll never be skinny.

same with my personality.

i'll still be me, insecure, jealous, and fake.

it doesnt matter how much i try to be bubbly or outgoing,

and it makes me feel like im not restricting enough.

but not letting myself eat still hurts me mentally.

and that leads to me feeling like its not worth it. its not gonna change anything if i eat another 100 over my limit, i'm not losing anyway

and then i'll eat a bagle, or a cupcake, or have a drink

that i would just keep eating less and eventually i would be skinny.

but now, i dont even fucking know whats happening.

and immediately feel terrible. because that was the difference between being in the 900s and being in the 1000s.

even fasting i dont feel hungry,

i dont fall asleep hungry,

i never feel really hungry. i only feel cravings.

i'm not doing enough.

this felt like something i could suffer. that my motivation would only increase.

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are you fucking kidding me? i just spent over an hour on a post when my fucking compute blue screened for no fucking reason . all gone. . ripping my fucking hair out.


bank-chan y r u doing this???2me??

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Paypal gave me an error when I sent the madoka seller the moony and so i checked my bank app and.....

all of my paypal purchases say pending...

and now i know why bandcamp kept givving me shit bc my statements are the payment and then a refund back and forth... but i dont know whyyy

what if my bank thinks my cards stolen and cancels it???? wkjy would they do that?????????

am i not even alowed to live my fucking life anymore???

Seven days he sat upon death's river bank,

nourished by grief, anxiety, and tears

in squalid misery and without all food—

Conflict on Madoka

my insatiable collectithon mentalithon destroys my life in many ways, and especially financially.

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do i spend $67 on a madoka fig? or no





only asking bc my total for figs this month would be over $90 if i did...

and with tax+ paypal fee its prolly gonna be over $75 TToTT

also... its my fucking money

i can spend it on whatever i fucjing wanna

the more i look at her

the more i want hre

i also haven't had a job in several months...

but shouldn't i be embarrassed? i havent bought actual clothes in years at this point...

this is also prolly the best deal i'll get on her in a while so....















or maybe i should sleep on it till tomorrow?

scared to even do that though....

i dont want the seller to find someone else :(

but i also live with my mom so it's not like i have any real expenses to pay anyway :3!!

plus i could always sell her if it came to it!

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am new

not sure wat to do


make post. owowowowowowow