Solo Plans for Halloween (Hopefully)

got where to be this Halloween, then take some tips for me, bby ✧d(•̀ v•̀ )Great~♪

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MY plans for

Since I got nobody to trick or treat with this year I'm gonna spend my Halloween inside

Here are just a few of things I plan to do:

Check out the Yesterweb's

Digital Zine for Halloween

Even tho I said I had nobody to trick or treat

w/ I kind of already trick or treat thru the help of the web, it was super fun I may do it again just cuz

But for real tho', they got some good

halloween stories, and games in this years

zine, as well as some personal halloween stories

from peeps of all backgrounds (which is always cool)

Play some PERSONA 5

I recently start playing Persona 5 again, I didn't really complete my first playthrough, but this time I plan on beating it. While playing I start to realize that Persona 5 (along with the other games in the series) makes for a really good Halloween, Since the characters themselves are dressed up and trying get a one up on adults n' shiz

Play Bayo3

Same, with the reasoning for

P5, if you have play any Bayo

game before, its a pretty Halloween=y

type of game, I mean the main character's

a witch, nuff said

Some one in the Multiverse mentioned this game in post, I haven't palyed it myself (YET), but on the surface level it looks like its about pumpkin craving and maybe a huanted house, I dunno but it looks fun

This list is SLOOWWWLY starting to turn into a halloween game rec list, (I promise I'll talk about some else than vidya games in a sec BUTT) thru the Halloween Zine I mentioned earlier I found out one of my favorite flash/tablet games is now on STEAM (and the time of posting its one 0.99 cuz' of a halloween sale, bby)

This game is called haunt the house, you play as a ghost that....well...haunts a house or train or circus--basically you haunt a bunch places in hopes that the humans will leave, leaving the house all to yourself, yeah bby. Its a cute game only just a little errie

FINALLY some MOVIES, I'm alot less freaked out by movies than games (since I'm not in control), thru the halloween zine I found some good recs for horror movies and I heard on Twitter that Tubi has some really good halloween classics (like the ring or one missed call the original japanese verisons)

ARGs are also good source of halloween spookiness, like most

people my favorite ARGs are Walten Files and Mandela Catalogue,, but I would mind expanding more the genre of ARGs, I found the list of ARGs above thru the halloween zine

I got some spooky books to read too, mostly

Junji Ito stuff; I got a big ol' book of Tomie and

Uzumaki. I got a manga called Devil's Candy, while

that isn't as spooky as Junji Ito's stuff, its really cute

and kind of reminds me of monster high in a way

In terms of food, I'm not going to get to festival, since at this point its WAAAY too late to run to the store and get anything good, because I'm pretty sure the store sweeped clean of any halloween treat/cookie kits, and I usually get some halloween doughnut, but those moms and teachers be getting those in SUPER advance for their halloween parties n' stuff. SO, Imma just going have some spicy mac and cheese from hello fresh or maybe just some tuna pasta meh (I'm not really big on halloween theme treats anyways)

Anyways, that's all of the halloween-y stuff I'm hoping I can do tommorrow (at least one of these things), and I hope I've given you some ideas too, if you don't have any other plans tomorrow that involve other peeps or going out side

Until next time days, and happy halloween

LOOK! I said I wouldn't mention

another GAME BUT (it will be

the last one I promise). As you

can tell I like playing games, but

I'm a little bit to anxious to play

any of the resident evil games myself

atm. but that doesn't mean I can't watch

other peeps on youtube play it, just for the halloween vibes, recently I'm watching a LP of RE7, just to get some more context on the Rose DLC for RE8, which I really loved by the way ( at least watching it)

IF you guys are looking for some let players that dont shout or scream during playthroughs, Super Horror Bro Mike does a good job of keeping his cool during his videos and Manly Bad Ass Hero rarely ever gets spooked on camera, and they both have nice chill voices too.