Spacehey Protection Group

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So me and my friends have been working on "cases" of trolls, pedo bait, pedos, etc on spacehey for like 8 months and we made a group on spacehey about it so people are more aware of bad people around them :)

Please keep in mind while posting users you think should be looked into to keep their privacy & when you post a possible case in the group make sure to include their profile link, a screenshot of their profile, proof of why you're reporting them to us, a few things you know abt them (name, alias', face, state, partners), and if you want us to talk to them or get them banned.

You can post reports on people, applications to work on cases with us (they take place in being organized all on a server on discord for the sake of organization), or proof for someone else's case that's already been reported. 

 for reports add (R) to the caption, for an application add (A) into it, and for proof for an already done report add (P), just so we can stay knowing what posts are what. 

Spacehey : spacehey

Discord Server : discord

Website : acids-space

Discord : ac1d.pr1ncess#6969





Another please keep in mind, we're just kids trying to protect other kids we do know law due to the past some of us case workers do have which is why we try doing cases to protect others, we do have case worker applications open and they're in the groups bulletin if you're interested but please be respectful and be aware of even if you're friends with a person we have a case on you NEED to help in some way and keep quiet about the case