Life Update,

i’ve been inactive so life update.

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Since I'm a drop out I'm trying to graduate really early I have to study the next four grade levels in the next five to six months and finish all the end of the year tests for all four grades and I'm getting really bad burnout but it's all worth it, I'm almost done with one of the grades then I'll go on to the next, I'm graduating at 15-16.


I have a website and I've been working on getting more pages for it but I ran out of ideas of stuff to add to it but recently I have added a blog, fixed my about me, redid my home page, re-added my chat box, updated my socials, added a page archive, added more to the mental health page, updated the music page, and did a few rewordings. Check it out if you want and you can give me ideas of stuff to add in the chat box on the home page, please be nice.


I have sort of gave up on the podcast but if I do some how come around and want to retry it I still have everyone who applied to be a partner with me there, I just couldn't handle the pressure and nothing ever worked out good so I stopped trying on that and focused on other stuff.


Spacehey : spacehey

Discord : ac1d.pr1ncess#6969


Make sure to checkout my profile, it's mainly opinions or shitposts but isn't that all what this site is?