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ok so im like kinda lazy to make my post look pretty n all, so im js gonna write n then remake it one day of these. also yea i kinda type like an edgar so im sorry. </3

my name is adonis, tho i also like being called cade.

ion care what pronouns u use on me but they/them is fine.

im mexican n i will mention that cuz hell yeah

alr now heres a long list of my interests cuz i cannot shut up abt all of this (CAPS ARE HYPERFIXATIONS!!)






oh i also really luv spawn, nightwing, n ghost rider. ngl i would do anything to look like one of them.

truly hope ion appear like some sigma male edgar cut dude, pls tell me yall see me as a coquette girlie.

idk what else to add so im gonna say that this is it, thats everything abt me. theres no more, this is me entirely.

literature, FOOTBALL (both of them), hannibal barca, the roman empire, CARS, sea creatures, greek mythology, renaissance art, law of talos / endzone, antiheroes.

THE STANLEY PARABLE (+ ultra deluxe), geometry dash, just shapes and beats, project sekai, COOKIE RUN, doom eternal, call of duty, halo, ea fc, portal.

im really hyper-masculine but im also js a girl. :3

RADIOHEAD, weezer, foo fighters, muse, rage against the machine, MOLOTOV, pxndx, soviet soviet, deftones, nirvana, THYRGRIM, mnhg, seventh angel, theocracy, XAVI, fuerza regida, peso pluma, BOSSFIGHT, excision, riot.

gladiator, suits, THE BOYS, the hudscuker proxy, mean girls, the twilight zone, american psycho, bungo stray dogs, moral orel.

carmila, the stranger, white nights, dead poets society, a certain hunger, american psycho, FAHRENHEIT 451, the song of achilles, schoolgirl, little women, brave new world, a little life, #murdertrending, no longer human, living dead girl, girl interrupted.